Intersectionality in Prison

A severe caning please for the civil servant cunts supposedly running our prisons.

This one’s got everything: wokery on steroids, intersectionality coming out of its chuff, unconscious bullshit, feminazism, play school for prison officers, the BB fucking C and June fucking Sarpongo to boot!

Apparently, prison and probation staff are being required to undergo indoctrination in the form of a meditation session called ‘Walk In The Park’.

The session is just one of a series of activities taking place in prisons to teach staff about ‘intersectionality’, a term invented by a racist American black civil rights activist and feminazi called Kimberlé Crenshaw to describe white privilege.

Staff spend part of the session learning about intersecting identities such as lesbians and gay arse bandits from ethnic minority backgrounds, transgender Christians, or Muslims with a disability, L.O.L.

They are then told to put on soft music and imagine walking through a park where they encounter different people. They are then asked if everyone they pictured was white, able-bodied or in heterosexual relationships (WTF!?).

It is all part of an internal ‘toolkit’ which aims to spark an ‘honest conversation’ about stereotypes and promote a ‘safe and structured conversation about ‘interfuckingsectionality.’

The kit has ‘information’ and recommended reading, including the aforementioned Ms Crenshaw’s book, ‘Demarginalizing the intersection of race and sex: a black feminist critique of anti-discrimination doctrine, feminist theory and anti-racist politics’.

Also ‘Diversity’ a word salad by the BBC’s Director of Creative Diversity, June Sarpongo.

Justice Secretary Robert Buckland is said to have told his civil servant to get a grip, with one source telling the Sunday Telegraph that Mr Buckland is at the end of his tether.

‘This isn’t the first time we’ve found this kind of drivel circulating around civil servants at the department,’ the source said. ‘Prisons are places where we lock up ruthless criminals who have ruined people’s lives but there is a blob in the department who act like they’re running a north London playgroup.’

Ian Acheson, a former prison governor, told the Sunday Telegraph:

‘On Friday an inquest jury delivered a devastating verdict on the failure of the prison service to manage terrorist offenders. Instead of obsessing over this sort of woke gibberish, senior managers should be solely focused on the real priorities – restoring public confidence that this is a law enforcement agency that protects the public. Ministers must get a grip on HM Prison and Probation Service leadership or replace them with people who care more about security and order than pronouns.’

It coincides with Phil Copple, director general of prisons, issuing an antiracist message about white staff numbers and being pictured taking the knee.


Nominated by: Ruff Tuff Creampuff


47 thoughts on “Intersectionality in Prison

  1. intersectionality Fucking hell I admit I had to look the meaning of this meaningless word up.

    Categories of prisoners :-
    1 Criminal Cunts; get breaking those rocks you bastards. Bread and lard to breakfast dinner and tea.
    2 Wrongly banged up by bent police. It happens sadly but hopefully some compo later on.
    These are the only categories required.

    • 3 – Wastrels (mostly chavs) to be shot in the head with bolt guns, and to have their organs sold, so as to give back to society and stop the taxpayer wasting millions. Whatever is left will be sold to necrophiliacs and fast food outlets respectively…

  2. The woke left have infected prisons as well as schools! Just look what happened at Fishmongers Hall/London bridge if you want to see how it turns out.The end is nigh!

    Good morning sickness and fuck off!

    • Double sex killer Colin Pitchfork cleared for release by the parole board this week.

      Apparently he’s been on some courses and has addressed his offending behaviour, so that’s all right then.

      • Do you know I actually remember that case and when that cunt got caught and the subsequent court case! With a surname like Pitchfork who would forget it!

        Quite honestly it doesn’t seem like 38 years ago and I’m sure it doesn’t for those two poor girls parents! I think I just punishment for him should’ve been death by pitchfork yet sadly it looks like he is going to be released!

        The shame of it all 🙁

      • Ex and I lived in Leicester at the time, a out 5 mins walk from the pub that was his undoing.
        Bring back hanging, or at least “Life means Life” sentences.

      • First man to be convicted by DNA evidence. I think it’s worth noting he went to considerable lengths to avoid the mass sample testing in the area the murders took place, the devious little shit.

        I remember US crime writer Joseph Wambaugh doing a programme on the case, and he subsequently wrote a book “The Blooding”.

        Pitchfork should spend the rest of his natural breaking rocks in a quarry 16 hours a day.

  3. Awesome nom Ruff and bang on the money.

    The role of a prison officer is to secure dangerous criminals and keep them in order. Indoctrinating them in the deluded theory of intersectionality and structural racism will not help them in this task one iota. All it will do is confuse and demoralise them. Before long they will be incapable of performing their duties because they will be worrying over structural racism.

    And who is running these worthless courses in our jails? How much public money are they receiving? The structural racism training industry is a huge con and it’s making some cunts very rich. The Justice Secretary is right to call them out. Just as he is calling out those other cunts, Sonewall.

    Mr Mackay would have had none of it. Mr Barraclough probably would have been in favour of it though.

    Cupid stunts.

  4. Prisons in this country are run by muslim prisoners. The only thing the guards do is bring in all the drugs. The civil service is there for the civil servants, not the people who have to pay for it all.

    • Prisoners have the whip hand in Prison. Ive been in a few, and they are all the same. Graduate Entry to Governor Grade ( via the Yooni system ) and what do you know. Girls on top. Yoomin Rights, and civil defence Lawyers creaming the system.
      Cat A Whitemoor, a place that should have 4 Minarets and a Camel Hire Co resembles a foreign Bazaar , and the smell! Fuckin hell.

  5. Have to take issue with intersectionality because well it’s pure bollocks. Not one mention of Goblins, Basilisks nothing about Ghosties. We all know these are a big part of our World view can you imagine what it would be like for a Bunyip to be chucked in the slammer and no one being aware of his special needs? Truly awful.
    Jokes aside this disgusting waste of money and time is due to the infiltration of PC/woke cunts into every aspect of our administration. Why are ministers so surprised they sat on their arses doing fuck all whilst the infection started. This infestation has been going on for years not covertly but out in the open. Anyone with an iota of common sense knows that prison is for reforming prisoners (ha bloody ha) not the bloody staff. Living in England today is akin to being on a plane piloted by sea urchins. Fuck it back to digging my underground survival fortress

  6. Smashing cunting RTC.

    ‘Drivel’ and ‘gibberish’ is correct.

    At risk of stereotyping, here is my advice to the prison service, offered free of charge:

    Nothing wrong with the old system of manacles/irons. Chain gangs were the best way to ensure rehabilitation of common criminals. Contributing to society was the priority.

    Murderers are best dealt with by the rope method. Child rapists, deserve the red (or white) hot poker up the arse.

    Terrorists are, of course, a special type of criminal and should be treated differently to the common herd. The best way to deal with terrorists would be the oubliette. Chuck them in and forget about them. Job done.

    What more do the prison service need by way of advice?

    Good morning RTC. Good morning, everyone.

    • Thank you TTCUtS.

      And a very good afternoon to you, and everyone – some great comments.


      • RTC, off topic but hopefully you will understand why.

        I happened to be up late last night/early in the morning (1ish) finishing watching a programme and just before bed took a peek on here. What did I see? A spectacular tantrum and meltdown by caught boring 😀

        Quite a lengthy pity me post composed with anguish and tears, by way of a sort of explanation about his behaviour. A group of antagonists against him (A club apparently) were mentioned by name, or more to the point nicknames, you included. It was in the Whales nomination but it has been deleted, at what time I know not, along with my sympathic reply 😉

        Quite honestly a more mawkish pathetic display is hard to imagine, a real wears their heart on their sleeve blockbuster verging on the edge of DCI warm that ambulance up! I will be laughing for weeks obviously 😀


      • “verging on the edge of DCI warm that ambulance up”.

        Not for that boring, supercilious, trolling cunt. VOR with an aircon fault and I’m on my break.

      • CS posted another extremely lengthy and impenetrable word salad yesterday or the day before, which was also deleted.

        Had a feeling things might be coming to a head….

  7. The chances of the average prison guard understanding this complicated woke bollox are about zero I’d suggest. Get the inmates out on a chain gang, like they do in Europe, to serve a proper punishment!

    BTW Venn Diagrams are the harbinger of a true cunt so very appropriate here😊

    • Lammy and The Flabbott prefer pie diagrams, as does the lardarse Blackford.

  8. That fabulous old B&W prison comedy film from the 1960s, “Two Way Stretch” was recently shown on Talking Pictures TV. Always a pleasure to revisit it.

    The stellar cast includes Peter Sellers and (the great) David Lodge but it was Lionel Jeffries as Officer Crout who stole every scene he was in. His hilariousmy barely hidden disdain for the Governor’s light-touch basketweaving courses instead of a spot of rock breaking was a particular highlight.

    Whenever I read of ‘progressive’ prison attitudes I invariably wonder what Crouty would’ve thought of it all. These days Two Way Stretch is probably code for a ‘stiff sentence’ involving two BBCs and a hapless new inmate, say Ryän Gïggs?

    • Giggs will identify as B lack and Welsh therefore a minority person and get off. Cunt

  9. Get a grip? Yeah, another Minister talking tough but what do they actually fucking do? Every two weeks lardarse Patel talks tough about the Channel hopping sewer rats but nothing changes.
    These criminal cunts in prison, especially the Peacefuls , must be pissing themselves laughing at all this wokie bullshit. They don’t even have to dream up their own excuses.
    We live in a world of cunts.

  10. However issued this as some sort of dogma to prison staff should be sacked at once.
    Doris should fire the minister involved.
    Get a retired captain from the Royal Marines in as a replacement.
    As for terrorists festering in our prisons,spreading their evil..
    Shoot the cunts.
    All of them.

  11. I don’t know about a “Walk In The Park.” – my ‘internal toolkit’ is only programmed for a “Wank in The Park.”

  12. The wokies need to get criminals out of the nick because they will need all those cells for political prisoners……..cunts like us!
    No intersectionality for us, just “re education”…….the Dachau way!

  13. I seriously doubt the guards will be thinking about parks if some just threw a glass of piss at them. These advisers should be forced to actually do the jobs they preach about to find out what reality is.

  14. They just make words up, intersectionality. Ffs. Sounds big and impressive but in reality is just gibberish. Do they tuck prisoners in at night with a mug of cocoa ? Naturally responsibly sourced .

  15. Give the prisoners a playzone with foam shapes and a ballpit. Im intrigued to know how long it takes to batter someone to death with a foam L block or how many plastic balls they can stuff into someone.


    Don’t for one minute think this has not been by design.

    * I don’t agree, I believe in the spirit and tenacity of the British people. Tolerant, not easy to rouse, but boy, when we do… Remember, the darkest hour is just before dawn. Talking of which, sort of off-topic, being called ignorant by Rio Ferdinand is like being called fat by Dawn French. Innit.

  17. Intersectionality simply means box-ticking. The more boxes the better. That’s why I identify as a black lesbian single mother with mental health issues and obesity.
    That should get me by. Who is to say otherwise. This is “my truth”.

    Fuck off!

    • I too strongly identify as a lesbian. I’m desperately looking for a couple of fit, like minded females to initiate me into the secrets and pleasures of girl-on-girl action.

      No luck so far…

  18. The comments on here indicate intolerance and insensitivity toward prisoners, who would benefit from assistance provided by properly-trained prison staff. Through guidance and meditation they would gain an insight into the unfortunate circumstances which led to their incarceration, and also into their sexuality which could lead to confusion when confined in close proximity to other men for prolonged periods of time.
    We must look at their situation and say ‘there but for the grace of god go I’. We must also say ‘let he who is without sin cast the first stone.’ Prisoners are people too, and we should give them all the help they need to endure their sentence and the deprivations they are subjected to.

  19. I’d imagine walking in a park in Iceland. Dont many dark keys there.
    Fuck off.

  20. As Mr Mackay said:

    “Never, I repeat, never give him the benefit of the doubt, each man in here is as dispicable as the next. I treat everyone in here with equal contempt”.

    Or similar. That mantra should be over the gates of every jail.

    • DCI@ – When I am in charge Mr Mackay will be in charge of prisons, reporting directly to Home Secretary Unkle Terry!
      Prison should be hard, painful and a deterrent – or why have it?

  21. Male prisoners in Male prisons.
    Female prisoners in Female prisons.
    Uppity sand rats, j*gaboos and LGBT types to get what gobby bastards normally get in prison.
    Nothing like 3 broken ribs to change your whiny snowflake opinions – and if you don’t like how prison is run try not fucking going there.

  22. I haven’t heard June Arsepong’s name mentioned in a while. Probably as I binned Sly TV and not watched Sly news for years now. She used to constantly boil my piss, especially when teamed up with a cunt such as afua Hirsch, Shabbat, Nawaz or that last edited Billymorry of cobra beer fame cunt on Sly’s show, The Pledge. That Femi cunt was the straw that broke the camels back. I don’t miss any of the cunts.

    • Agree, all cunts of the highest order, apart from Maajid Nawaz who is far from being a cunt.

      Not least because he was one of the few broadcasters who spoke out against the Muslim grooming gangs and their paèdo role model Mohammed.

      • Fair play, he was one of the few who spoke up for the victims of grooming gangs. I also have to get be him credit for bringing to light recently that the government has contracted private companies and provide them free access to all our data held by all government departments (UK & your local council) & NHS in a bid to ‘profile us’ for use that can be nothing short of the core foundation of a Chinese style system. It was on LBC a couple of months ago he mentioned it. I actually can let sten to him on LBC and often do. He’s one of the few presenters at LBC I still listen to now. However I found that on the Pledge that certain fellow guest cunts could bring out the worst in him particularly over the Shamima Begum’ nonsense.

  23. The only sectionality that should be relevant in prison involves a noose and C2 vertebra

  24. The diagram at the top could well be reduced to two fields, if we look at the alleged problem subjectively:
    1. Us
    2. Them.

    Bring back the cat.

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