Novak Djokovic – No Balls Please

I probably spelt his name wrong as I couldn’t be bothered to look it up. Then again I could have just put tennis cunt and everyone would know who l meant.

The cunt refuses to release his vaccination status – probably because his wife is a rampant anti-vaxxer who thinks covid is caused by 5G and he doesn’t want to piss her off by getting a jab.

So he tries to bullshit his way into Oz and end up in a deportation detention centre. Boo boo for him.

If the Aussies let him get away with this, then they are bigger cunts than he is. Deport the cunt and ban his re-entry for three years just like they do for ‘normal’ people.

No jab, no entry, no play. No exceptions. Just fuck off…


UPDATE: Just to add to my cunting of Covak whatsisname, the cunt has been given leave by the court to stay in Oz, so any player drawn against him should withdraw or stand there and just let him hit the ball.

Balls boys/girls should refuse to go on court with him.

Crowds should boo him every time he hits a stroke or comes on court.

Of course, none of this will happens because none of these moneygrubbing unprincipled cunts have the balls…

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Nominated by: Dioclese

142 thoughts on “Novak Djokovic – No Balls Please

  1. Well, if we all wanted to know if back in the day we would be fighting the nazis or helping them to load trains we know now.

    • Afternoon Vernon.

      After reading about, watching countless documentaries and visiting Aushwitz a few years ago, I have often wondered who could have gone along with such an awful regime and what the fuck was going through their minds.

      Now I know.

    • An excellent assessment Vern. And so true. It always made me laugh when people said Naziism would never happen in Britain – most people, as you point out, would be happily going along with it. Just like the Stasi.

    • What about wimmin’s tennis, MPG?
      I actually prefer wimmin’s tennis. Not just for the perving, but simply for the fact that, as they’re not as strong as men, there’s half-decent rallies, not just ace after ace, which is fucking tedious.
      The amount of aces in a set should be limited somehow.

      • As an amateur teenage onanist I would wiggle my worm to the sound Monica Seles returning a serve.

      • Indeed, although it was a trifle more stimulating hearing her scream when that fellow Günter Parche stabbed her in the back with a boning knife in 1993.

      • They grunt like a cunt. Wimmins are second best at most things. I do have a thing for the the butch lesbian types with hairy armpits. Not sexual though.

      • They all wear long shorts under their skirts now. Fucking spoilsports. The TV cameras no longer have the ‘upskirt’ shot when they serve.

        What’s the fucking point?

  2. Perhaps Novak has a chip on his shoulder cos he hasn’t got a hoover…

    I’ll get my coat…

  3. I’ve tried my hardest, but I really couldn’t give a shit about this story. The media have been all over it of course, rather than reporting really worrying shit, like what the Russians are up to, or how the fuck we’re going to afford our energy bills. A millionaire sportsman who got busted for possibly flouting a foreign country’s rules and then plays the martyr is of no significance to me. Fuck em!

  4. I don’t know why all the Icke-alikes are wanking themselves senseless over this cunt, he’s hardly a spokesman for the anti vax fascists. He hasn’t said (correct me if I’m wrong, I have only given this saga a moment or two) but he’s not making a stand against Australia and their vaccine policy, or against any country who does it. Yes, he’s a loony about alternative medicine, and his bint is a 5G cretin, but from the small amount of attention I’ve given this overblown story is that thought he was important enough for wherever he goes to bend the rules to suit him, including lying on his visa paperwork.
    I’ll say it again, if he genuinely wanted to make a stand, he could have publicly announced that he would not attend the tennis thing in Australia because of the way they are behaving, or anywhere else that held a tournament that required only vaxxed players. Surely, as a name as big as his apparently, this would actually make him a ‘martyr’ instead of the whiny man baby cunt that he is, who seems far more worried about is career and income than any of the shit some are thinking he stands for.
    Fuck him, I’m bored.

    • This story would be a fuck’s sight more interesting if Djokovich would have been caught in an Aussie tennis dressing room snorting a fat line of coke off of Serena Williams’ dick.

      • Evening Jack, how goes it?
        I’d quite like to see Serena fighting in UFC.
        She’d be able to hold her own……….dick.

      • I’m quite well, Thomas. Had a bit of hip trouble, but it seems to be easing now.
        Are you well ?
        Manage to deliver any hate – fucks, over the festive period ?
        Or was it quiet ?

    • Icke-alikes..
      That’s a good one.

      You should get yourself a ticket to one of David’s shows GJ.
      I doubt you’ll need to show proof of your injections or personal medical history to get in either.


      • I’m not to sure about the vax pass for one of his shows, it’s down to the venue, not the clown show on the the stage.
        As much as I like a good stand up, and fair play, the shite that claw handed con man cunt comes out with is comedy gold, I would feel terrible crossing that pricks’ palm with silver for the pleasure.🙃

    • One thing I’ve learned over the last year or so,is that there are a lot more thick cunts around than I previously thought. Particularly when it comes to understanding numbers and professional (no not David Icke, but thanks) medical advice.

      • Does “thick cunts” include the various doctors, consultants and other medical professionals who remain unvaccinated?

        Or are they all disciples of David Icke to you as well?

      • No. Thick cunts who are so driven by confirmation bias they are a waste of fucking time. And far more medical professionals are not on your side by the way. Not even fucking close.

        The vaccines have obviously reduced the rate of death or serious illness. I’m not even debating that because I’m not retarded. Unless every fucking doctor in every fucking hospital in every fucking country is making this shit up. Yes, I have had a retard say to me that they’re all part of a global conspiracy.

        I don’t give a fuck if they don’t want the vaccine either. Just sick of their dumb as fuck ‘facts’ and calling people who take a jab ‘sheep’ or fucking Nazis FFS.

        I’ve heard some demanding the right to go in care homes without even taking the vaccine or even a fucking test if they don’t want a fucking vaccine. What is fucking wrong with idiots like that?

        I’d open everything up by the way, it’s time to get on with it, I’d just be careful in places like hospitals and care homes. I don’t think that’s like fucking Aushwitz.

        Don’t want the vaccine? I have no issue with that. Just don’t cry to me if you’re one of the unlucky cunts who end up gasping for breath though.

        And no, I wouldn’t want that. Just a shame it’s a polarising subject on here, but it certainly isn’t in general.

        It’s the pa kies, darkies and tinfoilers Vs the rest for the most part.

      • You’re taking about a few whackos.

        Outliers, they call them.

        Harold Shipman and Beverley Allit were Medical professionals too, but their behaviour was that of the outlier.

      • Polls had Enoch at the time had Enoch with around 80% supporting him.

        About 90% I believe have had at least one covid vaccination in the UK.

        Can’t really compare.

        Anyway, we’ll never agree on this but we agree on most things it seems.

        If we all thought the same way it would be pretty boring.

        Have a good weekend.

  5. Not a fuck given about tennis but the image of Australians as tough hardy people is over for ever!

    Maybe the total over reaction to Covid by the Australian national and state governments is a ploy to keep the Chinese away?

    Fuck em, you can’t have prestige sports competitions and bio security at the same time.

    • Keep the Chinese away? Have you been to Australia?
      If i cant go to the boozer without being double vax to fucking SPEND money, how can this cunt think he can just arrive to fucking EARN money and fucking plenty of it at that!!
      Arrogant arsehole who thinks he can do what he wants, where he wants whenever he wants.
      Just to add the Aussie govt are cunts so fuck them all.

  6. Fuck it!
    Time for a joke, topical too.
    Boris is visiting a village in Cornwall and asks the gathering what his government could do for them.
    Spokesperson says, well firstly we have a health centre but no doctors.
    BJ whips out his phone, talks for a minute or two and announces Done!
    They’ll be here tomorrow, what’s the other problem?
    Spokesperson…We have no mobile phone signal.

  7. I probably spelt his name wrong

    You spelled his name correctly, but made a howling spelling mistake in the first line of your ridiculous rant.

    Now that IS embarrassing.

      • Nothing personal, Dioclese. I said the nom was ridiculous (not you) and gave an example why. Many commenters clearly agree and have given even better reasons, while plenty more disagree and are with you about Novax being a cunt.

        On the other hand, it was quite a good nom, in that it stimulated a debate – and on a subject that not many are very bothered about. Well done! That’s what I thought isac was supposed to be about.

        I think CS is long gone, RTC. Seems you were wrong about JR Cuntley’s return too, more’s the pity. (You may recall I asked where he had gone several weeks ago.)
        Let’s hope JRC does come back though – he was always good value.

      • JR Cuntley was a good cunter.

        It’s a shame to not have his “Bob Monkhouse” humour or his anti Convid narrative opinions on here any longer.

        Hopefully he’ll return.

      • @ CS – Wrong again. I never posted anything about JRC’s return. Only about his petulant departure.

      • Now you mention it, I do recall you describing JRC’s departure as “petulant” when I asked about his disappearance. Perhaps it was someone else who said “he’ll come back – he always does” and not you – maybe you can supply a link to the thread? Apologies in advance if it wasn’t you. Whoever it was has so far been proved wrong, unfortunately.

        As for CS, I’ve not seen anything from him since last summer, but again I could be wrong that he has also stopped commenting. I don’t follow the site that closely and comment very rarely.

  8. @Komodo

    Such a howling error with regards to spell checking. Considering I’ve been there too.
    I’ve been busy with other things today to be honest with you and didn’t spot the now apparently obvious mistake.

    Congratulations – a shiny gold medal for pedantry and grammar is on its way to you Sir.

    *myocardial disease now caused by the “virus” as well as the miracle jabs eh.

    (Goalposts spring to mind again)

  9. I completely fail to see what all the fuss is about.
    The vaccine does not stop one catching the thing, or transmitting it, so assuming he has returned a negative test result, then there should be no issue.
    The real cunt here it appears to me is the attention seeking Australian government…time to move on from Covid.

  10. Covid Djockavac or whatever the cunts name is should be kicked the fuck out of Oz, I thought they were great for stopping all the chinks bringing all sorts of discusting shit into the country, rounding up all their illegal immigrants and kicking the the fuck out of their country, burning shark fin fishermen’s boats and generally not tolerating cunts like we have to in the UK.
    Then go and let this ball fondeller in, I’m gutted they should have told him out of bounds cunt, fuck off.
    This cunt wasn’t even on my anti cunt radar, same as the Ozzies, I hope he gets a cavity search down under…..

  11. Are the Oz gubmint going to override the legal process or put their hands up and admit they’re wrong?
    Good on yer Novak.

  12. Scott Mooseheadson could have just denied Novak the travel visa instead of making some grandstanding gaslight gesture, the speccy cunt.

  13. Question: When is a Covid thread not a Covid thread?

    Oh wait. Forget that.
    It’s another Covid thread.

  14. He doesn’t NEED another trophy
    He doesn’t NEED the prize money (he couldn’t spend all his money if he tried)
    He NEEDS the masses shouting his name
    He NEEDS the adoration
    He NEEDS the attention
    He NEEDS his arse licked by syckophants
    He NEEDS a 2×4 upside his head
    He NEEDS drowning
    Just another over-paid ego maniac, arrogant wanker who gets paid to play sport, believes his own hype and thinks he’s God’s gift.
    I laughed my arse off when peasants from the home country were on TV, complaining he hadn’t been given any breakfast and was being treated ‘like an animal’ …. PMSL ! !

  15. Some people just don’t like Novak, like my Mum. “Why’s that?” I’ve asked in the past. “I just don’t like him” she says and that’s her fully non-baked opinion and whatever the bloke does he can never do anything right. She rang me on Sunday, moaning Novak “shouldn’t be allowed into Australia, its their rules.” This was the second thing she came out with after the ‘how are you’ bit. The second thing! I really couldn’t give a fuck but hey ho.

    “And he’s in the paper. Been photographed after testing positive for Covid”, she said. “That’s not technically a reason to refuse him entry or not let him play in the Open; he has a medical exemption” I said, smugly sounding like some kind of immigration expert.

    “Well I just don’t like him”.
    “Yeah I know you don’t like him, you tell me a lot. Look, don’t you think Australia and all these other countries have gone mental with this Covid stuff?”

    “No, he shouldn’t get into Australia or anywhere else. Its their rules.”
    “What if the rules are a bit rubbish?”
    “No you’ve got to abide by the rules”
    “Really? So if they said you can’t come in because we don’t like your religion, that’s alright is it?”
    “Well no, I wouldn’t put up with that”
    “How are these rules any different then?”
    “They are. He shouldn’t be allowed in”
    “Do you know how many have died of/with Covid since this all started, and do you know how many people die every year, I mean on the entire planet?”
    “And do you know that if you’ve had Covid you get natural immunity?”
    “What you don’t know how immunity works?”
    “No, not really no.”
    “Well this is how immunity works…… and this is how many people die every year… and ….” (I won’t bother with the stats there, you know them.)

    Then all I got was “I just don’t like him. I’ll let you go. Have a nice evening. I’ll ring you next week.”

    I assume after she hung up that she went back to watching Sky News and onto her 20th reading of the same Mail on Sunday.

    • @Cuntologist

      With that logic it sounds like your mum maybe a cunter on here.

      Top comment by the way.

  16. ‘The massacre of Murray’s mound’..
    Tennis had some lads back in the day, which was the only reason to tune in.
    Nastase.. McEnroe et-al having a meltdown live on national television was a beautiful thing.
    That and knocking one out over Tracy Austin after school.

  17. This man absolutely boils my piss. I’d feed the cunt razor wire until it came out his arse and he flossed himself to death.
    No idea why, don’t give a fuck about the vaccine thing, though going on to lie about what he got up to after testing positive just makes him come across like some pathetic little weasel cunt. Something about his face just needs an oven.

  18. He is Borderline Dooshka-Dooshka-which qualifies him for a cunting, in the “Arrogant Cunt” category🤔

  19. I tried to give a fuck about this was just trying to find out the details of this scandal to get the gist of it but this news story about tennis player is yawn but I’m all out of fucks now so whatever

  20. Even though the Aussies massively overreact with this fucking virus, he knew the fucking rules and how paranoid they are about it.

    He’s now saying he’s lied about his travel now and made ‘mistakes’ (lol) on his visa forms.

    Well I have no sympathy if he now gets fucked because of this. He’s no fucking hero. He’s an arrogant prick who thinks he can do whatever he wants and that the rules don’t apply to him.

    Throw him in a cell with some mad abo cunts with the horn.

    This flathead dooshka would be swigging cheap vodka on a street corner in his vest if he couldn’t play this gay as fuck sport.
    5G? Wonder where his Mrs got that fucking idea from? Thick fucking cunt.

    Hero? Get to fuck.

  21. This one has already won cunt of the year but boy oh boy are we in for some treats this year.

    Randy Andy
    BoJo (again)

    And it’s only January!

  22. They’re going to support the cunt. Good.
    Bet they don’t enforce the three ban though.
    Bet he’s not shoved into cattle class on the plane either.

    Makes a change to see an egotistical weapons grade cunt get what he deserves…

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