The French (8)

There should be no need to nominate this bunch of dirty, snail eating, faggots.
They do enough by themselves to warrant a cunting site devoted solely to them.

The latest cuntishness from this duplicitous bunch of vomit inducing morons, is that they’re now complaining about the new AUKUS pact between Australia, UK, and USA which involves greater cooperation on intelligence and military issues.

The useless French twats have been left out of the deal, which is hardly surprising as they are unable to prevent dinghy invaders crossing to the UK and so have proven how reliable they are involving security, and military issues.

Best of all, the Australians have torn up an agreement worth billions to have their new submarine fleet built by the French, preferring to have some seaworthy equipment made by the USA and UK instead.

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Maybe the next time the cunts will honour their own agreement, when they’re paid a fortune to prevent illegal immigration but do nothing except line their own pockets.

Nominated by: Duke of Cuntshire

And speaking of Frogs. here’s one from Chimp Licker

Un grand connarding, si vous plais, for the French for withdrawing their ambassadors from the US and Australia in the wake of the AUKUS treaty.

Did Monsieur Macaroon truly believe that a post-brexit Britain wasn’t going exploit its new non-EU alignment in order to build alliances in the Anglosphere?

Surely he must understand that Britain’s participation in this new treaty is entirely incidental to the fact that said treaty stiffs the escargot-scoffers out of a sweet 55 billion-euro submarine deal with the wallaby-worriers, and that it’s only the merest of coincidences that it happens to do so (heh heh heh).

Don’t take it so personally, Pierres!

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  1. If it boils the piss of ze granny shagging midget Macron, then it’s cause for celebration.
    Time to open a bottle of Spitfire 🍺🍺🍺

    • How would you tell the difference from before and after?
      Calais makes Margate look like Monte Carlo in comparison.

  2. Maybe when they are built, as part of their sea trails they can lay in wait in the channel and torpedo the fuck out of the Calais dinghy’s coming over – live fire exercises.

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