The family of Joe McCann

I would like to nominate the family of Joe McCann following the collapse of the trial of 70 year old ex paratroopers who were accused of murdering said turd 49 years ago.

Summoned by the police to help arrest Joe ,up to three Paras helped him shuffle off this mortal coil whilst he was seeking to avoid being captured.

Implicated in the deaths of no fewer than 15 soldiers, his family are now bleating about ‘state sponsored murder ‘ and all that guff. The truth is ‘Don’t fuck with the Parachute Regiment.

Nice to see the only MP with balls attending the trial and speaking up in support of the lads today.

PS, An interesting legal question. Mr A and Mr C were acquitted of murder yet the family of McCann claimed outside of the court that he was murdered. Are Mr A and Mr C in a position to sue the family for libel?

Nominated by: Guzziguy 

…and on a siimlar note, this from Cuntstable Cuntbubble

Another legal connundrum.

Why are pensioner ex squaddies who risked their lives fighting murderous scum in NI being pursued for alleged crimes when 2 alleged IRA killers of both civilians and soldiers serve in the NI assembly? McGuiness now happily deceased but the other cunt gets a huge salary, expenses and pension when he should be facing justice.

A lack of consistency surely? Which seems to have something to do with the Peace Process.
But never mind. Lawyers doing very well out of it.

50 thoughts on “The family of Joe McCann

  1. I saw a photo of this Joe McCann cunt on the bbc news website, looked a right sly, bog trotting, fenian cunt, his family seem worse with their droning voices, Soldiers A and C deserve a fucking medal for taking the cunt out!!!

  2. Thank fuck the trial was kicked into touch.

    The fact that it even went to trial in the first place is fucking shameful.

    What’s happened to this country?

  3. The soldiers did their duty, protecting the people of Northern Ireland against a scum ball, bog trotting criminal. They deserve medals and the McCann’s deserve a kick up the ass back to Bog Land.

  4. Looking at that header photo makes a good case for masks.
    Or in their case balaclavas.

  5. Regarding the nomination picture: The grey hatted man looks pleased with himself like he released a silent but deadly fart and is wondering how long it will take for the brown coated lady to smell it. The masked man looks like Joe Biden.
    I’m not sure what the red coated lady is doing to the blue coated lady.

  6. A bad day for Corbyn, anybody called Khan, anybody who works for the Guardian or the BBC, and any other terrorist loving, anti British wokie fucking bastard.

  7. Thanks to the ubercunt Blair for snatching defeat from the jaws of victory by surrendering in all but name to the fucking IRA so he could bask on even more glory from the combined cunts that are the BBC and the guardian.
    And it looks like they might be back for round two, so I say fuck Ireland and cut it loose. They can have their rampaging caravan club back too.

  8. Our Government are the biggest cunts for letting this shit show go ahead. Cowardly shit eating scum. What is the fucking point of having a justice system that allows pensioners, who served their country bravely while following Government orders, to be prosecuted for doing their fucking jobs?

  9. This cunt was a ‘soldier’ who’d declared war on the UK.
    How the fuck else did they think he’d be treated?

    • I’ve been reading about Dominic McGlinchey. A name from the past? ‘Mad Dog’. All about kill or be killed. And having no ‘feelings’ about those you kill. I am sure he wouldn’t know what this about.

      • And one of the men who were executed provoking the Easter Riding. Emmet maybe. When asked something about his forthcoming execution said ‘I salute the soldiers for doing their job’.

    • He was a particularly viscous piece of work that used children to lure British soldiers. Even the IRA told him to tone it down. A feral cunt and the world is better off without him.

      • McCann was a fucking cowardly murdering bastard.
        I’m only sorry he’s dead as he doesn’t get to be shot again.
        I’d have set fire to the cunt while he was alive.
        If his shameless, attention seeking, money grabbing, wank family tell us where he’s buried, I’d gladly piss and shit on his grave.
        Fuck all of them

  10. Normal cuntries would have honoured them for removing a terrorist. Another one of the cunt Bliar’s doings, free the killers and drop the lads inn it.
    It is his birthday today. 68 years of shitstain

    • Is it really? Well I hope he chokes on his fucking cake and it’s the last birthday the cunt ever has. My 6th should be re named “Traitors Day.”

      • Spot on Freddie. Bliar should have been banged up years ago the weasely little cunt.

  11. Fenian fucks and utter cunts. I’d gas the lot of them. Including those McCann turds.

    We had the spudfucking semtex suckers on the run by the mid 90s. When the cunts bombed Manchester in 96, it was a desperate act by a bunch of cunts well and truly on the ropes. Then Satan Blair gets in and hands them the lot. That alone should see him drowned in a vat of liquid shit.

    Those lads are heroes. Anyone who takes out those murderous motorway mick scum deserves a knighthood. And screw the Beeb and the Grauniad.

  12. Another disgrace.
    Being brought to trial for during their duty is an outrage.
    Members of the Armed Forces should be totally immune to prosecution.

    That fucking mithering rabble and all its supporters should be eradicated.
    Fuck Off once and for all.

    • My only regret is more of the filthy cunts wasnt shot.
      Support our troops
      No surrender 🇬🇧🇬🇧

  13. Those three bints in the picture. Quintessential Irish mingers. About as attractive as a box of bad eggs in a heatwave.

  14. Im afraid Tony Blair surrendered t he IRA. This is the reason our soldiers are prosecuted and the IRA are not.

  15. someone once said… Could of been Winston Churchill that the Irish are the N……rs of Europe because their so tribal.

  16. When the Argies fucked about with the Falklands, it was (rightly) seen as an act of war.

    The French cunts messing with the Channel Islands should also be an act of war. But that spineless cunt Boris and that useless fat tart Patel will do piss all.

  17. We shouldn’t be sending Navy patrol boats over there. Who the fuck is going to save all the poor rapeugees in the Channel?

    (All. Please don’t take this off-topic. Thanks – DA)

  18. I’m glad this collapsed because the Good Friday Agreement only went in one direction.
    The trial collapsed because the NI Police never interviewed the soldiers under caution.

  19. These bogtrotting spudmunching cunts have announced they are taking the decision to appeal and the Judge’s decision does not ‘acquit the state of murder’.

    That’s fine and dandy, but Boris has made very clear promises on legislation to end the relentless pursuit of those who served their country in Northern Ireland. When Boris has finished having his knob suckled by goofy Miss Toothy Fucknuckle, then perhaps he can actually deliver on his Don Corleone-esque mumblings.

  20. I like this site, having been along time lurker to eventually posting replies. It has a freedom of expression that’s rare in today’s climate. I know it’s uniquely British and that perspective is what fascinates. I have not experienced anything untoward by any off the posters and I am not political in any sense. I will not post on the site anymore, it’s not because I’m Irish , it was probably cheeky of me to post on uniquely British subjects. Best of luck to all on here. I’ll probably still visit but keep my thoughts to myself👍

    • Not sure why you can’t stay here and continue posting, Mecuntry. Your contributions are as valid as the next man’s?

      An echo chamber is the worst thing that could happen on here.

      • Agreed.
        Just remember, there ain’t no sign in IsAC saying:

        No Dogs. No Blacks. No Irish.

        Just: No Cunting Cunters👍

        Also remember, most comments are dark humour.

        If you feel strongly enough about something, put it in a nomination 👍

    • From one Mick to another, cunting is part of our culture, so don’t feel you can’t do that here.

  21. If proof positive was revealed showing Mc Cann shitting on the Popes head whilst giving a handjob to a couple of peacefuls he would still be a murdered martyr in the eyes of his supporters. This is the way certain groups in NI have acted since dawn of the provinces history and before, the hatred is fed into you from an early age.
    Tony “cunt” Blair gave out letters of comfort to numerous people who had committed acts of murder, destruction and benefit fraud ( most of the fuckers on both sides were collecting benefits. Always knew were to find the bastards on signing on day). Big Boris the bad claimed his government would stop all these legal aid lawyers from making a good living out of persecuting ex servicemen/women as per 100% of politicians he spake bollocks as NI is not covered by the anti shit on a soldier legislation. So the saga drags on, veterans hounded in their old age, government ministers roll their eyes heavenwards, ratcock lawyers get new cars. Fuck me this is pathetic.

  22. It started with the good Friday peace agreement ” let them out scot free” and went downhill from there.
    Bt all accounts bits of northern Ireland are drug riddled shit holes and they seem intent on killing each other which is nice

  23. This cunt of a family would have you believe he was Giuseppe Conlon.

    As a native of Oireland and a former member of the Armed Forces, I am glad to see these cunts told where to go, but in turn I look forward to being harassed in my dotage by cunts like Phil Shiner for having the temerity to stop Aghan peasants from bumming their own kids.

    On a side note, Oireland is a fucking joke anyway – last time I could be bothered visiting the little barnacle on the arse of the Atlantic that is my hometown, it resembled downtown Mogadishu (or worse, Tower Hamlets) thanks to the government slavishly following the diktats of the EU which wants to increase the population to pre-famine levels by importing legions of goat-fuckers.

    Makes you wonder what the whole ‘troubles’ were about in the first place. As Chris Morris said; “but try telling that to these bog-brained Murphys – you’d stand more chance of getting a blowjob from the Pope”

  24. A murdering terrorist gets taken out by the Paras.
    Good – those who live by the Armalite..
    Our kid had Dominic McGlinchey in his sights some years ago, couldn’t tap him as the little rat cunt was just over the border.
    Other IRA were less fortunate.
    Tow the cesspit of Ireland into the sea and sink the fucker.

  25. Appeasement of the IRA republican community is the only reason this case went to court, this is part of the cost of stopping them continuing what they call the armed struggle. Instead of senior officers and responsible ministers answering to a court they send old soldiers to face a farcical trial.

    Lets not forget all the active IRA members got a comfort letter which pretty much is in fact a free pardon for any crimes up to and including murder carried out during the troubles.

    Serving Queen and country is a thankless task and veterans get kicked the curb time and time again. Why would anyone in their right mind join the armed forces?

    • I agree wholeheartedly with you SV; whatever happened to that tenet of English law that everyone is equal in the eyes of The Law.

  26. As Coogan’s Partridge said:

    “Ders more to Oirland Dan dis.”

    Religious bigotry.
    Men with eye brows that meet in the midddle.
    Women with eyebrows that meet in the middle. Also minges that start at the navel and end just above the knee😳
    Sanctimonious short arse Frontmen, who haven’t made a decent album since 1987😉.
    Hundreds of thousands of child victims of Father Kiddly-macdiddly and chums.
    National football team made up of 2nd rate English footballers with a tenuous link to “de auld cunt-tree” *except Keane-who was a fucking legend👍

  27. The paras in question did the world a favour by slotting that cunt. Travesty it even went to court in my opinion. My dad served in NI during the bog trotters troubles and he’s got some fucking grim stories about what those IRA bastards did. McCans family can go jump off a cliff the fucking cunts.

  28. God Bless The Parachute Regiment 👍👍🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿

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