Jacinda Ardern (3)

For quite a few years now, Jacinda Arden has been the poster girl of the fawning woke elite. The woman that could do no wrong. Amongst her amazing feats are the following achievements-

– She gave birth to a child whilst in office. Apparently a woman with a job has never done this incredible thing before
– Her speeches are laced with empathy. Most of it forced.
– She’s a woman.
– Err……that’s it.

New Zealand is a tiny country with minuscule military and intelligence capacity. It’s been privileged to be a member of the Five Eyes Intelligence group of Anglosphere nations, along with the UK, the US, Australia and Canada. But sweet and lovely Jacinda has decided to ditch that in order to snuggle up to the wonderful, cuddly Chinese Communist Party.

For a while now New Zealand has been courting Chinese investment and is happy to ditch its traditional alliances with the English speaking countries to get this. To this end, Jacinda has –

– Refused to endorse a joint Five Eyes statement which was critical of the Chinese Communist Party over its treatment of the Uighurs.
– Said, through her foreign minister (a Maori with a tattood face) that New Zealand now has a preference for moving on from the Five Eyes alliance and is looking for new ‘multilateral opportunities’. Problem is that there are none.
– Sidled up to the Chinese at every opportunity and told Australia that they need to “treat China with more respect”. The Australians know very well what happens when you treat the CCP with respect – a country that gets into bed with China sells its soul and the Australians are painfully struggling to free themselves of that abusive relationship.

So it seems that Jacinda is not so nice and cuddly after all. Seems she’s not too bothered about forced labour camps, neo-colonialism and forced abortions on women who are nine months pregnant. Seems she’s happy to sell her country.

In fact, it seems like she’s a bit of a cunt.


Nominated by: Marvellous Mechanical Cunting Machine

52 thoughts on “Jacinda Ardern (3)

  1. I saw this horse faced, jug eared, monster doing her solumn, sad, pining, gazing into space look about something insignificant the other day. You know, the same look she gave after those mosques were shot up, when she was wearing a Sari.

    As if New Zealand isn’t bad enough their inhabitants end up with Me Ed’s wife running the race course!

  2. Jacinta Ardern is the poster girl for leftist socialism. Chinese communist puppet who hides her sulphur drenched agenda with the “sweet little girl” facade and cannot be criticised because she is woke and a Woman..
    Evil, calculating and dangerous.
    “When fascism comes to America it will be under the guise of liberalism”.
    Ronald Reagan – predicting the future.
    Humankind is – yet again – approaching a fulcrum, submit to evil or fight.
    Ardern is O’Brien.

  3. New Zealand is now a “woke joke”, a shadow of its former masculine self, and Shergar here is just shoving the last few nails into the coffin lid, the vile cunt!!!!

  4. If this dozy mutt wants to cozy up to the chop suey brigade let her. NZ will be treated like a door matt. Clearly her hatred for freedom and the English speaking world is so great she wants to be cowed by the cruelest most evil nation on earth. Fuck her and NZ. Seems twats like her never learn from history and need to suffer first hand before the penny drops. Light weight empty headed tart.

    • Uttercunt@ – It will not be Ardern and the socialist elite who suffer when it all goes to shit and they are ordered to speak Chinese at work and pray to mecca.
      Socialism only works for the rich.

  5. Probably self loathing from being a product of the colonialism that saw her race replace the indigenous population as the dominant culture. Ironically, doesn’t seem to mind replacing either with cultures from around the world.
    Western culture seems hell bent on destroying itself

  6. All these cunts who do the wokey cokey are unaware of the contradictions of their stance.
    God help the Kiwis.

    • I hope it’s something more real than god that saves them. Such a shame, a proud people who had more than a hand in helping us beat the Germans (twice) and the Japs, now surrendering through cuckoldry to the evils of Chinese domination.

  7. Shame. NZ was on my escape list, along with Canada. No chance now with this globalist puppet at the helm.

    Fucking globalist shitehawks have speared every western nation on my list. Might have to go south america. Or north korea.

      • Why not branch out and try some tribal hut living in the amazon. Lots of droopy tits on view, and no taxes.

  8. The maxists grow these horror cunts in laboratories.She should not be left in charge of a food mixer let alone New Zealand. Still, the silly cunts voted for her.

    • If Tony Blair and Jo Cox had had a child, it would be something like this cunt. Hideously woke and genuflecting.

  9. Why would tiny New Zealand stand up against the CCP when the “President” of the United States” is a corrupt cunt in hock to the CCP. The US is over and China is going to rule the world. The good news is China always collapses. Its been doing it for 5000 years.

  10. One of the best films to come out of NZ was created by a bloke called Brenton Tarrantino, very life like, and authentic, and that cunt Ardern slags him off and incarcerated him. What’s the world coming to.

  11. Never heard of this cunt before. Sounds like NZ is fucked. I guess she was voted in down there. Cuddling up to China, almost as bad as cuddling up to the despotic nations like Iran and Saudi. Wonder when the chunky’s will make Wellington a naval base for the wonderful Chunky republic? No good ever comes from socialist cunts like this one.

    • Help!! Save me popeye!!!

      “Im a coming Olive! Gugguggug..”

      The goofy anorexic looking fuck has a head full of broken biscuits, soft commie bint.
      She needs a moari full facial tattoo to go full woke.

  12. It’s her admonition to Australia to “treat China with respect” that I find most chilling. I’m sure that went down well In Australia. That’s the sort of comment our government would be making now if Call-Me-Dave and George Frogspawn had had their way.

  13. I wonder what will happen if the new Zealanders that want safe haven from this situation. Stop the dinghy people coming to england and let hobbits in instead?

  14. Canada, NZ, Australia, England…. all part of the old Empire (I guess you could also rope in the USA for a time).

    All of these countries have one common denominator – they’re all turning woke!

  15. Superb cunting – have been thinking this for a long long time

    Plus please Wait till the zero Covid policy completely cunts up a once proud nation.

    It’s going to fucking joyous.

    Someone has got a temperature in Auckland lock down the nation. Fuck the young fit and healthy let worry about saving people in their 80’s.

    Will be looked back upon as one of the fucking worst PM’s in the history of NZ.

  16. Clearly she’s doing this to cozy up to China so if the tension between them and Australia ramps up again then they get to stay out any conflict.

    • Doesnt she realise once the tiddlys get a toehold in NZ theyll eat all the native flora & fauna?
      Theyll intern those moaris in camps.
      Shes fuckin puddled.
      What she needs is a chippy tea a lenth of cock and a smack in the choppers the daft bucktoothed twat.

      • The Maoris gave the Brits a run for their money using shotguns and foxholes , they’ll fuck the rinkydinks up

      • Despite being s superpower I doubt the moaris can fight off modern tanks and jet fighters with old shotguns?!!

  17. Learned her trade under Blair and the cunt did a good job on the hopelessly dim slag. No doubt the schools, civil service, justice system and media in NZ are as pathetically woke as they are in the rest of the Western world. Somebody above mentioned learning the lessons of history. That’s why the wokies are busy re writing it.

    • She had a resounding victory in the last election a few weeks ago. So she’ll use that result as her defence to anything remotely anti-woke. She’ll just say “If the electorate think I’m too soft and liberal they wouldn’t have voted for me!”

      So either the election was rigged, or the electorate are all thick woke cunts.

      That said, I do have a twitch to take her up the arse!

  18. The bitch is insane, still the mad cunts who elected her are to blame. Nice to have known you Kiwis now fuck off.

  19. She should take a good look at how China treats it’s own citizens. New Zealand is a handy staging post for hitting Australia. Australia should identify New Zealand as a threat and invade the fucking place.

  20. ‘Woke’ if it means more interest in minorities OK by me. Maybe they have been neglected-the Maoris in NZ, aborigines in Australia, blacks in the US.
    But its always one against the other. I am for minorities therefore I am against the majority.
    It doesn’t have to be like that.
    It’s not either/or but both/and.

  21. I cannot stand this ghastly woman.
    The princess of wokeness.
    A genuine case of a wolf in sheeps clothing with her faux empathy to any anti white cunts.
    A complete and utter sell out and a fucking truly treacherous bucktoothed whore.

  22. I say boot them out, although Four-Eyes isn’t so catchy somehow.

    On a more serious note, should a country that’s cozying up to the bat-eaters with such enthusiasm be given a seat at any intelligence table? I read somewhere that NZ contributes one piece of intel for every 19 received through 5 eyes. Wonder how many of those end up in Beijing. It’s probably a policy of feeding the crocodile a few morsels and hoping it won’t eat you. Bad luck, they eat anything. Hardly a loss for us, but it is for the people that voted this fucking halfwit in in the first place.

    And who the fuck fancied this trout enough to get her in the family way? I’ve screwed some boilers in my time, but that?!

  23. Another fucking Shehadist from the ranks of Gal-Quaeda spouting extremely intolerant, anti-white, pseudo-diversity bollocks. Just fuck off you mendacious horse faced cunt.

  24. Having met Kiwi’s in the Uk across 5 decades, I cane to a conclusion years ago-they are all fucking “odd”.

    If she is so concerned about equality, she and every other politician of non Maouri descent should resign from office and allow the indigenous population take control😉

  25. Teeth like piano keys. a gob like a bucket of whinging shit and an intellect to match the contents of a used condom., and this bitch became PM ffs ! Words fail me.

  26. She’s a cunt. I will never go back. The politics are all about keeping you in the system of servitude and ineptitude in submissiveness to the Unions. The only good Kiwi cunts are the ones who left or who see see see through the pathetic pity party that is New Zealand . I told my son she was recently named #1 by a magazine only suitable for lining budgie cages and he said: “Everyone knows what a load of liberal shit New Zealand politics is Mum”.

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