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Stonewall the organisation that caters to trannies and it’s head Jenny Kelly. Or is that Gerry Kelly. Who knows.

This creature (see, no offensive pronoun or misgendering there) has likened questioning tranny bullshit to ant- semitism.
The creature also seems to think that freedom of speech doesnt apply to criticism of trannyism. You know, stuff like biology, common sense and so on. All hate speech according to whatever pronoun this creature prefers.

This collection of deviants is a charity god help us. It also seems to be able to push it’s nonsense into the mainstream, get normal people no-platformed and has a malign influence on children. Particularly when the parents (is that allowed?) are woke halfwits.

Any cunters wishing to contribute to this charity can find the details on the website.

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and this from Lord Helpuss

The shiteheads at Stonewall believe that anyone should be able to determine their sexuality by self-certification. They are outraged that the government will not allow this in the new act of parliament which makes concessions to transgenders.

Stonewall campaigned for gay rights and I think we can all agree they justly won equality. Some of us think it might all have gone a bit over the top and can’t understand why Gay Pride marches still happen. Could it be just an opportunity to show off?

Anyway, if Stonewall had any credibility they would simply close down, their main aims achieved.

But no, to justify their continued existence, and to keep the organisation going and pay salaries, they have adopted he transgender issue. They say that any man for example can just declare himself a woman and use all female facilities and compete in sports. The physical advantages gained by going through puberty as a male notwithstanding.

Stonewall are cupid stunts.

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  1. Two genders – male and Female.
    And a strident minority of the brainwashed and mentally ill who disagree.

    • Perverts and Peados one and all. Wasn’t that reprobate Peter Tatchel amongst their mob back in the day trying to lower the legal age of consent so they could bum the youngens and get away with it. Where’s fucking Isis when you need them.

  2. Excellent Cunting. The writing is on the wall for Stonewall (pun intended) with many clients abandoning them, including the government, for their overpriced and inappropriate “training”. Having achieved gay rights, Stonewall needed to find a new raison d’etre to continue the gravy train, so they latched on to trannies.

    Comparing proponents of biological sex to anti-semites is extraordinarily tone death and shows a lack of awareness.

    Bum-bandit cunts.

    • They should have went down a black gay lives matter route or gays against climate change route to keep their gravy flowing. Cunts.

  3. You´re right CC. The Stonewall movement was purely about gay rights and had nothing to do with trannies. I remember some years ago I was in Greenwich Village in New York and decided to visit Bleeker Street because of the Paul Simon song. On the way, I found myself – by accident, I hasten to add – outside the Stonewall Inn, where the riots started. It has become a pilgrimage spot for homos. I had my picture taken outside in limp-wristed, ducky pose just to show how tolerant a person I am.

  4. Well as there are supposed to be over a hundred different genders I can’t see how these bumbandits can ever run out of victims to bleat about. Trannies are just the tip of the iceberg.
    Just make some shit up as you go along. The wokies will believe any old bollocks.

  5. Fuck off to a Barrymore pool 🏊‍♂️ party stonewall you collective gang of ducky’s puffs freaks mu hers weirdo’s and stabbed of shit. Enjoy his hospitality.

  6. Even the gay founders are now denouncing Stonewall as it has been taken over by grooming chick’s with dicks.
    They are now berating gay men for not wanting g to have sex with trans women.
    Fuck em all.

  7. It was first named Stonewall because the gays used to hide behind stone walls and bum each other So use of the word Stonewall was like a code for them!

    The law is different for them now and much more in their favour so they are changing the name to InPublic!so use of the word Stonewall was like a code for them

    Fuck off!

      • By that reasoning Stonewall could been named “Rustling Hedge” or “public Dunny Door”

  8. So sick of hearing about these cunts now. The law so a 55 year old can legally bum a 16 year old, without the apparent stigma that would be enforced if it was a heterosexual relationship.
    Equality? Get fucked.

  9. They also believe 12 year olds can take puberty blockers despite not being able to watch gremlins.

    • The government & NHS are as complicit in this by promoting such information in the education curriculum and allowing doctors to prescribe these blockers. Yet if you had previously or were ever to develop Coronavirus symptoms (still to current day), on calling a GP or nhs24 would be told to stay home and order a C19 test. They would not prescribe you any medicines of early intervention such as hydrochloroquine or Ivermectin as despite these being approved for use in treatment of other conditions, our government banned prescription to C19 sufferers on grounds it hasn’t been tested. They halted testing Ng around the time other countries studies proved positive outcomes in trials & studies. Yet they approved vaccines for ’emergency use’?

      I wonder how many lives were lost where refusal to provide early intervention treatment resulted in a hospital admission at a later date with the infection so advanced that Dr Death & his team decided the ‘liverpool path way / sustainable development goals’ route to kill them off was best policy?

      Maybe re people have died globally after a dose of the emergency approved vaccine than have died due to consumption of HCQ or Ivermectin or both of these combined yet our government banned issue & stocks mysteriously went up in flames or disappeared.

      The cunts will happily give teenagers with young innocent minds drugs to cause irreversible harm / shrink dick & sterilisation. When these kids realise around age 30 that the phase they went through at school isn’t what they want anymore and their wish to return to heterosexuality and have kids isn’t an option, you can expect the compensation claims to flow and the government will be settling with taxpayers money as their lawyer mates make a fortune from legal aid funds.

  10. MAPs will be next .”Minor attracted people”, if you want to know. They already have their own part of the benders flag. These fuckers are not insane they are very determined to destroy childrens minds with lies,bullshit and evil.

  11. Hope you are all doing stuff that brings you joy during these trying times… The lbgtqzx propaganda shit just never ends its sickening

    If you are feeling anxious or suicidial I can’t recommend Pinball enough maybe one of the greatest things ever invented. Just bought a pinball pack yesterday and its money well spent I can assure you

    • The bastards are trying their best to get the kids at an early age. This absolutely boiled my piss especially when I noticed the BLM fist incorporated into the microphone and in the centre of pride flags throughout the animation. They managed to incorporate some disabled propaganda in the shape of dolphins being wheeled along and even a Muslim when they got to the number 10. They cut it before they threw her off the multi storey car park though. Cunts are making sure they get to innocent minds at home as well as school. Ofcom should ban shit like this…

    • Like the positive suggestion there, TS. Another:

      Me, I’m getting into r/c quadcopters. Radio controlled, not Fenian, Miles, if you’re still there…
      Fascinating hobby which can be pursued at any depth, and needn’t cost a fortune.

      • Quadcopters?! Thats a drone right komodo? They look fun to fly but alot of work an I don’t live in the countryside anymore

        Don’t know the laws of flying them in the city but I assume its bullshit

  12. I had a look at their website and I was very impressed, their staff a very diverse, they even have 5% of the staff who are under the asexual/aromantic umbrella. 😂

    I know, what the fuck is that….. 😂

  13. We have a man saying he’s a woman likely to compete in the Paralympics. May as well cancel women’s sport.

  14. I used to know a chutney chaser, he liked his dinners mashed. Apart from being a bumbandit hes was ok and didn’t have time for stonewall or LGBTQ bullshit. An ok bloke who just happened to like bumfun with other uphill gardeners. He was ok with me, the filthy turd burglar. We have to be compassionate, especially with them fucking shit stabbers.

    • I blame ‘Pride’. It shouldn’t be proud, it should be discrete and ideally confined to the sacristy.

  15. The whole problem here is that minority groups of cunts like Stonewall manage to get a little bit of legislation through once in a while. (Like now). The eventual result is that they get EVERYTHING they want by gradual erosion. What the government SHOULD be doing is sticking by the bleeding obvious. There are TWO genders, full stop.

  16. Another example of what happens when the cultural revolution has no brakes. OK the various classes/genders have more equality now than the town council of Sodom granted such persons x thousand years ago. No trouble with their shenanigans as long as their fantasies and practices are not main stream news cos not that many people are interested if John becomes Jenny for the day as long as they do not prance around in women’s changing rooms etc.. This World is full of woe and being force fed a diet of bummery, carpet munching and pick your own sex week ain’t fucking helping. Fucking stonewall had your day got the recognition now fuck off you deviant cunts/cocks. What is this shite about pride? You’ve got more fucking rights than I have. What is to be proud about? I am proud that I am heterosexual should I organise a big rally and wear a pair of leather chaps with the arse covered and have a gang of friends in the same get up posing with policemen? Should I fuck. If you wish to advertise your deviancy fuck off somewhere else.

  17. The gay is a confused being. Their minds turned into blancmange due to large amounts of excreta being ingested during their fiendish acts. The female versions are also mad from ‘cock envy’ and their obsession with visiting Grimsby’s fish market on a regular basis. It is a scientific fact (probably) that females brains start to dissolve when they’re exposed to too much fish. It’s nature’s way of stopping cannibalism, or something else that I might also make up later.

    But these are the reasons why I always make allowances for their eccentric, and at times, inadvertently amusing comments. The gay has a mind that belongs in a Victorian lunatic asylum.

    Be kind. Be inclusive. Be aware that the gay is a dribbling madman/madwoman.

  18. Deviants. I don’t give a fuck. These wackos may have normalised their creepy lifestyles and behaviour in their heads but they ain’t normalising it in my head .
    Fuck off .

  19. Named in honour of the brilliant, religious, CONFEDERATE general Thomas Jonathan “Stonewall” Jackson. The irony………

  20. Straight Eye for the Queer Guy (notional TV series)

    “So its Levi Jean’s, rhinestone belt, check shirt and cowboy boots that’s the clothes sorted. Now for sex. Where are you at?”


    “Whoah there pardner. You do WHAT with other blokes butts? Oooh no we’ll have to fix that.”

  21. Stonewall challenged the establishment to get its gay agenda across. Kudos. But now it’s not challenging anything, merely repeating the social media memes of the cunts who want to see the collapse of the West. Challenging the Stonewall version is what takes courage these days. Don’t let that stop you, cunters.

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