Carrie Symonds-Johnson (3)

Carrie Symonds (now Johnson) is a fuckin stupid cunt!!

Why? Because this worthless braindead dogs arse faced bint has now married the cunt Boris Johnson.

As if suckin his dick wasnt disgusting enough (and I expect rimming his fart arse) she has now married this fuckin dictator cunt!

She is Englands answer to Eva Braun. But a lot uglier.

I hope he follows through when she has her slutface buried in his arsecheeks.

Nominated by: Kendo Nagasaki 

73 thoughts on “Carrie Symonds-Johnson (3)

  1. In that header pic it looks like Carrie has a mouthful of Boris’ spunk, and is about to either spit or swallow!

    apart from that they can both fuck off!

  2. I don’t care for the woman personally, or him come to that, however I find this lunchtime nomination unnecessarily vulgar!

    • Which part? Her orange-painted fishface trying to appear attractive or the bit about rimming Honey Monster’s sweaty starfish?

      Cleaner required for Aisle 4.

      • Well this got a bit surreal?

        Was Kendo Bad Lieutenant back for his fourth bite of the cherry….Is admin guy really admin from this site….Is kendo banned….All these questions and more will be answered in next weeks….ISAC

        Dinner dinner dinner dinner dinner dinner dinner dinner…ISAC


    • I totally agree
      Should have been binned unless you’re looking to get sued, Admin.
      I know I don’t run the site any more, but please take note of the strength of feeling here and follow your own rules as to your total right of veto on nominations.

      Don’t publish everything regardless. Discard the meaningless vitreolic attacks that add nothing to the site…

  3. They are perfectly suited to each other. Pair of cunts. He’s a bumbling Etonian toff out of Viz and she’s his dizzy bird from Cheltenham Ladies college.

  4. Could be a lot worse I suppose. I have vivid memories of Cherie Blair giving me what can only be described as the ‘anti-horn’.

    • Cherie Blair looks like Shemima Begum. Put a burqa on her and I would be hard pressed to tell the difference.

      • I think her sister, Lauren Booth, converted to peacefulness.

        Stupid bitch.

        If anybody is more stupid than a peaceful, it is somebody who has converted to the religion of peace.

  5. A few years ago down the pub a few of us decided to knock on Borises door to see if he wanted to go down the pub. His ex wife answered. She wasnt amused. He was and came down the pub. Hope this one isnt as miserable . I think she probably will be.

  6. You could stick her face to a car window with them lips just like one of them Garfield cats of the 80’s era. Look like she’s been on the botox, probably Tory donor funded.

  7. In that photo she hss enough foundation on her face to build a house on top.

    What he gets up to with her or gets up her I couldn’t care but when it comes to governing the country she is his globalist sidekick just like he is a globalist puppet. In fact, you couldn’t get a Rizla between the Eton Mess and Sir Queer. Same shit, just a different wrapper.

  8. Make no mistake, she is the Devil Incarnate!

    She’s the one pulling Boris’ strings, just as Harris is with Biden across the Pond

    Her Green credentials are well known, and even though no one voted for this cunt she seems to be dictating policy while squeezing Boris’ microscopic balls!

    • She’s just some upper class twit following the bandwagon of the moment. She doesn’t have the aura of someone who knows what they’re doing.

      • TBCC@ – Sounds like every single current politician.
        What’s the guessing Carrie Antoinette will be standing as a Tory candidate in the safest seat in the UK at the next election?

    • I bet she has a cuntitude of contacts in her mobile phone too like jug lugs from buck house, Schwab, Gates, Soros and all the cunts behind BLM & stinky rebellion. Oh and the Swedish school kid who is never at school.

  9. Once knew a woman with a face like a duck
    She said she’d invented a new way to…
    Bring up the kiddies, to knit and to sew…

  10. Not a patch on Allegra. Nor, as Mr Nagasaki points out, Eva Prawn. She was really hot totty. She had the whole National Socialist Party in a tizzy.

    Stalin, on the other hand, married a couple of right munters. The Clown Cunt Johnson seems determined to follow Uncle Joe’s footsteps in more ways than one.

  11. I bet she’d love to nibble on me ‘nads and get a bit of her lipstick on me dipstick but I’d deliberately spaff all over her face before she got a finger,never mind my cock,up her pearly way….she’s a trollop and a jezebel.

  12. The smug, arrogant, superior, self satisfied smirk says it all – little Pwincess nut nuts has got her own way, as always – I wonder if she will be as keen when she finds out Boris is broke, in huge debt and currently trying to hawk book deals and get the advances.
    Presenting herself to Johnson was no accident, and this one is every bit as evil and dangerous as Jill Biden and Kamala Harris.
    With exactly the same socialist agenda.
    Watch her disappear for a few weeks when jellyfish announces (or, a minion announces) that we are not being released from prison on the 21st, and watch the sheeple shrug their shoulders and say “well, they must know best”..
    They are prepping the ground as we speak, But the Ceausescu’s in number 10 are too busy counting their projected profits and gleefully estimating how much their green shares are going to be worth when this mad bitch has us all driving hairdryers in 8.5 years.
    650 new people needed at the next GE – it will be our last ever chance to actually have someone in charge who serves the people and not their woke billionaire paymasters – and if we don’t do it we only have ourselves to blame.

  13. For a moment there I envisioned her as one of those old school St Trinian’s schoolgirls, with the posh voice, giggly laugh, short skirts, stockings, suspenders ad navy blue knickers!

    But then I quickly realised Boris (and probably a shedload of other geezers) have had their slimy paws all over her – and that was the end of that!

    • Your description has still given me the horn. I don’t think she’s bad looking. I like the jolly hockey sticks type.

      • 87 upvotes ??? There’s not that many posters on ISAC. Are we being invaded?

        (Indeed, but we think we have an idea who it is/was – DA)

      • pfffft only 87! Scroll up the top…I have 90+ 😀

        It is probably the most worthwhile thing anyone with that much time on their hands has ever done 😉

      • Would CS not have better things to do than endlessly up tick posts ? Not sure what he hopes to gain from it ?

  14. And, as our taxpayers money fund the harlot I think it’s only fair I get a go on her – it has to be better than that fat sweaty Morlock rolling on top of her in a haze of farts and brandy fumes! 😀👍

  15. That face goes with a smug, manipulative, controlling and above all stupid cow. I have seen it on other bodies and learned to avoid it. Even a huge bank balance would not compensate for attaching oneself to that face. Johnson – a perfect match – deserves the pussywhipping he is even now enjoying – how long the union can last is another matter entirely.

    • Nice to see you back Komodo. Although I wouldn’t have gone so far as to stand up in Westminster cathedral and at the ‘does anyone know of any lawful impdimet etc..’shouted out ‘Me, I do’.
      I am a bit uncomfortable with the marriage.. See I thought the rule was that the Church recognised non Catholic marriages. But now it seems it’s down to ‘not conformed to… or ‘something or other.
      Waugh had to get an annulment of his first marriage to Evelyn* for his to marry Laura and that was a CofE ceremony.
      Your thoughts?

      * for those who don’t know Evelyn Waugh married another Evelyn. Evelyn Gardiner.

      • At your invitation…I’m a born, baptised and confirmed CofE atheist. There wouldn’t BE a C of E if your lot had allowed divorce, so disregarding the legal fictions, getout clauses and niceties, if God were a Catholic*, those two should be for the hotplate. Maybe not just for the dodgy marriage, either.

        *He isn’t. of course. He’s made of dark matter.

  16. This isn’t America. We don’t give a fuck about PMs ugly fucking wives. This is a deliberate attempt to dilute focus away from PM failures.

    Bojo wearing that little jacket with ‘Prime Minister’ on it is reminiscent of yank style wankship over political figures as well.

    No one gave a fuck about May’s husband despite some dubious associations, but we’re supposed to care about this useless urbanite? Fuck off.

  17. They are both a pair of twats.They deserve one another.Doris is P.M in name only.Princess Harpy runs our country.I despair

  18. This is the woman who has taken over the running of the country from Dominic Cummings. And there’s been plenty of cummings over her face by the look of it.
    Can you honestly say you wouldn’t want to watch a bluey of her and jellyfish on the job?

    • HBH – plenty of cosmetic surgery on Carrie Antoinette – it would be terrible if she wandered too close too a fire and melted.
      (Or Dorothy throws some water over her and she disappears screaming “I’m meltiiiiiing”! 😀👍)

  19. I bet Winfred is also a right little ugly cunt being produced by these cunts. Who’d have thought hippopotamus man of Viz fame could manage a shag with that fucking gut and inbred looking slopey eyes. I reckon Boris’s mam got shagged by the ghost who haunts the subway in Patrick Swayze film Ghost. The eyes have it, the eyes have it? No he’s got the cunts fucking eyes

  20. The latest Prime Ministerial doxy clearly with her eyes on the main chance. And another of those cuntish women in the “Vote for him; get me free too” mould. (see also Satan Blair and the Clinton bitch).

    Can you imagine the crafty sniggers at the cathedral when Blancmange said his vows somehow with a straight face? As the saying goes, ‘Marry the mistress; create a vacancy’.

    Blancmange already has her replacement lined up. Of course he has!!

    Toss up between Johnson or Prince Cuck as to who consults the lawyers first.

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