The Africa Cup of Nations

Does any football fan give a fuck about this competition? Of course not because it´s irrelevant. It´s a joke to call it African as practically every player plays in Europe.

However, that does not stop the BBC Sport making whines about the lack of interest a lead sport story. Former England and Arsenal striker Ian Wright claims the competition is being “disrespected” by some negative media coverage.

The Beeb also reports that Crystal Palace manager Patrick Vieira is among those to also call for the tournament to be given more respect. Sure enough he raises the race card. “There is no greater honour than representing your country. The coverage is completely tinged with racism.”

This pathetic event starts on January 9 and we can expect non-stop coverage of thrillers such as Cameroon and Burkina Faso, Comoros and Gabon and my favourite Ethiopia and Cabo Verde (Cape Verde). I thought Ethiopia was in the middle of a civil war and nobody lives in Cabo Verde as they have all emigrated.

I tried to find a video link of the international game in which the (European) manager of an African team was so disgusted by the refereeing that he threw money at the ref who had been bribed. I could not find it but check this one instead.

Ghana vs South Africa| Corrupt referee robbed Bafana of their world cup dream. CAF Match Fixing. – YouTube

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36 thoughts on “The Africa Cup of Nations

  1. Liven it up by making it Hutus vs Tutsis with a machete gaffa-taped to each arm.
    The winners get a free lilo to cross the English channel to claim their all-expenses-paid 2 bedroom flat in Cardiff.

  2. Respect needs to be earned, it’s not a given. If it turns out to be an exciting tournament with some great football, respect will follow.
    Ian Wright should stick a vuvuzela up his bumhole instead of talking out of it.

  3. First results in:

    Cape Verde 8 – Ethiopia didn’t.

    I caught a few seconds of this and turned it off quickly of course.

    I was disgusted by the racist lack of diversity on show. All the players were dark keys as was every cunt in the crowd (I bet they stormed the gate and got in for free an’ all).

    I tell you what was racist ‘Mr Wright, Wright, Wright’, you Oprah Winfrey looking mother fucker.

    The media whining that Italy’s team in the Euros had a lack of diversity. Yet every cunt in this shite is black as fuck, and no cunt says a word.

    Must be a nightmare for the commentators. All look the same don’t they?

    I do miss the casual racism in sport commentary. 1986 World Cup – Barry Davies saying he was thankful one of the South Korean players had long hair, as it made it possible for him to tell at least one of the players apart 😂

    As for Zaire ‘these brave little knee grows’ in 1974, well…disgraceful stuff lol.

  4. I can’t wait for the coverage to end.
    By the way, has anybody ever seen Ian Wright and Oprah Winfrey in the same room? Just asking.

    Morning all.

  5. Utterly shite almost unwatchable football tournament.
    Devoid of quality, skill or any composure in front of goal.
    You’d think all those European honkey coaches who have managed so many African countries down the years would have taught these useless cunts to aim their shots under the crossbar and not over.

    As for Ian Wright and Patrick Vieira – they represented England and France, not a hard done by African team that they’re clearly so fond of.
    So they can fuck off.

  6. Perhaps it’s because lots of people are very tired of looking at Dark Keys on the TV ?
    I’ve had enough of the cunts in advertising never mind watching 22 savages chase a ball round.
    Swap the ball for the latest corrupt African dictators head and ratings might rise.
    Anyhow,they can fuck off.

  7. The umbongo types play in the European leagues for MONEY, if they are so fucking proud of their home nations then play for Addis Ababa Athletic or Lagos Boko Harams.
    Disrespect ffs, what does the gobby cunt Wright think should happen, suspend the PL for a month for the Africa cup of nations, what a fucking nob.

    All these entitled blacks should just fuck off back to their homelands.

    • Not being into football Im a bit confused by this?
      Aren’t most of these players in premiership teams anyway?
      So if you like football,
      Why would watching this be any different?

      As for Ian Wright everything is racist according to him!
      What does he know about Africa?
      I know more than him,
      And everything I know I learnt from Daktari and Tarzan as a kid.

  8. Oh it’s every two years too. The Euros is every 4 years, so perhaps that’s why people moan about it disrupting leagues. I’d just not buy African players because they fuck off every two other season at a key time (mid season). Clubs that do, know the risk – just don’t buy ’em!

    Entirely agree that the biggest respect these cunts can show the tournament is to play for clubs in Africa or to commentate and do punditry there.

    No? Yeah didn’t fucking think so.

  9. It’s seems as interesting and worthwhile as a test match between Canada and Ireland (I couldn’t believe they play cricket until I saw it), the ladies teams test match. I’d love to see the reaction of dinghy riders forced to watch that, Clockwork orange style.

    • Like the majority of football fans all over the world, I have no interest in this tournament whatsoever. It takes place because Africans want the world to believe that what happens in Africa is important. Which it isn’t.

  10. Up here in kings lynn by the Southgate roundabout there are four big billboards. On one is an advert for our local council run sports centre Alive Sports King’s Lynn. Guess the hue of the woman flexing her muscles on it ? I would say our person of colour percentage is about 0.1% up here.
    Even my spiritual “right on” aunt has had enough of this force fed racism campaign by the media and government

    • There is some sort of mural in Driffield, I think. The wokies have objected because it isnt 50% black. In rural East Yorkshire, which is about as diverse as north Norfolk.

      • Are there still Norfolk people in Norfolk? Last time I was there, they were all up from London.

  11. Ian Wright is a weapons grade cunt. He just talked bollocks for the entire Arsenal v Notts Forest game (which was marred by the silly gunners cunts dressing all in white for some shite about knife crime – surely being dressed all in black would be more to the point?)

    • I believe they did this to highlight the bloodshed and to say ‘no more red’.

      Perhaps Newcastle United can do something similar?

  12. Who the fuck would want to watch African teams butcher an attempt of a game of footie the useless cunts,

    If Wright & Viera thought African football was being disrespected then why don’t the chippy sootie cunts go over their to work in the game to raise awareness and improve the profile of the African game to the rest of the world then. There’s one very distinct reason why they won’t and that is there’s no money in it for them the patronising cunts

  13. Wrighty might well be Oprah Winfrey as he has a grandson called D’Margio. Sounds like he comes from South Central LA and hustles drugs for a living.

  14. Why don’t they play it when the Euros are on? Be interesting to see the difference in viewing figures

  15. Oprah Winfrey Wright and Patprick Viera can shove a vuvuzela up their fucking arses.
    African Cup of nations? Cheating diving barely controlled savages – tree canopy shenanigans pretending to be a recognisable game.
    Wright and Viera moving to Africa to show solidarity then?
    Are they fuck.

  16. A more interesting competition featuring the best players from Africa, a few good Europeans and some decent South Americans is France’s Ligue 1.

    PSG will likely win it but the quality of the football will be far higher.

  17. Anything, Sport or otherwise that takes place in Africa will be corrupt, the only thing Black Africans are good at is taking money from everyone around the world and providing nothing but Crime, Rape and Drug dealing.!

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