Shamima Begum (6)

Cunters our favorite pin up girl and former (so called) Jihadi is moaning again. Misses England apparently. Fucking boo hoo bitch.

Why can’t Boris get this cunt slotted? Seems easy enough to me. Anyhow can we all chip in to pay for the bullet?

Nominated by: CuntyMort

And this from Nawaz

Maajid Nawaz wants poor mistreated innocent Begum to have her citizenship back and piss all over the graves of her victims

Nawaz pisses and moans constantly about an imaginary Uighur genocide but when it comes to the ACTUAL Yazidi genocide he shows his complete lack of humanity and compassion for the victims

For those two reasons he is a massive cunt

And helpful link and support by  Hard Brexit Cunt

Here’s a link to Maajid Nawaz on LBC saying that the “UK should ‘do the right thing’ in Shamima Begum case”.

In my opinion, doing the right thing means filling in Begum’s cunt so that she can’t drop any more sprogs and then burying her up to her neck in ISIS territory so that her peaceful brothers can stone her to death for being a slapper.

On this link, there is also a clip of that massive cunt James O’Shithead saying that he believes that a politician should not be able to remove British citizenship from anybody. Hasn’t this prick heard of the Doctrine of Parliamentary Sovereignty which means that Parliament alone has the right to make and unmake laws and that no Parliament may bind a future Parliament?

If Parliament decides that the Home Secretary has the power to remove British citizenship from an individual so be it. And it is better that the Home Secretary has this power because I am sure that many left-leaning judges would refuse to do so on the grounds of yuman rites.

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    • I reckon the cunts secretly have her back here already. They probably made a few videos of her at the camp before sneaking her back. She’s probably in the cupboard under the west wing stairs of St Gary, Dodger of tax mansion with a new identiteeee.

  1. If I want unwanted and useless parasites, I will put a piece of off meat in my wheelie bin and let the maggots turn up.

    Why doesn’t this Begum cunt just die?

  2. I fucking hate this cunt with a passion. She should be in the middle east somewhere with her pals rotting in the heat. Evil little cunt. No sympathy and I don’t care. Perish you fucking mutt.

  3. As cunts go this one is a massive smelly turd of a cunt. Most people who stray into criminally can change if they choose to do so. This Cunt’s crimes are so massive that She will never change. Stay in your Islamic paradise you cunt and enjoy it. We have enough cunts here already we certainly do not one of your magnitude here in Britain.

  4. Eeee By Gum, wants to play the victimcard to the hilt, and then do the media interview circuit with the usual boo hoo bollocks, with the ultimate goal of being a rich, misunderstood celeb!

    • Techno@ – Well we know who the first interviewee will be on “Meghan TV”.
      “And da Briddish was racist to you Shamima”?
      “Yes – they didn’t like me going to join the worst terrorist organisation since the nazis – whitey racists”! 😢

  5. If we can remove her citizenship how come we cant do it to the 700 muslim cunts who fought for Isis and have come back here? Also all the jihadi mass rape as war cunts.

    • Exactly.

      I certainly don’t want her back but can’t see what she has done that is so much worse than the murderers,rapists etc. who were allowed back…I also suspect that some of the dinghy-riders will have a less than salubrious back-history and as for some of the East Europeans who have landed up here….well.

      The only reason that she was treated as she deserved and other weren’t/aren’t is down to a cynical Govt who needed “tough” headlines in the papers.

      • DF@ – 100% correct Sir – Begum is the “Government” “getting tough”. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤡🤪
        Utterly pointless when every r*pist, thief, parasite, pee do and terrorist is being assisted into Kent by our own Royal navy and Border Farce every day and driven past the UK homeless on the way to their luxury hotels.
        And I am surprised Begum misses England – does she have her RPG pointed the wrong way?

      • I cannot imagine the SS British Free Corps getting a free ride,and house in 1945.

  6. Funny how all these hand-wringing pussies are falling over themselves to beg the forgiveness of a teenage jihadi bride who joined a religious death cult but for borderline racist and sexist tweets sent by a teenage future England cricketer, there is no forgiveness or mercy.

    • Absolutely spot on LL
      The usual suspects inc rentamob and the fucking pond life human rights brigade in the background who are more than happy spending money like confetti to bring this pathetic Cunt back to the U.K. , meanwhile as you say the very same “ caring “ people want to utterly destroy a cricketer recently picked for his country because of some dubious texts in his teenage years , welcome to woke double standards modern day Britain……..

  7. The cunt is in Syria apparently. Fucking stay there and expire. I wish I had more adjectives to describe this creature and my loathing for it.

  8. That’s right love, pretend to cry on TV. I bet while you had some ISIS cock inside you there was no moaning going on…

    now you have nothing there is an ‘expectation’ we will take you back, you well and truly made your bed.

    We’re going to all be cunts because I am convinced at some point this bitch will return.

    • CM – I wonder if Begum cries for the people murdered when she was a member of the IS “morality police” and could have anyone killed with a disapproving word and their heads dumped in waste paper baskets where she lived.
      We need the hard and rapid realisation that islam will not stop until islam is eliminated.

  9. Is this useless turd still moaning. She should count herself lucky that she was not one of the unfortunate victims of Isis. I don’t believe a word she says.

  10. I read this story the other day. Funny how she has suddenly changed her tune from failing to show any remorse, whatsoever, for her actions and now claims to have been a misguided schoolgirl.
    Kick her in the cunt.
    Then stone her.

  11. Binbag and all her chums should be carpet bombed, relentlessly.
    Scūm of the earth.
    Terminate, with extreme prejudice. Get To Fuck.

  12. I really don’t understand how we are getting away with this and why this piss weak government is sticking to its guns on this issue. I know one thing…..once the bitch gets her arse on British soil she ain’t going nowhere and you can take that to the bank.
    Best bet is for somebody to off the slag before that happens.

    • If she is allowed back she’ll probably demand some kind of new identity, and probably a council house and few grand a year in benefits.

      • She’s probably already looking at the Argos catalogue, writing a list of what to buy for her new house.

    • A penny to a pinch of shit that she is back already; the faux posturing of Boris and co is a smokescreen.
      She will have had her teeth fixed so that she is unrecognisable and is back in the bosom of her viperous family.

  13. Care 4 Calais are funding her film and book deal and the BBC will be showing her mini-series. Bigbum will be able to sign autographs and do book signings at the Hilton hotel London 2022!

    Fuck off!

  14. It wasn’t her fault, she was groomed, she didn’t want to go but felt that she didn’t want to be the one left behind.
    Plenty of opportunity to change her mind, on the way to the airport, on the plane to Turkey, between Turkey and Syria.

    In the first interview no remorse, no feeling for all the poor cunts that ISIS murdered, she was just as guilty as the active fighters, silly cunt.
    Now she wants to come back to a country that hates her very existence, stay in Syria and marry another sand dwelling terrorist.


  15. Repatriation and genocide now required.

    Rats infest an area-the only way to fully eradicate the problems they impart, is to completely eradicate them. No exceptions.

    *rats do not smell as rancid as peacefuls.

  16. I don’t understand why politicians say you can’t negotiate with terrorists.
    I just got a free can of Coke with my kebab.

  17. Let’s face it, the only reason this bucktoothed, Freddie Mercury tribute act wants to return to the UK is to enjoy a cushty life and the bennies associated with sitting on her shitty, spreading arsecheeks and pumping out more half-breed bomberlits within the comfort of some council-funded Mile End flat.

    Her case is no different to all the other dinghy pilots that are pitching up on these shores in their thousands. Keeping Begum out of the UK is all well and good but seems a teensy bit futile when the borders remain open to all other swarthy ‘asylum seeking’ cunts/parasites looking for a house and a free living.

  18. I’m actually surprised Maajid has taken this stance in support of this bint. Normally he is against ‘Carry on up the Jihadi’ these days. Although, he had a bit of a dodgy past so maybe he is sympathetic to her.

    No surpise JOB, the cock of cocks has waded in on her side. This cunt would side with Satan so long as it goes against the interests of the majority of British people. His shitty little show is just a love-in for champagne commies and students.

    There is no way that this ISIS terrorist has seen the light. Who the fuck goes out to the desert to hang out with murdering goat shaggers for years and doesn’t come straight back to Blighty on the next dinghy if you didn’t agree with their savagery. Being 16 at the time is no excuse. She wasn’t scrumping apples or stealing camels.

  19. Regrettably nobody is prepared to point out evil anymore.
    This cunt is evil.
    Those who act as it’s apologists and supporters are evil.
    The gloves should come off with such vermin.
    They simply need to be utterly eradicated.

  20. She’s trying every angle. She’s tried the poor preggers angle, the I was misguided angle, the new hairdo angle. Now it’s the patriotic angle.
    What about the stay abroad angle, eh.

  21. This is like a cunt who spied for Germany during World War 2 saying “Sorry about that chaps, can I come back home to Blighty now??” I know what Winston would have said to the cunt Begum, “Mr Pierrepoint has an appointment for you this Tuesday morning, no cancellations accepted”. The rancid fucking bitch.

  22. Has this cunt been wheeled out in quantity by the MSM again? The government PR machine usually ‘bring out the Begum’ in times of need where a massive distraction of the UK public is required. It also gives MSM cunts (especially LBC & BBC) an excuse to avoid real topics of concern that should be getting addressed and run this cunts plight on every show with actors calling in supporting her return in a bid to condition the gullible UK public that the poor girl needs to come back. They used her a couple of times in 2020 for media fixation / Corona distraction when it got to hot in the kitchen and the bullshit about Hancock’s C19 test capacity targets weren’t working on us anymore.

    I also reckon the Dominic Cummings Barnard Castle trip was done on purpose too as I recall prior to this excursion that the UK MSM were constantly camped outside his home to capture him daily loading up the car with bikes etc and driving off. The government knew that he was being followed about and any such trip would cause a media storm.

  23. I used to think self radicalisation through the Internet was a load of bollocks, a hollow excuse by apologists, but since the pandemic I’ve seen normal people become rabid conspiracy theorists, so if you watch enough shit and ignore the stuff that challenges your beliefs, it seems quite easy.
    As for this goofy inbred, I agree with what others say here about her being used to show how ‘tough’ the government is at keeping these cunts out, but we all know this is bollocks as hundreds made it back easy enough, some who did far worse than what dobbin did.

  24. Shammishitta should be fucking hung in my opinion and many,many others, as far as i can tell she is the only person more unpopular in the UK than the gingger fuckmonkey, sparkletits and their brood of future cunts.
    Shammishitta is probably safer in Syria or wherever the fuck she is now, even the muzzys dont want her back, she make them look like untrustworthy terrorist cunts, so not good on any level,,,,,,hang the fucker i say

  25. She made her bed, she can fucking well lay in it the inbred cunt. As for coming back here, the only reason a traitor like this shithead should be to be strung up for treason and war crimes. Her lawyer can join her too

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