Brandon Mitchell – BLM Juror

An emergency cunting please for this cheeky fucker.

I can hear you all say ‘Who?’ Well, that doesn’t surprise me, as the media have barely covered the story. Blink and you’ll miss it sort of thing.

He was a juror at the Chauvin trial. Every potential juror, for obvious reasons, was asked if they had taken part in any BLM/George Floyd protests.

Well this cunt said ‘No’ to this question. Seems he went to a George Floyd/BLM riot (before the trial), I mean protest, wearing a ‘Get off our necks’ T-Shirt.

If this is not a mistrial then I don’t know what is.

What a fucking cunt though. He obviously wanted on that jury with zero fucking intention of listening to evidence. He looks a big fella and I’ll guess he may have been intimidating anyone daring to look at the evidence too.

Lock this cunt up and start a retrial.

I bet they fucking won’t though, the pussies.

Nominated by: Cuntybollocks 

55 thoughts on “Brandon Mitchell – BLM Juror

  1. For a tanned American he is probably as impartial as you’ll get!

    Fuck off!

  2. Martin Luther King hahahaha….oh stop please no more. It’s comedy gold.

    • Spooks dun get no proppa ejicatun nor nottin.
      No war am sayin…,

      • Wow you did as you used nor, something MSM nevers ever spots nor executes correctly. Very impressed there Cuntfinder General. Promoted to Field Marshal Cuntfinger General.

        (oops sorry auto correct messed that up)

    • Spooks dun get no proppa ejicatun nor nottin.
      No war am sayin…,

  3. None of this surprises me. Must be the most tampered trial in recent history.

  4. The first thing this cunt did when the trial was over was seek out the media. He is desperate to be famous and be on the Oprah show. When it was revealed he had been on this march he came out with all this bullshit…….I just wanted to visit Washington, I thought it would be cool to be with thousands of black people, I was commemorating MLK blah blah woof woof. Then the picture of the cunt wearing the T shirt came out and now we know he’s a lying bastard.
    You can have the re trial as many times as you want, the result will still be the same. This was a political trial pure and simple. Chauvin or whoever is on the jury makes no difference one way or the other.

    • Oh I agree. His defence (if a retrial is granted) should push for a trial away from Minneapolis and refuse to select as many dark key jurors (and wimmins of any colour) as possible.

      He’d stand a chance if they did that, but I guess all jurors will be scared to say ‘not guilty’ anyway.

      He’s fucked, I agree. But he should still go for a retrial. What’s he got to lose?

  5. It’s all about judging people by skin colour (black good, white bad) with these cunts.

    Not surprisingly, content of character doesn’t get a look in.

    Martin Luther King must be spinning in his grave.

    • Right now if we judged them by the content of their character, they would beg us to judge them by the colour of their skin.

  6. It’s obviously deemed an acceptable consequence that this cop does life in prison in the hope that is cools the simmering race war. Unfortunately this isn’t going to happen, and in fact will only get worse as felons will become emboldened, and those police that haven’t already decided to quit will be too scared to act underway similar circumstances.
    Looks to be going that way in the UK too, as daily stabbings and shootings, mostly if not all, committed by certain ethnic groups will mot be correctly profiled and addressed because the outcome will be viewed as racist.

    • Why the fuck would any man of European descent wish to become a copper nowadays in shitholes like the US of A.
      Country’s such as the US and UK have become tinderboxes due to excessive wokery pokery and anti white rhetoric.

      Probably chuck France in there as well.

      The type of country where you can face life imprisonment for the crime of doing your job or have your throat slashed in broad daylight for the crime of wearing a police uniform.

      Fuck that!

  7. They look well happy in that photo……the chicken wings have just arrived! 🐔

  8. I also read he tweeted something like ‘Black people should get on juries to affect change.’

    Silly cunt thought he’d get five minutes of fame, Facebook likes and a few quid.

    Hopefully, a retrial is granted and the mob come to his fucking house, before he gets 2 years for perverting the course of justice.

    Oh. And it was for MLK? Pfffft!

    He dindu nuffin’!

  9. I also read he tweeted something like ‘Black people should get on juries to affect change.’

    Silly cunt thought he’d get five minutes of fame, arsebook likes and a few quid.

    Hopefully, a retrial is granted and the mob come to his fucking house, before he gets 2 years inside.

    Oh. And it was for MLK? Sure.

  10. Looks like a steroided Tiger Woods. Both the fuckers can’t drive. Piss poor golf / demolition Derby joke.
    The lad needs a retrial. Sounds like it was a kangaroo court.

    • Literally Bidens America hilariously ironic cause chauvin voted democrat lol

      The jurors were doxxed by libtard journalists to ensure and threaten a guilty verdict. Some even had pigs blood smeared on their doors to give them a fright

      He is set for a retrial in a different state but I doubt it would do him a fuck of good with most American judges being woke lefties He honestly deserves his fate the stupid dumb cunt for using excessive force on Poor Ol Floyd. He was just going home to make banana mayo sandwiches and enjoy his fentanyl high

      There isn’t a smidge of doubt that 20 dollar bag of fentanyl he swallowed played a role because the reason Chauvin was called due to Floyd using a phony twenty dollar bill to buy cigarettes and a banana. Chauvins 13 minute full bodyweight neckhold in combination definitely killed him tho Should of just let him go

      • George’s brother was on tv the other week, whining about stuff, dunno, wasn’t really listening to the boring bastard.
        But one thing he said caught my attention!
        George taught him to make banana butties.
        Didnt figure it out himself.
        Got George the genius of the family to train him.
        Ffyes should put up a statue!

      • Did he teach him to peel them with his toes?
        Perhaps they are them with the skins still on? No wonder the cunt couldn’t breathe 🤔

      • “George made the best banana mayo sandwiches”

        Making a good banana mayonnaise sandwich follows a simple rule just don’t slather it in mayo, thats fucking disgusting!

  11. Chauvin was never going to get a fair trial, not a chance, even without Brandon Mitchell he would have been found guilty. any juror who said no to a guilty verdict would have been shot, stabbed, beaten.

    Chauvin was a cunt but from what was reported about the cause of death of Floyd the knee on the neck wasn’t the primary cause, he was guilty of an offence but not murder.

    I am sure the lawyers will be pushing for a retrial, but the verdict will be the same because there is too much riding on it.

    • Sick:
      He wasn’t kneeling on his neck, it was his back: autopsy report stated no bruising in the neck.

      • Can’t have facts interfering with the course of justice (or injustice)

      • Sick of It , spot on. However, the longer the final show down is delayed the more violent it promises to be.

      • Fuck me, I is thick!
        Why should any decision maker of today worry about 20 years in the future ?
        Fill your boots now!

  12. Martin Luther King, Malcolm X, chicken George, all have a lot in common.
    All made out heroes by spin & bullshit.
    Well that bollocks.
    George was a druggie and thug
    King a sex pest
    And Malcolm x a pimp and wannabe terrorist.
    Thick cunts like this juror believe theyre ‘freedom Fighters’ and Civil rights heroes’
    Because some ghetto pastor or lefty community leader tells them this is so.
    Your downtrodden in your head
    Not in reality.
    Wake the fuck up or keep getting shot, I couldn’t give a fuck.
    But playing hard done by?
    I had any say in it youd think Rourkes Drift was a picnic you whining self-pitying fuckin dunces.

    • Most BLM heroes are nasty, worthless CUNTS; similarly, Black History can only conjure up a pathetic list of nonentities who have contributed very little to the world’s progress.

  13. Lovely to see thick cunts overturning the Chauvanist trial.
    Just got to vote for Laurence Fox.

  14. If I was on a jury and there was a Sooty in the dock, I’d be shouting “Guilty” before the Judge had time to put his wig on.

    • And accussing fellow jurors if they had a tan and perm😀

    • It saves all that tedious, socially distanced mingling with the other members of the jury and a sooty is bound to be guilty of something, innit?

  15. Needs a retrial. Don’t care about the race of the biased juror, if they’re biased they need a retrial.

    End of.

  16. I still think my idea for a ‘cop buddy’ series, ‘Dirty and Chauvinist’ (Dirty Harry and Derek Chauvin) would be a ratings winner.

    I might write a pilot script and send it to the BBC.

  17. Rigged jury, prearranged guilty verdict.
    This was no better than a deep South lynching.

      • A good lynching – take the Family, bit of cake, flask of tea – top day out!
        Rigged jury, rigged trial, predetermined result.
        Chauvin didn’t have a chance.

  18. Floyd was a heap of shit, Chauvin was also a heap of shit, heavy handed cop. But that juror is not impartial and there has to be a retrial. I couldn’t give a shit out the races involved, law says there should be one.

  19. Sir Fidler, Miserable:

    Perhaps we should apply for Americunt citizenships , blackface, some of Art Garfunkel’s old wigs et voila: we make sure we load the Jury’s and get some push back 👍

  20. Martin Luther King would never have a fucking thing to do with such a sorry ass terrorist group like BLM.
    I say that but who knows really. He might have ended up selling out and becoming like Al Sharpton who I cunted very recently.
    As of his death he had a good message though.

    • What lesson I got from Martin Luther king was ‘duck & roll’.

  21. There is literally no reason to “back the blue” American Cops are just a special type of evil grunt cunts some of them are okay maybe 40% of them are good people but mostly they are dicks with authority

    I don’t like cops and I equally hate thugs but seriously will this poor 73 old lady who got shoulder popped and beaten up by cops ever get media spotlight 24/7 or have the democrats mention daily all year round like Floyd? Yeah I don’t think so, not likely Wrong agenda Can’t virtue signal because racism

  22. Are they going to deep fry that little Ch!mp in the middle and eat him.? Big old Dumb fuckers with low intelligence.!

  23. Anything and everything to do with Black Liars Don’t Matter has to do with corruption and cheating. They can’t even tell the truth on a jury.

    • Start callling black lives matter by its real name BLM = Burn Loot Murder

      Its fucking amazing Blumpf and his lazy cunt at DoJ just let them cause a billions in damages but it makes perfect sense when both Fbi and cia are blm cocksuckers and a okayed the mob violence, murder and looting. I mean “mostly peaceful protesting” to own blumpf

  24. Chauvin was never going to get a proper trial in this case. More like a nigg@r lynching.
    Fuck me, the judge may as well put on the black cap on the first day!

  25. The talking heads on the mainstream news channels have all had interesting takes on this story (for the few seconds they’ve covered it).

    Every ‘expert’ dragged on that I’ve seen, has said it doesn’tt mean a retrial will be granted because it doesn’t necessarily prove the juror didn’t base his verdict on the evidence.

    What a fucking joke!

    I wonder how they’d have reacted if the verdict had been ‘not guilty’,and a juror had been pictured wearing a ‘fuck blm’ hat and a ‘back the boys in blue’ shirt?

    They’re already setting a narrative to wind up the dark keys if a retrial is granted. I think it’s to scare the judge into not granting a retrial.

    The judge, if he refuses a retrial, might as well have held a minute’s silence for George Floyd every morning, and referred to Chauvin as ‘the murderer’ throughout the fucking trial.

    This ‘trial’ has been the biggest fucking joke I’ve ever seen in a courtroom.

    Completely compromised.

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