Dead Pool [221]

Congratulations to Freddie the Frog who correctly predicted the demise of England Football legend Jimmy Greaves who died today aged 81.

The rules.

1)Pick 5 famous cunts you think are on the way out.No duplicates.You can always be a cunt and steal someone else’s nominations from previous pools.

2)Anyone who picks the world’s oldest man or woman is a cunt who will be ignored.

3)It must be a newsworthy cunt we have heard of.

4) Please do not ask for your nominations to change during a pool after picking you are locked in.Unless your nomination has already been picked in the pool.

5)Please check your nominations have not already been taken as we can’t be arsed to check.

69 thoughts on “Dead Pool [221]

  1. The Dalai Lama
    Rupert Murdoch
    Eve Marie Saint
    Alex Ferguson
    Gary Glitter

    You put your laces through it, Freddie.

  2. The Saint and Greavsie show on a Saturday afternoon back in the late 80s I think – great partnership and very very funny. But then the EPL arrived and they were told to fuck off!
    I wonder if some of the EPL players will wear black armbands out of respect for him today?

  3. Glynis Johns
    Barry Cryer
    Mohammed Al-Fayed
    Group Captain John Hemingway DFC
    Vanessa Redgrave

    RIP Jim I use to watch you at White Hart Lane.

  4. Have a look Linekunt you oily creep. That’s what a goal scoring legend looks like. You and your mates couldn’t hold a candle to him as a TV pundit either. There’ll be street parties round my way when you snuff it you cunt. RIP Greavsie.

    Henry Kissinger
    David Gold
    Lord Hezzelslime
    Johnny Mathis
    Gina Lollobrigida

  5. Roy ‘Chubby’ Brown
    Kaled Mashal
    Paul McCartney
    Wayne Osmond
    Brian De Palma

  6. RIP Jimmy. From an era when football had principles.

    Yoko fucking Ono
    Danglebert Pimpledick
    Mick Fleetwood
    Ian Hunter
    Lyndsey Buckingham

  7. James Earl Jones
    William Daniels (the voice of KITT)
    Douglas Hurd
    Peter Higgs (of the boson)
    Charlie Dimmock

  8. Congrats FtF.
    Dawn Fraser – Australian Olympic & Empire/Commonwealth games multi gold medalist swimmer
    Ken Rosewall – Australian former world no1 ranked multi grand slam tennis champion
    Thomas Keneally – Australian actor & writer notably his book Schindler’s Ark later adapted for “fillum” as Schindler’s List
    Ken Warby -Australian world water speed record holder since 1978
    John Pilger – Australian investigative journalist & documentary “fillum” maker noted for his articles on Pol Pot / Cambodia’s genocide and the Vietnam war

  9. Jet Black
    Doreen Mantle (Mrs Warboys from One Foot in the Grave)
    Michael Barratt
    Chris Bryant (arse injected death syndrome)
    Morris Perry

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