Sainsbury’s & Their Cornish Customers

A nomination for Sainsburys and their Cornish customers.
Sainsbury has been forced to apologise after customers in Cornwall were left ‘outraged’ by the supermarket’s in-store advert which featured a scone laden with cream – with the jam on top. The picture of the fruit scone at the branch in Truro, caused ‘havoc’ and customers complained after they noticed it was topped with a layer of cream first instead of jam. Oh the trauma, slit your wrists now!
Some local residents took to twitter to discuss the matter and one cunt said that Sainsburys should be boycotted.
Another cunt said that a government inquiry was needed, whilst others described the error as “disgraceful” and “shocking.”
I’m not too sure if this was actually a piss-take by some people to the overreactions, but knowing how snow-flakey many cunts are nowadays, it’s probably safe to assume that those are genuine comments.
Sainsburys are cunts too for apologising to these arseholes.

Link to the story. (Link provided by Jessum Priest)

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75 thoughts on “Sainsbury’s & Their Cornish Customers

  1. I used to work for Sainsbury’s back in the early/mid 80s and can confirm that they are most definitely an absolute shower of cunts.

  2. Having spent a fair bit of time in both Cornwall and the Lake District, my experience is that the locals (not all but many I got chatting to in pubs) were very similar.

    They hated tourists, but wanted their money. Sure, I’ll just drive there, throw a wad of money at the ‘Welcome to Newquay’ sign, turn right around and fuck off home, you cunts.

  3. I’m outraged at the silliness of this outrage! FFS what little truth people must have in their lives to not see how much other shit IS deserving of outrage in the World today.

  4. In all fairness, there’s fuck all going on in Cornwall until the beaches and B&Bs open up.

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