The BBC [42]

The BBC because they are actually airing a programme aimed at kids teaching them that this country always had black people. How long before my prediction the BBC will screen programmes teaching kids that the black folk were here first comes true.

How insidious can propaganda be, deny people their true history and rewrite it to suit your agenda.

If you’re a white Brit reading this pause for a moment and reflect on the fact you’re a member of the last generation that will know this wasn’t always a multicultural shithole. Certainly part of the last generation of true Brits.

Goodbye Britannia.

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58 thoughts on “The BBC [42]

  1. The bbc started this over-representation aimed at young, impressionable children, back in the 1970’s:

    -Floella Benjamin (cunt) & Derek Griffiths (legend👍) in Play-school

    -Asian and Black presenters on their premier children’s show, Blue Peter

    -Janet (I love black cock, especially my boyfriend Notmskii’s) Teeth-Porter as head of “Yoof” programming

    Etc, etc…

    It has gathered momentum from there-cunts like Munchie-chipati, Nish Kuntmar et al

    There is NO black History, worth a wank in this country, prior to the 1960’s and virtually no positive contribution to British society from non-whites, since.

    That is a solid fact!

  2. Remember Konnie Huq’s tits flopping out when she swimming in the Serpentine. First black I remember on the tv was Kenny Lynch.

    • Wait until Channel Cunts 5, dish up their BLM Boleyn shite, we’re at war folks and English history is under attack boycott this shit channel with the other mis-appropriating offenders, rascist traitors the lot of them.

  3. Apparently, Black and Brown people have been here since the days of the last Mammoths and perhaps even in the days of Triceritop’s! Jesus’s Uncle traded with the Cornish People and may even have brought the young Jesus to “walk upon England’s green and pleasant land “. I guess Dinghy sailors must have been frequent visitors, only leaving our shores when it was found we hadn’t invented the Welfare System or the Provision of Freebies and treats.
    Given even the flimsiest evidence that the only black in England in those days, was the shit of King Arthur following a couple of bevvies, the BBC invents and weaves its toxic shit upon the unfettered minds of our offspring. This smacks of the Nazism of recent history, in the writing of a “new history”.
    Now I hate to labour upon a point, but our illustrious rug fertilizing overblown untidy cunt of a Prime Minister at one time promised an end to the BBC , and yet sweet fuck all of a sniff of their turdulent demise wafts upon the wind on change! The BBC ( and Johnson ) are fucking cunts.

  4. So, there were sambeaux at Lindisfarne when the Vikings turned up? Oodles of wolligogs at Hastings in 1066? And limbo dancing courtiers in the palace of Henry VIII? Nah, were there fuck. And anyone with half a brain knows that.

    But of course this ridiculous revisionism is now all over the place. The episode of Endeavour when the smartarse Mills and Boon ‘activist’ says smugly and unchallenged that the sambeaus were here before the Romans, Saxons, Normans, Vikings and Jutes. The fact that a (used to be) top quality drama series actually puts this crap in its scripts shows how these media bastards want these historical lies to be accepted. Kids who watch this shite will believe that the ‘hair triggers’ invented everything and were always first. But, of course, that’s what the cunts want. Television as a Trojan Horse. Nice, eh?

    • Yeah, Henry VIII was like Biggy smalls in tights.
      Eleanor of Aquitaine, like Dawn Butler.
      Ive just hatched from a fuckin egg and will believe anything.
      Fuck the BBC’S bullshit,
      Its funny that all the oil portraits in museums only show whitey?
      Maybe need colouring in?
      Or just replaced with packets of uncle Ben or fuckin Black Jack toffee wrappers.

  5. Why is it that the BBC hates this country so much and it’s white indigenous people? Why?
    I can’t think of one contribution blecks,muzzies or prawn crackers have made to the west. Great works of art,literature,telecommunications, road and rail links,democracy,rule of law,science,medicine etc….all came from us. As for slaves we’ve used a fraction compared to Africa and Asia. I read that 6500 Africans have died making football stadiums in Qatar for the world cup and all their paymasters are non whites. The BBC never mentions this. If even one died here there would be an outcry.
    Our politeness and decency will doom us. Seems only obnoxious loud cunts get their way.

  6. What happened to all the black people in the ancient British Isles.

    1. They were replaced by a more intelligent species
    2. There wasn’t any free stuff so they fucked off somewhere else.

    A few came back as Roman slaves, but most came here when WHITE men made a success of the country and there was free stuff available.

    Black History, what a fucking joke.

    BBC British Black Cunts.

  7. Woke historical revisionism again. In the Dark Ages and the pre-Christian period, people were mobile. They travelled all around the known world for work, food and opportunities. Let’s call them itinerants. Sometimes they did this in an aggressive way – like the Vikings – and sought to settle communities en masse or in a peaceful, small way like these itinerants. Some of these itinerants were Middle Eastern or North African Arabs. Some, but not so many, were dark-keys. They were traders, skilled workers, manual warriors, soldiers or just wanderers looking for an opportunity. This applied to all peoples. Some dark-keys, Arabs other Europeans ended up in Britain. Some Britons, doing the same things, ended up in North Africa, Scandinavia or other parts of Europe.

    These were not whole scale migrations. The numbers, compared to the migrations of entire peoples like the Anglo-Saxons, the Slavs, the Vikings or the Mongols, was small. So it’s little wonder that the odd skeleton turned up in Britain might be for peoples from another part of the world, including Africa. So what – big deal. Yet were given the erroneous impression that ancient Britain was a multi-cultural paradise chock to the brim with bongo-playing dark-keys, Rastas and Parking Stanley Muslims who were here before anyone else.

    It’s a load of bollox designed to serve one purpose only – the justification of cultural relativity and the agenda of BLM.

    • ‘In the Dark Ages…’

      The Middle Ages MMCM not the Dark Ages.

      Yes come to think-The Enlightenment labelled the previous 15 or so centuries as the ‘Dark Ages’.

      As though everything was dark before The Enlightenment.

      A bit like what’s happening now with ‘woke’.

      • I’m sure your reading material from Brittanica is a little outdated Ruff and goes back to your time as an encyclopêdia salesman!

      • All history is biased and fluid to some extent, Miles. History is not objective and terms and interpretations come and go. Never a truer word was spoken than Churchill’s comment that all history is written by the victors. That’s why it’s so important not to let the Wokerati get hold of the narrative.

    • Pre-History
      The Ancient World
      The Dark Ages
      The Middle Ages
      The Early Modern Period
      The Modern Period
      The Woke Ages
      The End.

    • There have been skeletons of “white” people found in America that date from thousands of years ago. “White” mummies have been found in China. All “very controversial stuff” of course, but when they find Trevor McDonald’s ancestor in a farmer’s field in Folkestone, it’s hailed as “groundbreaking” in the archaeology journals and magazines.

  8. Let’s thank the BBC for providing us with Alex Scott (a former female footballer who wouldn’t get into a boys under 12s Sunday league side) for her pearls of wisdom.

    In other news.

    Television has always been a great tool for brainwashing, probably why it’s called programming….

  9. One of the episodes fondly quoted by woke historians of Britain’s illustrious black past is the Roman Emperor Hadrian. Hadrian, in one of his battles with the ancient Britons, was terrified to see at the front of their army a great fierce looking woligog, probably with a bone through his nose. In his memoirs he describes this fierce warrior who evidently scared the shit out of him as an “Ethiope ”.

    So what? One warrior- not a whole army. And no wonder the Britons put him at the front of the battle – he was probably terrifying. Seems to me more like evidence of the Britons using dark-keys as battle fodder.

    • Anyway, the “Ethiope” might just have been an early Black and White Minstral, blacked up for the occasion.

      • Everything must fit the woke agenda, that’s all that matters. Anything outside woke box is racist, bigoted and facist lies.
        Take a knee begin. Just occurred to me that on reinvestigating the Anglo Saxon boat burials evidence pertaining to peacefuls and Africans will emerge due to advances in genetic phase shift fucking lies and a smidgen of “ I lose my piddling grant if the presence of an ethnic is not confirmed” Gets better by the day.

      • Sorry old chap the booze made me comment on the wrong comment or something.

  10. Selective breeding! That’s whats needed. Selective breeding! No woofters, no lgbgt, non caucasian. A good starting point. In Spartan Society….kids who were undesirable were chucked off a cliff! We have cliffs at Dover…put then to good use. We could chuck the luvvies and all the BBC executives over the top for a start. A bit of cleansing! Yep! That’s what is needed.

  11. Joseph Goebbels could take lessons off the BBC. The treacherous bastards. A storm is coming and the BBC are complicit in it. How much more shit must the indigenous white Britain have to take? We are indeed strangers in our own land. The veterans of all British wars must think “Why the fuck did we bother?”.

  12. Henry V: Once more unto the breach, dear friends, once more;
    Or close the wall up with our English dead.

    Jamaal: Ooga.

    Henry V: In peace there’s nothing so becomes a man
    As modest stillness and humility.

    Jamaal: Ooga Dooga.

    Henry V: Stiffen the sinews, summon up the blood,

    Jamaal: Booyakka Booyakka!

    Henry V: To his full height. On, on, you noblest English.

    Jamaal: Ooga Dooga Booyakka Bo!

    Henry V: For the love of St.George, won’t somebody shut that fucking negró up!

    • We few ….
      BINGA !
      We happy few …..
      BONGA !
      We band of brothers …

      St. Crispin must be turning in his grave.
      Ditto, Shakespeare.
      The BBC is the Enemy Within.
      Get To Fuck.

  13. If black people were here first then whitey obviously came as slaves.
    Anyone know where I can claim reparations?
    Methinks if black people were here first we would still be living in mud huts and shitting in rivers, and if Anne Boleyn was black then the Crown Jewels would have been stolen and taken to Cashe Convertyers and swapped for a bucket of ye fried chiggun, forsooth.

    • They’re to lazy to wipe flies off their face but they explored the world using Africa as base camp?
      Hahahaha 😂
      Ok sure.👎👎

  14. GB News is due to start rolling within the month on Freeview. That will give the BBC something to think about. I intend never to watch BBC news again, the po-faced cunts.

    • I stopped watching all but the local news a couple of years ago, nor do I read newspapers anymore. I don’t avoid the news on the radio but just let it wash over me. No news is good news, right? ’tis for me.

  15. Remember a couple of weeks ago when there were nationwide protests about violence against women because that bald copper cunt murdered that poor woman, and her death was a rallying cry saying enough was enough, and even led to suggestions that men should have a 6pm curfew placed on them?
    Compare that to the uproar caused by the murder of that off duty female PCSO officer who was out walking her dog.
    That’s right, there wasn’t one. It seems her murder didn’t matter, as the perpetrator wasn’t white. Nobody gave a fuck. Especially the BBC.
    We are fucked.

    • Very good point actually. Alleged white policeman murderer and white woman victim = national feminist uproar! Alleged tanned murderer and white policewoman victim = nothing to see here move on!

      When the case comes to court watch the Elf make an appearance! That and a background of tales of woe!

      This evening I have been reunited with an old friend called Frosty Jack 😀

      Fuck off!

  16. The question is ……are black people falling for this shit? Surely they can see that these posh, rich whiteys are no friends of theirs, they just want them as the foot soldiers? There are signs of resistance amongst American blacks and the libtard response is to import more immos. Is this why there is no attempt to stop the dinghy rats and tough talk but no action about deportation?
    This is a class war rather than a race war, just look at the black race baiters, the Lammys, the Butlers, the Sarpongs etc. What do they all have in common?…….money and the patronage of the new bourgeoisie.

  17. BBC cunts have Match Of The Day being presented by Gabby ‘Mrs Punch’ Logan with some bint Karen ‘Who?’ Carney talking shite. It was stated she’d won five FA cups as though it’s the same achievement as in the mens game. Big fucking deal. Contemptible fucking cunts wringing the enjoyment out of everything they fucking touch. I fucking LOATHE modern society and life.

  18. And in other news… or more precisely not in other news, tens of thousnds demonstrated through London railing against the co-vid boll-ox (all variants). Unfortuntely, the BBC website didn’t appear to notice this, although they did notice a much smaller pro-Palestinian demo just up the road. As we all know the BBC is completely impartial this must have been an honest oversight on their part.

  19. The Black Broadcasting Cretins are totally obsessed with race, historic racism, Marxism, and giving homes ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS. The fucking cunts boil my piss.

  20. I’ve fact checked this, Blm Boleyn had great skin all her life, and only suffered from one persistant Black Head, but that was eventually popped off.

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