Sarah Ferguson (2)

Sarah Ferguson needs a toe sucking cunting,

this ginger slag has stated she is going to stand by her wedding vows to Andrew the innocent of any pervery I’m sure.

Back to the ginger slapper, correct me if I’m wrong but isn’t she divorced? has been snapped with various different blokes that she’s been fucking and aside when she needs some attention or money leads a virtually separate life from old sweat free, to honourable Andrew the cunt.

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(For those interested regarding Sarah’s current standing with the Royal Family, according to Wiki…The decree nisi was granted on 17 April 1996 and the divorce was finalised on 30 May 1996, after which she legally retained the style Her Royal Highness with the style of other divorced peeresses, eliminating the preface “The” before “Duchess of York”.

However, it was announced in April that Sarah had chosen not to use the style Her Royal Highness and would relinquish it under the divorce terms. In accordance with letters patent issued in August 1996 regulating post-divorce royal titles, Sarah formally ceased being a Royal Highness, as she was no longer married to the Duke of York.[

Her current name, thus, is Sarah, Duchess of York. Should she marry again, Sarah would lose the use of the style of “Duchess of York” (unless she would remarry Prince Andrew).– Day Admin)

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  1. Oh darling, have some money honey
    Only good things as we say
    Here’s more money, we were always close my honey bunny

  2. Repulsive pair of sociopathic scumbags… an embarrassment to the nation.

    A plague on both their houses.

  3. She’s doing damage-control. She knows better than anyone what Randy Andy was up to in the 90s, for fuck’s sake. He was balls-deep in flange in those days 24/7, that’s why she had to bin the cunt even though it meant penury and having to write books about cartoon helicopters and generally be a squawking spaz hustling for shekels in all over Creation.

    Andrew is a dummy. He should have settled this scandal ten years ago before the media got hold of it. Now he’ll be hoisted by his scrotum in court and every media outlet. Imperious cunt.

    • That is a vile slander. I dont find that Andrew cunt in the least alluring. Nor Mick Hucknal, the Manc cunt.

      • One of my favourite showbiz stories of all time is the time when Martine McCutcheon (Tiffany off Eastenders) boozily barfed all over Mick’s gingernut flowing locks in a taxi and it was so bad that he had to cut his hair!

        I’d love to hear Mick and Martine tell that story on Graham Norton, it would have people in tears!

    • It looks like someone wearing prosthetic make-up. She always gave me the creeps as a kid in the 80s/90s. She just always seemed unhinged. It’s amazing that her kids are relatively normal (for Royals) though their eyes look like those Japanese anime porn doll-like girls. Those two would coin it in over the land of the rising sun and cock.

      • Their eyes are the epitome of ‘the lights are on, but nobody is home’.

        I actually think that Tim nice but dim’s girlfriend, Sophie dim but royal was based on these two pointless freeloading parasites.

      • Martine McThingy had a great pair of tits. Hucknall is pretty much despised in Manchester. Says a lot about what a cunt he is.

  4. It was the brace of whores – Ferguson and Diana that really started the rot that has set in to the Royalfamily – look at what the pair of them produced in whelp.

      • I thought that was Eddie, away with the fairies…
        I’d give Sophy Rice-Pudding a good banging.
        Difficult to believe now that Fergie used to drive me wild; time has been cruel to her.
        JC only knows what her spooky looking kids will be like in 30 years time. I think they’ll be luckier if they look like Andy.

    • Oh what? John Challis is dead? Oh no. He was amazing as Boycie, nailed that character to the wall in every scene. Wonder where he got the idea for that voice from? It’s so smarmy, yet likeable. Challis was a gentle giant, rock on, John.

      “Long battle with cancer,” the news is saying. Fuck’s sake. Too many of those causes of death recently.

      Compilation of Boycie laughing…

      • “Did you know 500 years ago, this was a green and peaceful area
        The old Earl of Peckham had a castle where knit fit exhaust center now stands. Flaxen haired maidens used to dance round the village maypole of an evening.
        And then one fateful medieval day, the Trotter clan arrived in a stolen Zephyry
        Before you knew it,the flaxen haired maiden was up the spout, the old Earl had been sold some hooky armour and someone nicked nicked the maypole.

        Brilliant comedy done brilliant buy Boycie

      • Which episode is that Earl of Peckham speech in? I recently watched the first seven (?) series of OFAH and don’t recall that episode. That episode set in the future is pure pish, had to turn it off. There was a great idea floating around years ago (maybe still is) that would be about Del, Rodney and Grandad in the 1960s. For some reason it never got green-lit in an age of total shite on TV and a thirst for shows like Life on Mars and Call the Midwife. That has the potential to be amazing if done right and getting great, natural actors to play the 25-year-old Del and the 12-year-old Rodney would be tricky. I hope it happens.

      • Or have it begin in 1967 with a 7-year-old Rodney and 20-year-old Del and progress through until Rodney turns 18 in 1978, three years before Only Fools begins. Five series covering 11 years sounds about right. Just a pity that John Sullivan died in 2011. So many stories could be fleshed out like who their father really was, Freddie the Frog’s treasure (a great hour-long Christmas Day 1987 episode), how Del got started and taught Rodney his schemes. It would poignant and hilarious.

    • Read those lines earlier today from someone else ,on the death of John Challis
      Fuckknows what episode it was , it might even be makey uppey
      by the poster but with the utmost respect for Boycie
      You can do the search yourself Cunty Gordon

      • It sounds true. There are moments where the Trotter ancestors are mentioned by Del in a bullshitting way. It’s a great Dickensian name, Trotter, suggesting a pig and someone on the run from the sheriff/police.

      • Cunty Gordon: Didn’t they make a similar series called “Rock and Chups”?. When John Sullivan died production stopped. I got the impression that the estate of John Sullivan wouldn’t allow anybody else to write the TRotter saga, rather than nobody being able to. The historian i me remembers that when Kenneth Horne died in 1969, just a few days before the “Round The Horne” 1968 series was due to start recording the writers Barry Took and Marty Feldman felt unable to write a hastily rearranged replacement called “Stop Messing About”, but they would not allow the new writers, Brian Cooke and Donald Webster to use three of their RTH characters – “Dapnhe Whitethigh” (a Fanny Craddock sound-alike, my dahlings) and Julian and Sandy their two nancy boys.Julian and Sandy just turned up as two unnamed pansies. Miss Whitethigh disappeared for ever. Though asked, Barry Took would never say why this was the case. It seemed a bit petty.

        Broadcasting history this early on a Monday morning – and my wife calls me an ignorant old cunt!

    • Those hypocritical Beeb scumbags have ignored the 40th anniversary of OFAH’s first episode, yet they will now be paying tribute to John Challis.

      He was well funny as Boycie. My favourites are the famous ‘Jaffa’ scene from ‘Video Nasty’ and ‘How can tell them my grandfather was Louis Armstrong?!’ in ‘From Prussia With Love’.😊

      Challis was also superb in a more serious role, in Doctor Who story ‘The Seeds Of Doom’ with Tom Baker.

      • ‘How can I tell them my grandfather was Louis Armstrong?!’

        Also, ‘Leave off, Marlene! The baby’s brown!’🤣


  5. Looking closer, now I see where Peter Jackson got the inspiration for the Orks in Lord of the rings.

    Jesus. Gingers don’t age well.

    • She’s like an orangutan in a floral dress except the ape wouldn’t be as loud or vulgar.

    • They certainly don’t.

      Fergie is the living embodiment of “Heidi the hippo” from Peter Jackson’s masterpiece, “Meet the Feebles”.

      A shame she didn’t go full “Heidi” on the royal benefit scroungers.

      Fat, greedy slag, who embodies everything I detest in the ruling classes👎

      • The idea of her pale flaccid freckled udders turns my tripe.👎
        Probably helped Andrew turn into a 10p mix predator?
        Im a fuckin peasant but ive shagged better looking birds than the royals.

        And it was consenting and they weren’t drugged!

        Most of the time…

    • “…and then Budgie flew over the ocean to visit his friend Jeffery who lived on his very own island. He’d asked Budgie to bring some pals from Hilary’s pizza shop in Washington DC so they could all have a jolly time together. What fun they would have, thought Budgie….”

      • “…..but it didn’t last. Budgie was subjected to an invasive and humiliating search by the FBI. Terrible things were alleged, denials offered and Budgie threatened with UN food drops in Haiti instead of ferrying rich Hollywood elites to exotic islands….”.

      • I do not know Ferguson’s lterary work well but at least the young Harry had the ‘adventures’ of Budgie to follow.
        Think of poor Archie all he’ll is The Bench which “touchingly captures the evolving and expanding relationship between fathers and sons and reminds us of the many ways that love can take shape and be expressed in a modern family”.
        Poor kid. No ‘adventures’ for him.

  6. When you take the Queen out of the equation you quickly realise what a fucked up family the Royal Family really are!

    Charles & Camilla – embittered, tw0-faced nutjobs
    Edward – no idea what the fuck he does these days
    Anne – a good old stick, with plenty of sordid stories to tell if you got her pissed enough.
    Andrew – Ducking & Diving, and shagging underage girls – allegedly (for the moment)
    William & Kate – Probably normal people, a bit vanilla but would make a good king and queen. Best out of a mad bunch.
    Fuckwit Harry – Yeah, well where do we start?
    Sparkletits – Calculating, up-her-own arse cunt of cunts. Found Harry and is using him the same way a kitten plays with a ball of wool.

    And then there’s the younger generation, who I don’t have a clue who they are because there’s too many of them suckling on the Taxpayer’s Tit. But they’re all probably 3 cans short of a 6 pack of Stella, probably on drugs, shagging men, women and all the bits inbetween, and just been grasping cunts enjoying entitlement and all the benefits it brings

    And this is Britain’s Royal Family! Gawd help us with Queenie kicks the Royal Bucket!

    • Kate will probably save the establishment and she’s not a royal thank fuck
      They really are heading for a Royal shit storm when the Queen has passed
      They offspring don’t even see their inadequacy

    • Queen Anne is our best/only hope.
      But I think she might tell me to naff orf and mind my own business.

      • That’s what I liked about Anne back in the 70s and 80s when she was married to Mark Phillips. She called a spade a fucking spade, and didn’t care about air and graces.

        Very much black and white, told it as it was, and if you didn’t like it then “naff orf!”

        I used to have a big crush on her, more so than Princess Died. Always saw her as a strict head mistress with a vicious temper, tight jodhpurs and animated riding crop.


      • Naff orff was what they put in the papers. I’m reliably informed it was actually fuck orff.
        Potty mouth.

  7. Does the relentless MSM promotion of Euthanasia and Beatrash have something to do with this? Daddy’s in the doodoo, needs a story about being a devoted family man who never fucked anything that was offered in exchange for a bit of influence; Furghie and the spawn rally round.

    He must have some money left.

    • “Prince Andrew is just such a good man, he’s a really thoroughly good man,” she said. “He’s a very gentle man, he’s a really good father and we did co-parent very well, hence the reason our girls are very solid and have their feet on the ground.”


  8. I see Randy Andy is now doing the whackamole bailiff dodging game so he can’t have the papers served on him within the time limit.
    The actions of an innocent man, I don’t think, , I bet the horrible cunt is sweating now. and as MNC said Clide is along for the ride, up until he, s found guilty and she will drop him like a bunch of bananas and maybe even shit in his Range Rover, you go girl just avoid any mirrors….

  9. I’m surprised we haven’t got one of the piccies in her prime when she used to flash her knickers at the paparazzi

  10. Fergie is looking like her dear old Pa, Major Ron.

    I remember him being pilloried in the press for being photographed visiting some rub n tug parlour in the 80s.

    Tally ho and whacko, Ron!

  11. The Ian and Myra of the house of Windsor.

    The saxe Coburgs Fred an Rose.

    What a fuckin family.
    So, which one of us is going to phone social services?

    • They need Tony Bliar immediately for his wisdom in such regal matters
      I’d say he’d be there in a photo shoot
      He probably knows one or two in the Epstein journals

      • Mecuntry@
        When B liar finally snuffs it,
        And he enters the fiery furnace of the 7 rings of hell,
        He’ll brush down his suit, grin walk upto the dais of the throne of Satan and say

        “Your in my seat”.

        (I hope when Blier does kick the shit bucket that he doesn’t expect a state funeral! Although rare for non-monarchs former statemen like Churchill, Newton and Nelson did have SFs. Thatcher, Disraeli and Florence Nightingale turned down the offer of a SF. Hopefully the Nation will get chance to piss on his grave instead. Cunt – Day Admin)

      • Blair won’t be getting a state funeral, no fucking way. He can’t even get a knighthood or a seat in the House of Old P*nces.
        A state funeral would be embarrassing with every cunt throwing eggs and cabbages at the passing cortège.
        Still, I don’t mind myself……as long as the cunt is dead that’s all that matters.
        Make sure they nail the lid down and cover the grave with reinforced concrete.

      • I suppose when Blair does die (by fair means or foul), the skank stick insect Cherie will have her hands on his will quicker than you can “Illegal Iraqi war”

        Then she’ll be on the look out for another rich thicko cunt with power and influence!

        Watch out Jeff Bezos!

  12. Why did this atrocious pair ever get divorced in the first place? They still seem to be in each other’s pocket, and let’s face it, they’re the perfect match for each other, fucking entitled, money-grubbing wasters.

  13. She’s a perfect fit for the Windor Clan… a venal,greedy,ignorant,arrogant,undeserving,thick parasite.

    Off track…I’m watching “Endeavour”.. nice to see that 1960s Oxford was even then half-populated by trainee architects/rappers.

    • Have they had the compulsory “ooh that nasty bad Enoch Powell” speech yet, that every 1960s set TV drama seems to feature?

    • Old footage from documentaries to general tv on the streets needs to be saved by us the public
      It will otherwise disappear without a trace
      One can reflect when times get tough
      I , like a lot of people know what it was like

      I loved the fella that fell the chimney stacks by punching out a hole and timber insert for support and then setting fire to the lot.

    • Endeavour was brilliant stuff, until it started with the divershitty bollocks.
      As soon as Colin Dexter was in the ground…

      • Endeavour has been ruined. If this next series is the last, it will be no bad thing that it’s ended. It definitely was great, but the last series was just misandrist BLM peaceful apologist woke drivel. No wonder Shaun Evans wants out.😒

        And as well as the ‘Big bad Enoch’ speech (and there is one), Endeavour also features a motormouth Mills and Boon gobshite activist who shamelessly claims that the spearchuckers were in Britain first. Before the Romans, Vikings, Saxons and every other cunt. Absolutely hilarious woke lies and utter dog shit.🤣

  14. Talking of Mick Hucknall, I was at Stamford Bridge for a soccer aid match in the 90’s and Lennox Lewis totally pole axed the midget cunt. SPLAT!!

    • I recall Mick Cuntnall putting up the ‘velvet rope’ in a Manchester bar one night.Making sure he was well away from the ‘riff raff’ of ordinary regulars and we were all ushered into another room. The Big Time Charlie fat ginger twat is one the biggest cunts of all time.

      However, three members of Duran Duran went into the same bar, the night before their Arena gig in 2004, and they were sound as fuck. A good laugh, proper lads, and they got the drinks in.👍

  15. A pair of cunts that have displayed every abuse of position and disgraced the royal family and the country.

    She’s got as much class as Katie Price and he’s a fucking lowlife piece of shit.

  16. In short, she doesn’t want the gravy train to stop anytime soon, if that means publicly cozying up to a thick inbred with a penchant for kids then so be it.

    Happy to bin off the Royals once Liz croaks quite honestly, it might have worked back when they kept their heads down and turned up to cut a ribbon or two…but with social media and cameras everywhere they can’t help but reveal they are utter cretins.

  17. Just seen this on Al Beeb – see princess big mouth Beatrice has just given birth to another royal sprog:

    Another load of silver spoons for this taxpayer ponsing cunt. Imagine having Andrew as your Grandad – poor kid – what’s he going to tell his granddaughter when he’s older…

    Imagine having horse face as a mother, with a mouth so big she can get three cocks in it – Jeez!

    • Well done finding that one Komodo! Makes one wonder eh? Back in the days before Private Eye went woke.

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