Shamima Begum (6)

Cunters our favorite pin up girl and former (so called) Jihadi is moaning again. Misses England apparently. Fucking boo hoo bitch.

Why can’t Boris get this cunt slotted? Seems easy enough to me. Anyhow can we all chip in to pay for the bullet?

Nominated by: CuntyMort

And this from Nawaz

Maajid Nawaz wants poor mistreated innocent Begum to have her citizenship back and piss all over the graves of her victims

Nawaz pisses and moans constantly about an imaginary Uighur genocide but when it comes to the ACTUAL Yazidi genocide he shows his complete lack of humanity and compassion for the victims

For those two reasons he is a massive cunt

And helpful link and support by  Hard Brexit Cunt

Here’s a link to Maajid Nawaz on LBC saying that the “UK should ‘do the right thing’ in Shamima Begum case”.

In my opinion, doing the right thing means filling in Begum’s cunt so that she can’t drop any more sprogs and then burying her up to her neck in ISIS territory so that her peaceful brothers can stone her to death for being a slapper.

On this link, there is also a clip of that massive cunt James O’Shithead saying that he believes that a politician should not be able to remove British citizenship from anybody. Hasn’t this prick heard of the Doctrine of Parliamentary Sovereignty which means that Parliament alone has the right to make and unmake laws and that no Parliament may bind a future Parliament?

If Parliament decides that the Home Secretary has the power to remove British citizenship from an individual so be it. And it is better that the Home Secretary has this power because I am sure that many left-leaning judges would refuse to do so on the grounds of yuman rites.

67 thoughts on “Shamima Begum (6)

  1. Cost a fortune in NHS dentistry to put those teeth right. I’m not sure the NHS budget could take the strain.

    • One punch in the mouth will fix that mouth, how satisfying that would be

  2. She only went because her friends did……. There is a lot of guys buried in France because of that. Though shit no one made her go. Accept your responsibility.

    • It was her old man or ‘Brunkledaddy’ as she calls him who radicalised the dim bint.

      The old man, having been seen stood next to that cunt Anjem Choudry chanting ‘Death to the UK and death to the USA’ then had the brass balls to accuse the police of being at fault for letting her leave the country and join ISIS.

      You couldn’t make this shit up.

      • It’s the government and police who have stopped us sorting out the problem from day one. These cunts thought they knew best. Had these cunts not been pandered to, I can assure you little Shamima wouldn’t be a UK problem today nor would the fucking grooming gangs. Our establishment keeps these cunts safer than they do our white UK born teenage girls

  3. Nah, the Uigher genocide isn’t imaginary. Just because it’s happening to peacefuls doesn’t make it any less real. One of the many reasons the Chinese are cunts.

    • GTC@ – Genociding an ideology that wants to commit genocide on you seems sensible.
      No reports of mass rapes of children and terrorist atrocities by muslims in China.

      • The Uighers are part muslim and part pikey.

        I have no idea why the slitty eyed dog munchers don’t like them.

      • Genociding anyone under any circumstances is not something to be applauded.

    • We really should have stepped back and allowed Saddam Hussein to clean up the east first, then went in and dealt with him had he become a nuisance

  4. Name something you could lose while on holiday.
    Your citizenship Les.
    Our survey said………

  5. She can move to Ireland and shack up with fellow JihadWhore Sinead O Connor.
    Also if they then both blow themselves up nobody with notice cos bombs are always goin off there for some reason. 😆

  6. I see hundreds of little cunts walking around Wembley that look just like her – we have an army of these inbred murderous cunts already within the city walls!

  7. Nawaz spent 5 years in prison for being part of an Islamic terrorist group in Egypt.

    But he’s turned over a new leaf now so it’s ok. Somehow, from that offence, he became a prominent lib dem politician in our country. Now a radio host. Always lands on his feet this cunt.

    With his past, you’d think he’d keep his trap shut on this case, but he’s obviously really keen to see Begum come to the UK.

    Makes you fucking wonder, doesn’t it?

  8. Funny how this skidmark in a Burqa hates the evil west and democracy, beer, porn, bacon, chutney ferrets, tolerance ect. But a few months in the paradise run by peacefuls and she cant get back here quick enough.

    Fuck Off you rag head whore.

  9. I think I’m currently on chat with her through Virgn Mobile chat support. I’ve been on like me with these cunts since 1526. The agent then left at 1656 end of shift and it too until 1825 for support with another agent to resume. Guess what, 1956 she tells me she’s fucking off so now I’m waiting again but I know these cunts close at night as I tried getting help at 2200 ISH last night. Anyone previously cunted Virgin mobile? I can sense another coming. It’s gonna take days for me to cool down from this one. They are useless cunts

  10. Is that Stan Boardman in a Burka lookalike still trying to get back in? As Rigsby said, “They shouldn’t have let her back in when she went on a day trip to France” never mind the shit-hole she went to.

    How long before al-Beebera try to see if exemplary Nadia Begum is a relation of hers and use that as an angle to get her back in?

  11. You s it has at me or has anyone else noticed there seems to be quite a lot of these Begums about? Is this like the Mohamed thing where the name appearing second after another that Begum is the woman’s first name? I have never yet heard of any male person called ‘insert name’ Begum. Has anyone else?

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