Lawless Britain 2021

Gangs of vandals smashing windows and frightening women are cunts, as are fuckers who hit 87 year old women in the face.

Once Great, Britain is now a scum infested shithole where feral cunts get away with this sort of fuckery:

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Will the fatso police do fuck all about this? Thy are very stretched patrolling the internet for examples of wrong speak, kipping in the patrol car, eating bacon sarnies, or looking after their gay horses.

Sick and tired of this mindless filth? I certainly am. No fucker in authority gives a toss anymore. That Paul Kersey had the right idea. Not that I would advocate taking the law into our own hands you understand (but if the perps were to die in screaming agony I wouldn’t even feel slightly sad).


Nominated by: Twenty Thousand Cunts Under the Sea

And on a similar-ish note, this from knobrot 

How enriched is our society?

Browsing through the regional news today, there were 2 stories in just one day that highlight how enriched our communities are by those who chose to come to our shores, legally or otherwise. We know nothing of these people and their past.

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2. News Link

There’s not much more to add. I rest my case!

55 thoughts on “Lawless Britain 2021

  1. When I joined the emergency services, almost thirty years ago, if someone said that we’d be getting body-worn cameras in 2020, I’d have laughed in their faces…

    • I have never understood the mentality of the complete spoontards who kick off with the ambulance crew who are there to administer urgent medical care to one of their number.

      Do you see a lot of this kind of fuckwitted stupidity, Gene?

  2. This is what happens when you stop hanging, birching and sentencing people to years of hard labour.
    This country started going soft, back in the sixties. Driven by a wave of liberalism and hippy culture.
    As time goes on, the rate of deterioration increases.
    Of course, if you’re filthy rich and live in a gated community, the chances of being affected are small.
    It’s a problem for the little people.
    Nothing to see here, move along.
    Police and politicians are useless and don’t give two fucks anyway.
    Well nominated.
    Good morning.

    • Absolutely correct Jack.

      From about 1964 onwards the country has been subject to radical change.

      Hippy culture and all that bullshit only fuelled this a couple of years later.

      In the 50’s you wouldn’t dare step out of line, because you knew the consequences.

      I feared the plod when I was young. There was none of those wishy-washy 5 foot squirts or little lezza types in The Bill then, just intimidating 6 foot gentlemen.

      Gentlemen who gave me a good hiding for trying to steal fags through the tobacconists letterbox using a nail and some canes.

      When I got home I told my father I had slipped off a roof somewhere.
      Otherwise, that would have been another hiding.

      Society has changed. Parents have no pride or dignity these days either. No shame. Hence no real discipline ‘handed’ out to their children.

      The 50’s was this once great countries last ‘serious’ decade.

      Been falling to shit ever since.

      The question is, how much further can it slide?

      • “When I got home I told my father I had slipped off a roof somewhere.”

        Wouldn’t your father have wanted to know wtf you were doing on a roof? I know mine would.

      • Can’t remember the exact excuse.

        Industrial buildings and such like were fair game to play and climb around in.

        It does seem quite strange I admit.

        Stealing however, was the ultimate crime.

  3. Link 2: his name was Turkey Al-Turkey and he was a filthy mūzrat *not* from Turkey?!
    The poor woman in question was also fucking dimwitted for paying the dirty brown scum any attention whatsoever.

  4. Feral little cunts.
    And I dont blame the immos and Johnny cum lately dark keys and Eastern European squareheads.
    These are mostly indigenous scum.
    Never give a slap off mum & dad,
    Never bollocked at school.
    Never told NO,
    No moral compass or sense of decency.
    Can only fight when in packs .
    Its only a certain type of youth,
    The majority are fairly well behaved.
    But a lot are white, British, working class and they need a war to burn off that energy.
    The orrible little cunts .

  5. Bring back national service I say.
    All the peacefulls will fuck off and the scum will get some discipline

    • That would be a good move. Get most of them in REME. Teach them a trade and put them to work fixing the infrastructural fuck up that is Modern Britain.
      Once they learn self respect, then they will have the capability to respect others, by and large.

      • Put them in REME by all means, but as forced labour, at gunpoint.
        Or just use them as moving target practice.

      • They can’t be taught anything. Food hygiene is beyond most of them.

        Their response to learning anything is ‘Faack dis bruv, It’s doin’ my ‘ead in!’

    • National service for a nation that consistently betrays its children? Fuck that. This country doesn’t deserve it and I would vehemently oppose it.

    • Army has enough problems with job retention without forcing the regulars to deal with filthy thieving scumbags and the like.

      I’d humbly suggest we go the route of the good old U.S.A, prison chain gangs and forced labour, make prison beneficial to the general populace rather than an opportunity to max out achievements on the PlayStation while visiting the gym every dat.

  6. If you want protection from the law and the coppers you have 3 choices……

    1 Get rich overnight

    2 Turn Gay or trannie

    3 Get your PJs on and wrap a towel round your head

    Other than that you are on your own and you can fuck off. You’re just the cunt who’s paying for it.

  7. Every society has its quota of scum. What we’ve done though is financed the breeding of said scum, introduced imported scum from abroad and as a society made heroes out of scum.

    We make movies about scum such as the Kray Twins that glamorise being scum. There’s a story about Liam Gallagher falling out of a helicopter in the media today. Shame it wasn’t from a 1000 ft but the point is the BBC report it like it’s the stuff of rock n roll legend not the act of a 48 year old dick head.

    Liam is an example of scum worship. The mans a fucking idiot. George Floyd who undoubtedly was scum has been elevated to cultural icon due to his death during his final interaction with the law of which there had been so many.

    People take the knee to symbolise the police officer kneeling on George’s neck basically siding with the scum.

    The only way to contain this sort of behaviour is for people to deal with scum bags on their own communities, quietly, out of sight and with no mercy.

    Something the paramilitaries in NI got right was the punishment beatings.

    • I asked a irish lad about that Sixdog.
      He was from a village in rural Ireland and he said that it was run by some respected older blokes in the community.
      If your naughty, you get a warning to behave.
      You ignore this,
      You get asked to leave.
      You ignore this your snorkeling in a peat bog I assume?
      As cultural ways go,
      I was greatly impressed by this.
      Is things to be learnt from other cultures!

    • More like Gallagher got twatted by someone. Good thing he fell on his head, as it could have otherwise been a seriously injured

  8. For some time Britain has had a ridiculous approach to policing.

    It was decided that the police should be representative of the community that they are policing.
    That is total bollocks.
    Their role should be to enforce the law and to gather evidence.

    There has been a determined drive to recruit women and minorities into the police force, followed by fast track promotion.

    That must be totally demoralising to all hard working police officers who are neither women or in a minority.
    Being good at the job does not result in any promotion.

    As a result of promoting unsuitable people to a position way outside their capabilities the police had to implement a ‘zero tolerance’ policy.

    All that meant was that the police no longer had to make decisions.
    They have to do everything by the book without using any initiative.

    The police are so worried about being labelled (once again) as being racist that they can no longer carry out their duties.
    So they spend their time with non-crimes, staring at CCTV footage of crimes already committed and chasing down easy targets like motorists.

    I can’t imagine a more boring, miserable, unmotivated and humourless institution to work for.

  9. This week in the news:

    Romanian burglars
    Albanian drug-dealers
    Polish lorry driver jailed
    Two cunts murder an NHS worker

  10. Can’t blame the police. All their resources are being taken up serving tea and biscuits to protesters stuck to the M25.

  11. The state of policing in this country is perfectly encapsulated by the cunt in charge……Commissioner Beryl the Peril Strapon. What a useless sack of shit that woman is. First thing that Boris should have done when he won that election was to cancel HS2……followed very quickly by sacking that box ticking, gormless fucking idiot.

  12. An example of feral Britain in the article below:

    I couldn’t read the whole article it is so sickening.

  13. Most of Antarctica is claimed by the Commonwealth, send the cunts there to mine ice cubes for Madge’s gin fizz. Don’t forget to bring a coat, it gets a touch nippy.

  14. None of this suits the current media narrative, unless its got something to do with old whitey of course.

    There must be a huge rise in crime in most metro cities across the country, but I guess some of the stats are carefully “harvested” so as not to show anything remotely racist or discriminatory.

    If you post a particular news items regarding kiddy fiddling and the usual suspects up in Rotherham, you’re immediately jumped on either by the moderators of the news site, and/or by other posters and their “You’re being racist!” and “But you need to look at the bigger picture!” and “White people are far worse” blah blah woof woof.

    And then you have that Dickless wonder overseeing London’s Met, more or less ignoring all the black-on-black murders, and just focusing on the happy-clappy wokey shite of cunts calling other cunts hurty fucking names!

    Gone are the days of Jack Reagan from The Sweeney saying “Shut it! Get your trousers on, sonny. Your nicked!”

    Today it would be more like “Excuse me, sir/madam/they/them, would you mind awfully if we popped down to the police office for a quick chat over a nice cup of tea? Just give us a call when you’re ready. Thanks awfully!”

    • Yeah…..and don’t forget to bring your Yewman Rites brief. If you’re a thieving foreign cunt we can provide one for you.

  15. Out of idle interest I Googled the higest/lowest crime rates by country around the world for 2021 thus far. and found this

    Lowest Per Population:-
    United Arab Emirates
    Hong Kong
    Isle Of Man

    Highest Per Population:-
    Papua New Guinea
    South Africa
    Trinidad And Tobago
    El Salvador

    The UK is mid-table but with crime lower than the States, France, Ireland and Sweden. But a whole lot worse against other European countries.

    • Notice the Arab countries are top of the list – that has to be because they don’t fuck about. Get caught stealing and your hand will be chopped off in a public square in front of a crowd of onlookers. They don’t do “rainbow” police cars or police homophobia.

      • It’s the World Cup in Qatar next year. If England qualify I hope their fans fully respect the laws in that country because the security forces really don’t fuck about, and pleading ignorance simply won’t wash!

        But you will get England fans arrested for the usual things over there, pleading on Facebook that the UK government should bring them back immediately because “we’re British, innit!”

        Fuck ’em, and enjoy your public flogging!

  16. My local town centre is full of these cunts and immigrants too. The place is fucking appalling. I never go down there unless I really have to. It’s getting worse. They just do what they want and the police are shite. Too scared off offending anyone.

    • Snap! Went down our high street before 9.00 am this morning. The place was deserted except for fucking drug dealers and soap dodgers. As Mis says above, not immies or effnics, just local feral cunts.

      Good afternoon, everyone.

    • Round my way, it stinks of weed as soon as I open the front door. Last Sunday, IIRC, there was an acid/ammonia attack – in ol ING 5 people outside Tesco. All has gone v quiet since then, so am not sure of origins of perpetrators. Don’t want to point the finger, but seeing as City Rd CF24 is like Raqqa High Street…

  17. It’s the arrogance they display that drives me insane even the thick scum cunts
    The look they give , immediately wants me to smash there face in
    Walking around like they own the town
    Fucking vigilantes is the only way since the police have their hands tied around their back with liberties
    If vigilantes exist , you wouldn’t see one of these cunts around
    They hide because of fear , the only language they understand

    • Arrogance is the correct term.

      Whenever there is a high ranking police spokesperson on the television it will invariably be a woman.
      They are either too stupid to realise that they have been promoted simply because they are woman, or too fucking arrogant to care.

  18. I’m lucky to live where I do, and have lived in London and Southampton, both full of mad cunts.

    I’ll take amusingly bigoted, old, white and rich over young, dark drugged-up and stabby any day of the week, as would so many of my more liberal and comfortably-off contemporaries (although they won’t admit it).

  19. Assuming he didn’t come over in a dinghy, can you imagine the scene at immigration?
    “And what’s your name?”
    “Turkey Al-Turkey.”
    “Ok clever cunt, you can give us a gobble or you can fuck off back home.”

  20. Where I live we’ve had a tsunami of break-ins recently. Things have got really bad, last night I came home late and didn’t have my keys and burglar let me in….

  21. A Polish guy came in the pub and said he’d moved out of our city to one of the nearby villages as the city centre has turned to rat shit.
    Couldn’t argue with that.
    Wish I could do the same!

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