Jacinda Ardern (3)

For quite a few years now, Jacinda Arden has been the poster girl of the fawning woke elite. The woman that could do no wrong. Amongst her amazing feats are the following achievements-

– She gave birth to a child whilst in office. Apparently a woman with a job has never done this incredible thing before
– Her speeches are laced with empathy. Most of it forced.
– She’s a woman.
– Err……that’s it.

New Zealand is a tiny country with minuscule military and intelligence capacity. It’s been privileged to be a member of the Five Eyes Intelligence group of Anglosphere nations, along with the UK, the US, Australia and Canada. But sweet and lovely Jacinda has decided to ditch that in order to snuggle up to the wonderful, cuddly Chinese Communist Party.

For a while now New Zealand has been courting Chinese investment and is happy to ditch its traditional alliances with the English speaking countries to get this. To this end, Jacinda has –

– Refused to endorse a joint Five Eyes statement which was critical of the Chinese Communist Party over its treatment of the Uighurs.
– Said, through her foreign minister (a Maori with a tattood face) that New Zealand now has a preference for moving on from the Five Eyes alliance and is looking for new ‘multilateral opportunities’. Problem is that there are none.
– Sidled up to the Chinese at every opportunity and told Australia that they need to “treat China with more respect”. The Australians know very well what happens when you treat the CCP with respect – a country that gets into bed with China sells its soul and the Australians are painfully struggling to free themselves of that abusive relationship.

So it seems that Jacinda is not so nice and cuddly after all. Seems she’s not too bothered about forced labour camps, neo-colonialism and forced abortions on women who are nine months pregnant. Seems she’s happy to sell her country.

In fact, it seems like she’s a bit of a cunt.


Nominated by: Marvellous Mechanical Cunting Machine

52 thoughts on “Jacinda Ardern (3)

  1. The only decent place to emigrate to now is Hungary 🇭🇺. They hate Muslims , won’t take a single refugee and arrest anyone who illegally enters the country. Also very Christian.

  2. Ardern is one of the biggest and most useless cunts in the world.
    That tattooed fucker is joke as well?
    Her qualification being that she is a tattooed female Maori.

    Let’s not bother with who might be best qualified; that would never do in Woke Zealand. My great uncle Bill who was an Anzac at Gallipoli would think he’d wasted his fucking time. And he’d be right! Fuck New Zealand!

    How she got a vote from anyone who wasn’t family is beyond any comprehension to any sane person.

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