Conspiracy Theorists (3)

I know this has been done before, but this expat Welshman (expattaffy1, see link below), simply doesn`t get the fact he has a serious mental problem.

His narrative is basically this: The moon-landings were all faked because he has found `proof` in one or two photos of `clues` left by `whistle blowers`.

If you post a comment disagreeing with him he resorts to SHOUTING AT PEOPLE (yes, in capitals) calling them `insane arseholes`, etc, etc. hen your comments are removed and you are subsequently blocked.

This has been going on now for about eight years. If you want a good laugh, please take a look at his latest rant here …

YouTube Link

A fellow Welshman, Creaky Blinder, has, among others, called him out on this, but to no effect. Anyway, have a gander before he implodes and deprives us of much needed hilarity.

Oh, he thinks the CIA & NASA are also out to get him and someone is hacking his computer.

Nominated by: Sam Beau

( ** NOTE ** Can we keep this nomination free of Covid/ anti-vax conspiracy theories please! It’s been done to death on here. – Day Admin)

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  1. I agree that some of them are complete Nutters…and some dangerous with the bollocks that they spout…..all the same,I’m glad that some people are willing to reject the “official line”.
    I’m guessing that not all “conspiracy theorists” are so far wide of the mark.

    • PS…I believe a “conspiracy theory” linking the current handling of the “Pandemic”,prominent Jewish Bankers,The Royal Family and James Corden.

      I’m naturally fucking outraged….or at least I will be when I’ve written it.

      • Child benefit payments,The Gays and The Sooties are in there somewhere too.

        It’s a national scandal.

      • When I expose this blatant cover-up, I plan to anonymously “drip-feed” selected journalists with the details….I do hope that they don’t give the name of their source as ” Deep Throat”…my mind-blown audience might think that I’m Philip Scofield and that would never do.

      • When that grainy film clip emerges, of you letting Mr. Schofield out of the front door, Prince Andrew style, you’ve a lot of explaining to do.
        Was that a little wave you gave him ?
        Or were you blowing him a kiss ?
        Oh Dick !
        How could you ?

      • Better that I’m letting him out the front door than in my back door,I suppose.


      • Morning,Mike…well,lets be honest…even I can’t be any more unsavoury than our current Royal Family.

        I will take the regnal name..” King Dick-Head of Vast Landholdings and Hammer of The Tired,Poor and Huddled Masses Yearning to Breathe Free”

  2. He’s a odd little cunt isn’t he?
    Sounds like hes voiced by Michael Bentine.
    Recently I was reading about ‘Pizzagate’.
    It was a conspiracy that Democrat politians and celebs met in a pizza shop basement to diddle kids and drink blood.
    It started on 4Chan and rapidly gained momentum.
    Despite the fact the pizza shop doesn’t have a basement.
    No victims on record.
    The owner invited the protesting crowd in to view the shop but no dice!
    A good story is a good story.
    Some nut turned up with a gun.
    His customers shit themselves
    As did his staff.
    You cant deter someone whos minds made up.
    Cant reason, use facts, or common sense .
    Its all being covered up, man….
    Fuck right off.

    • Yeah, that’s a wacky one. But the guy who owns Comet Ping Pong pizza joint is a massively, massively creepy motherfucker. Last year he threatened to kill a YouTuber for no reason. 20 minute video…

      We know that the rich and powerful rape kids, it doesn’t matter where they do it. They got so brazen about in the last twenty years that they got exposed. Alefantis was on GQ’s 50 Most Influential People in Washington DC. For owning a grungy pizza joint? Hmm.

  3. The Welsh were first on the moon – Max Boyce, I believe, in 1967. He planted a giant leek there instead of the Welsh flag.

    That’s moon landings for you, lovely.

    Lechyd da and fuck off.

    • I heard Max Boyce took his favourite sheep to the moon so he wouldn’t get lonely.
      Morning Paul

      • That’s right Cunstable, it’s rumoured that Tom Jones began his singing career on Uranus . That’s before max Boyce introduced Sheep from the planet Zorg.
        Keep that to yourself Cuntsable. Not a lot of people know that.😉

  4. A lot of moon conspiracy theories came after the great film Capricorn One about the fake Mars landing.
    That film showed how they could of pulled it off . hi emily
    I agree with Dick , not all conspiracy theories are thought up by mad men like David Icke. Best to keep an open mind.

    • The first exposure of the Moon landing anomalies was in Bill Kaysing’s, “We Never Went to the Moon: America’s Thirty Billion Dollar Swindle!” (1976).

      Kaysing was a midshipman in World War 2 and worked at Rocketdyne. He was no kook.

  5. I said Hi Emily in that last post. i have absolutely no idea how that got there. I don’t even know an Emily ????

  6. I do find many of them have the most convincing of arguments.

    The one where the caps lock is on and they scream ‘WAKE UP SHEEPLE!’ with a link to a nutter in a bunker on Bitchute, while laughing at your peer reviewed scientific sources and calling them ‘ridiculous’, always makes me stop, think and agree with them.

    Fucking uncanny it is.

  7. I find that although a pretty infamous conspiracy theory (the moon landings), it is a pretty useless conspiracy. Even if they had been faked, which I highly doubt they were, we have achieved greater feats since and others have walked on the moon after the initial Apollo 11 mission; or is the conspiracy that every single mission was faked? Either way, I find that the flat earth theory is much more bonkers, whilst the moon landing conspiracy is basically whether you believe photographs are real or staged, flat earthers seem to think we are the only planet in the universe that isn’t spherical. These people are clearly insane.

    • Flat earth.
      Some weeks ago somebody posted on here a very funny comment on that topic.
      There can’t be a flat earth otherwise cats would have pushed everything off the end.

      • I recall moving into our new house. Mrs picked out some really nice vases. Not fucking cheap either. This particular one was one of those long thin ‘squareishly tubed’ ornate type ones. I think it cost close to a ton. The others weren’t far off that either from this fancy ornament/lighting shop she found.

        We bought them before moving in. Put one on a little vase stand thing and then she turned up and let the cat out of its travel box. Ran straight to the stand and pushed the fucking vase off it, smashing it into a million pieces.

        These vases are now locked in a spare room because the cat will fucking definitely destroy them.

        Cups or glasses on a table? She’ll fucking push them off as soon as your back is turned.

        Therefore, that theory is right and proves the Earth cannot be flat.

  8. An example of someone with too much time on their hands. Just look at the state of the room behind him.

  9. We all have confirmation bias. I’d like to think that I do have an open mind though, I don’t discount everything.

    The thing is that conspiracy nutters, despite claiming to be ‘open minded’ are anything but that. Nothing will convince them, as seen with (ahem) some recent stuff that can’t be mentioned, shall we say.

    But their screaming at you with the caps lock on continues, sadly.

    I just don’t bother arguing anymore with the proper nutty ones whose minds are made up, even if they’re given irrefutable proof that they’re talking utter bollocks, they will not change their minds.

    Not worth the bother.

    • What big lies do you think we’ve been told by the governments and powerful institutions over the last 100 years?

  10. There are theorists out there who truly believe that The Matrix film is in fact genuine, and that we – in the real world – are all part of the Matrix, living in some made-up utopia whereas in fact we’re nothing but pod people living in complex pod systems miles high and all plugged into some kind of national grid for our true overlords, the “machines”

    In essence, none of truly exist, it’s all one big dream – part of the great Construct and we’re all be sucked high and dry by d’machines, innit!


  11. I’m not convinced about the moon landings I have to admit. It doesn’t help when NASA got caught reusing a photo, and when they admitted they erased the original telemetry data of the original landings.. possibly the most important achievement of mankind so far and you erased the data to.. save money? Are you fucking joking?

    Not to mention some of the imaging and video looks dodgy as fuck.

    Why would they fake it? Perhaps they discovered halfway through that we can’t physically do it. Or maybe it was cheaper and they thought they could get away with it. Fuck knows.

      • If you trust NA$$$A 100% then you’re out to lunch. NA$$$A is a cunt of a high order, if only for the wasted money over the years. Trusing NASA 100% is like trusting the CIA.

      • @MMCM
        There was a political drama called “The West Wing” a few years back, and one of the characters said of Nasa…

        “We spent millions of dollars developing a pen for the astronauts that would work in zero gravity. Know what the Russians did? They used a pencil!”

        I admire most of NASAs achievements, but they sure as shit know how to waste a ton of public money.

      • It’s when they are dressed in monkey suits in the ISS and making pizzas with sauce flying about in zero gravity like they did a few weeks ago that I go, “what are these cunts doing, exactly?” and there are myriad moments of the ISS looking like it is not in zero gravity and is on Earth, like this guy droopping a screw/wingnut and it dropping to the deck just as it would on Earth…

        Oh, that YouTube video has been deleted! I watched it only a few months ago. Hmm. It’s a smoking fun, that’s why it has been scrubbed.

        Ah! Here it is! YouTube must be shadow-banning it as it shows up on Google…

        Gotcha, NA$$$A!

      • The pen/pencil story sounds great, and shows common sense, however it was drive and ambition combined with out of the box thinking, and the hate du jour, science that was available to make a pen write in space that got America to the moon, and Russia nowhere.
        A classic example of painting a triumph as a failure.

      • When the Russians wanted to make, I think it was smokeless cordite, they couldn’t penetrate the factory it was made, couldn’t get a spy to steal the secret of the ingrediants, so, they noticed that the factory had it’s own railway siding so they put a bloke in overalls and a clipboard who walked up and down the siding making a note of the contents and quantities of the chemicals in the wagons! Done!

      • Yeah well, we like to poke fun at the Russians and other nations for lying in order to give the impression they’re greater than they actually are (militarily, scientifically, economically, etc).

        What makes you so sure the USA wouldn’t do the same? Because they’re morally superior? Do I need to list out all the lies and evil of the American establishment over the past 100 years for you? It’s a pretty long list.

        I can’t prove it either way. Like I said, NASA’s losing of the data and other behaviour doesn’t give them credibility.

      • “I can’t prove it either way.”

        It’s still not going to stop you claiming it as ‘Facts’, though, is it?

      • I said twice I can’t prove it either way, that I believe it’s a bit dodgy.

        Not once did I say it was a fact. Try harder next time. Maybe teamup with Guttick and Ruff, maybe you can brainstorm some better insults together.

      • If there was anyone on earth that could prove definitively that the US didn’t go to the moon, and could expose and fatally embarrass them, it would the the Russians. They have the technology and resources to debunk them, and during the space race/Cold War it would have been a massive victory.
        But they didn’t. Because they know the truth is the official story.
        But they love the ‘useful idiots’ that push the conspiracy narrative, as there are enough people who are gullible enough to believe it, and it all adds to undermine the Western world.

      • You don’t know that though. Maybe they did know and blackmailed the USA. Maybe they didn’t know because actually their technology and espionage isn’t that great. Maybe they discovered something about the nature of space itself and all agreed to keep it secret for fear it would destabilise the scientific paradigm.

        There’s lots of possibilities.

      • Chunky, it’s more that they “destroyed” (their own words) the Moon Lander that is shocking. It looked like a piece of shit made of paper and curtain roads, but surely that should be pride of place in the NASA Museum, but it’s in a Florida landfill? Come on, folks, that’s burying the evidence like they did with the rubble on 9/11, they sold the steel to China? WTF?

      • The landing module descent stage was left on the moon – it acted as the launch pad when the service module lifted off.

        The service module was never meant to return to Earth. It didn’t have a heat shield. It was jettisoned in Earth orbit while the Astronauts rode back down to Earth in the command module, which had a heat shield. The heat scarred command module is on display in the USA and can be visited.

        But it’s no use arguing with conspiracy theorists, I know. You might as well debate with a rubber duck.

      • Hands up who think that this homeless shelter went 237,000 miles to the Moon in one piece…

        I mean… it’s made of paper and foil-tape and rods.

        I get why this subject enrages people and it depressing, but it isn’t really. The Cosmos is still the Cosmos, it’s just not what NASA says it is. It’s something MORE amazing than NASA says it is. A lot of people are dicks to NASA fans about it, but I’m not. NASA are the dicks, the people who love the Cosmos are awesome and nothing is being taken away from them – added to the wonder in fact.

        I think I’ve said all I want to say on this subject. It seems to enrage some of you, unlike many other small-fry subjects that are fair game here. Surely taking on an American government agency and hairplugged billionaire douchebag Elon Musk is punching up? It’s all in good jest, Elon, we know you’ll spill the beans someday!

      • I really can’t understand why NASA are so despised by the lunatic fringe. They are bigger villains than the nazis were for perpetrating the holocaust. Why the lander is made the way it is, and why it couldn’t return to earth requires little intellect to understand. Yet if they had made some Sci fi looking space ship it would be more believable.

      • I don’t despise NA$$$A, I find them comical. As for Nazis, Wernher von Braun was a Nazi and he was the chief architect of the Saturn V super heavy-lift launch vehicle that blasted Apollo 11 to the Moon. In WW2 at his work camp, he would have the slowest working Jew hanged by the neck until dead every day as an example to the other Jews to work faster.

        As for the lander, it’s just comical. Just look at it! Oh my.

        Oh what a tangled web we weave
        When first we practice to deceive

    • Cunty Gordon.

      You’re embarrassing yourself mate.

      The ISS isn’t in zero gravity, but microgravity. it is only 240 miles above the Earth’s surface.

      The ‘homeless shelter’ wasn’t made for travel through atmosphere. it was carried inside the third stage and docked with the command and service modules in transit.

      I knew about these things when I was eight.

      (Steady on! – Day Admin)

      • Sorry Admin.

        I thought that was pretty mild.

        (You made some good salient points but finished off with something totally unnecessary. – Day Admin)

      • Calm down, mate, it’s just a bit of fun. I’ve no horse in the space race. When I see any NA$$$A footage, I see it as a movie where they get the special effects wrong. The Cosmos exists whether NASA do or don’t exist. We don’t need NASA to feel wonder at the Earth and beyond. Peace.

  12. We had a Spanish bird working at my place who refused to be tested, she had sound information from Bitchute that the Government were inserting small robots up her nose and could be activated anytime in the near future.
    This woman had a lot of qualifications and seemed very intelligent,. Then she came out with this mad theory that she believed in so much she was prepared to loose her job over it .

    • Did she have big tits? If so i’d be more inclined to listen to her than any bastard lying poxy government.

    • Should have told her that they go from the nose to the minge and you have a device on your cock that enables you go locate them.

      • Spanish bird? Nah! Italian birds…. They are the best. The one I had a fling with years ago still makes me glow with joy and carnal lust. She was an ice cream seller on a Spanish beach and she was stunning. I got chatting to her and that was that. I was supposed to be on holiday for two weeks, but I ended up shacking up with her. A lovely girl and still one of the best ever.😍

  13. Conspiracy theories and religion serve the same purpose, to explain things that thick people can’t understand, or mental people who don’t like the official story. And, if you only listen to one side of the argument, there is little hope.
    Thankfully, the nutters were quiet around the 9/11 anniversary, as I find the crazy talk they shovel disrespectful to those that died that day. Nonsense about the twin towers collapsing through controlled demolition when you can plainly see them distort and give way where the aircraft hit. A missile hit the Pentagon? Only if it had a payload of a few tonnes of aviation fuel. High explosives only make a fireball in Hollywood movies, in real life there would only be a massive fireball if the munition hits a large quantity of something extremely flammable.
    There’s a big difference between having an open mind on events and believing the action movie plots that some think are real. Americas’ reluctance to follow the money trail left behind by the attackers to Saudi Arabia, because the consequences of a diplomatic crisis or worse, military action against them could collapse the world economy through fuel prices and availability, have given the theory types enough rope.

  14. “Conspiracy-theorist” is the new “racist”- a term rendered worthless by its over use.

    Disagree with a narrative (particularly from a certain group), then you are immediately accused of being an “ist” of some description🤔

    Evidenced again and again in all forms of media…

    • This site is pretty much a conspiracy site. It’s just that the conspiracies on here are not wacky and are to do with the government, news media, showbiz trying to fuck up society and keep us dumb.

      To be 100% anti-conspiracy in 2021 is impossible. We all know that we are being fucked with by powerful cunts now. It’s just that admitting that can get you mocked and cancelled.

  15. It’s a good ‘un, this.
    Depends on the ‘conspiracy’, I suppose. For example, there’s a ton of evidence that’s been dragged into the light over the years to show that JFK was in fact done in as a result of a conspiracy involving murky CIA mavericks, among others.
    Then there’s the long-running ‘aliens’ show. The recently released footage from the Pentagon showing radar ‘lock-on’ imaging from US fighters is pretty interesting. The US air force has said that they’ve no idea what the objects their pilots tracked are.
    Fascinating stuff!

  16. I think conspiracy theories are kind of fun as they motivate me to get a more solid grasp of what I believe so I can argue against them. Some are adventurous compelling but in the end just can’t bring myself to accept them.

    • Holographic technology just like the coming, “fake alien invasion” via holograms scenario! That will be a fun week!

  17. We’ve still got cunts in the MSM calling the Wuhan Lab Leak hypothesis a conspiracy theory and that’s the danger, its really easy to tar reasonable theories in with utter lunacy…and its all thanks to mad cunts like this.

    • There is the “race card” and there is now the “conspiracy theorist” card. And the govern-media will play that hand every time anything inconvenient comes along. Imagine if this site started getting 1 million viewers per day? We’d be see as racists and dangerous nutters and the site would be attacked and probably shut down or bought over and turned into

      • Words are weapons, “racist” and “nazi” are at the point of dilution, every cunt right of Lenin is one of those these days, “conspiracy theorist” still has weight though, expect to see the media use it more and more in the coming days.

  18. I do like a good conspiracy theory, but too many are easily-debunked delusional crap.

    Bring back the exciting conspiracies about greyliens impregnating truckers and the pyramids – Von Daniken and Sitchin – not this dull, inspired ‘plandemic’ /5G nonsense.

    • No hard feeling about the previous comments, Mr Prime!

      Von Daniken is better at doing his thing now than in the 1970s, but he’s still a sensationalistic guy at times. Sitchen is interesting in places, but he was a Freemason and never mentioned that when he was alive, but he’s on film at a Masonic Temple meeting.

      A much better guy and cooler-headed who delves into ancient technology and who build the megalithic structures is Brien Foerster, an America who lives in Peru and has an awesome YT channel…

      (15-minute video)

      • I dont believe the moons even real.
        Just a rumour.

        (Luna-tic. See what I did there! – Day Admin)

      • Some say it’s plasma, some say it’s a holographic projection, some say it’s a portal to the “Afterlife”. The top dogs in aprons and white gloves at NASA will know what it TRULY is.

    • I’ve never really entertained the alien ones as being true, but they are entertain-ing.

      Project Monarch is probably the most interesting one i’ve come across. it involves a bit of everything APART from aliens.

      Hollywood actresses
      CIA handlers
      Psychological reprogramming
      Powerful perverts

      Not as unbelievable as many when you see how Hollywood has covered up the behaviour of producers and stars, and the involvement of the likes of Tom Cruise and John Travolta in Scientology.
      There’s also the CIA’s funding of various psyhological warfare experiments.

  19. It must be nice to honestly not believe a single “conspiracy theory” and to trust the official story on absolutely everything.

    To dismiss anybody who dares to question the oft ludicrous official narrative as a “tinfoil hat” wearer or a “lunatic” is a lazy insult and the equivalent of calling people racist or sexist who question things such as uncontrolled mass immigration.

    Believe it or not – mass uncontrolled immigration from the 3rd world to replace indigenous populations is also a conspiracy theory but I’ve a sneaking feeling that somehow that one’s a tad more believable and more difficult to “debunk”

    The government and the cunts who control them, are not your/our friend, never have been and never will be.

    • I don’t think that is a conspiracy theory, that’s just the policies of neoliberal economics.

      The Priti Patels and Theresa Mays of the world pay lip service to the idea of controlling immigration but the more diverse a population the easy to divide communities and atomise people into consumer groups for marketing, deprive them of their old community and a sense of belonging, and make them believe buying things and adopting an ‘aspirational’ lifestyle will make them happier.
      Meanwhile there is a constant influx of cheap immigrant labour replacing the old indigenous ‘racist’ generation. Teach the kids these new immigrants will ‘enrich’ our culture (while enriching the already-loaded) because they now live in a multiethnic society and you dampen the resistance to this demographic shift with a bit of social engineering and propaganda. Then teach them society has always been diverse to the same degree it currently is using media and educational tools such as GCSE bitesize.

      Best of all, the state-owned and corporate media colour all criticism of these policies as ‘racist’ when race is not the concern of most, but culture. Just expand the definition of racism to include intolerance of cultural and religious beliefs.

      The only bump in the road was Brexit, but it doesn’t seem to have stopped the project only made it’s advocates more blatant and act less democratically.

      It wont’ make the majority of people happier, but the LibLabCon Neo-liberals don’t give a fuck as long as they get directorships out of it.

      • “Then teach them society has always been diverse to the same degree it currently is using media and educational tools such as GCSE bitesize.”

        This really gets my goat, as it’s utter bollocks…”The UK has always been diverse and full of immigrants”, no, no it fucking hasn’t. Up until the 1950s we had about a thousand years of next to no “diversity”, the Romans barely left a trace, the Normans might have added 10k to our population, the Huguenots 50k, even then you’d struggle to find someone from further afield than Germany up until very recent history.

      • Yes i remember Stewart Lee going on about the Hugenots and beaker people in an unfunny routine, giving the false impression that these smaller drifts of a few thousand over centuries were in any way comparable to mass immigration under Blair.
        What a fat knobber he turned into.


    First sentence.

    Now this may well be just another conspiracy theory and what’s happening in the decadent west is just neo liberal politics.
    You may well be right.

    What I want to know is why they advertise products to white people using blacks in hugely disproportionate numbers for example.
    Most or nearly all aspects of the media use blacks disproportionately to sell a product to whites.

    That is social engineering and mass brainwashing.


  21. An award/prrize named after Kalergi have been awarded in recent times, to politicians such as Tony Blair and Angela Merkel.

    Both of these people in particular have overseen overwhelming numbers of 3rd world migration to the west

    Why, after trashing their countries culture would they award them with a prize named after Coudenhove Kalergi?

    It’s a conspiracy theory isn’t it?

    • There is no Kalergi prize/award.

      I presume you are referring to the Charlemagne Prize, given for work done in the service of European unification, of which Blair and Merkel were indeed recipients.

      Fuck all, however, to do with 3rd world migration, etc.

      The deliberate confusion with Kalergi arises from the fact that he was the first recipient of the prize in 1950, due to his involvement within the Paneuropean Movement, or Paneuropean Union, not for any views on miscegenation that have been attributed to him.

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