The family of Joe McCann

I would like to nominate the family of Joe McCann following the collapse of the trial of 70 year old ex paratroopers who were accused of murdering said turd 49 years ago.

Summoned by the police to help arrest Joe ,up to three Paras helped him shuffle off this mortal coil whilst he was seeking to avoid being captured.

Implicated in the deaths of no fewer than 15 soldiers, his family are now bleating about ‘state sponsored murder ‘ and all that guff. The truth is ‘Don’t fuck with the Parachute Regiment.

Nice to see the only MP with balls attending the trial and speaking up in support of the lads today.

PS, An interesting legal question. Mr A and Mr C were acquitted of murder yet the family of McCann claimed outside of the court that he was murdered. Are Mr A and Mr C in a position to sue the family for libel?

Nominated by: Guzziguy 

…and on a siimlar note, this from Cuntstable Cuntbubble

Another legal connundrum.

Why are pensioner ex squaddies who risked their lives fighting murderous scum in NI being pursued for alleged crimes when 2 alleged IRA killers of both civilians and soldiers serve in the NI assembly? McGuiness now happily deceased but the other cunt gets a huge salary, expenses and pension when he should be facing justice.

A lack of consistency surely? Which seems to have something to do with the Peace Process.
But never mind. Lawyers doing very well out of it.

50 thoughts on “The family of Joe McCann

  1. Give the taig cunts an option. Fuck off south of the border or fuck off south of the border in a box. Feinian shite.

  2. What a vile looking Pie Quay clan.
    Their fucking oven chips stink.
    Fuck the lot of them.

  3. Just looking at the fairground Gypo’s makes me puke, the Retard in the Donkey jacket looks like he’s turned up after laying some Tarmac, face it the Brick chucker got what he deserved, keep your stinking country and stick to being the Wind Breaker for England. P.S we will always kick your arse.!

    • Fuck me. Not seen a donkey jacket like that since the NCB days.

      Where the hell would you buy them these days?

  4. We should test our nukes on Oirland.
    Then move onto the main course – France.

  5. Fucking joke. Bang on and on about NI moving on from The Troubles yet drag this shite up from 19 fucking 72. Fucking bad times back then, i know i fucking lived it, but if we keep going back how the fuck are we meant to move forward? It was back then, fucking leave it there.

  6. Sadly Joe McCann’s family are typical of their clan. Permanent victims, who think their darling wee boy was a innocent victim of the nasty Brits – a murdering sadist, who is nevertheless a hero to them. The scumbag got what he deserved, and it is time they accepted this, but then when their memories go back to the Battle of the Boyne, what else should we expect. When the reality stares them in the face, and they won’t accept it, there truly is no hope for them.

    Despite the best efforts of Mo Mowlem, Blair the cunt sold us troopies out. Time for a PM with balls – our current jellyfish gave his away – to have a face to face with Gerry Adams – simple deal – amnesty for all, or the “pardon” letters issued to the IRA get rescinded. You have 2 hours to decide. Cunt.

    Johnny Mercer has principles, bless him; sadly that won’t get you far in the Westminster cesspit. Nevertheless, he has remained true to his word.

    May the Paras now have a peaceful life, undisturbed by arsehole politicians

    May the McCanns rot in hell – cunts

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