Carrie Symonds-Johnson (3)

Carrie Symonds (now Johnson) is a fuckin stupid cunt!!

Why? Because this worthless braindead dogs arse faced bint has now married the cunt Boris Johnson.

As if suckin his dick wasnt disgusting enough (and I expect rimming his fart arse) she has now married this fuckin dictator cunt!

She is Englands answer to Eva Braun. But a lot uglier.

I hope he follows through when she has her slutface buried in his arsecheeks.

Nominated by: Kendo Nagasaki 

73 thoughts on “Carrie Symonds-Johnson (3)

  1. Biden and Johnson, sucking each other’s cocks and both of them thinking the other one is a complete and utter cunt.
    It’s not often either of them get anything right so this is a rarity.

  2. So he got married. So what. Good luck to him.

    Guess you hate him Kendo. Fair enough but I think your nomination was over the top and borders on trolling.

    Personally, Admin, I would have binned it…

  3. Have you seen the state of his ex-wife though? Carrie is, at least, a huge improvement on that horrorshow. Also that Petronella Wyatt thing he was knocking off – looked like Tracey Emin after a car accident.
    He has levelled up with Carrie, he’ll probably go for Cheryl Cole next, or maybe that Demi Rose Mawby who always used to have her massive arse all over the mail online.

  4. He will soon get bored and find some other aide to let him teabag and play soggy biscuit with.

    Maybe that’s why she and cummings fell out as he wouldn’t let them share three in a bed.

  5. Bet she had a nice twat till that baby ruined it.

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