Mark ‘Marcia’ Walker and Judge Ray Singh

My piss is boiling again. Mark Walker, a man who now demands to be known as ‘Marcia Walker’ as a male to female tranny, got put in prison for the child rape of two little girls. One of them was just four years old. Other offences include distributing child porn and making bomb threats against prominent people, including former PM Theresa May. How he’s ever allowed out into society is a mystery to me.

Towards the end of his sentence, he then had some National Geographic mags taken off him as they had pictures of naked kids in them. They also took razor blades off him. He went nuts and attacked the guards, which included spitting at them and shouting ‘I’ve got covid!’

Goes to court and guess what. The judge, Ray Singh (yes, that is his name lol) gave him 15 months suspended for two years.

In other words, this absolute piece of shit is back on the streets.

No, absolutely won’t be any issues here, will there. This cunt should’ve been executed in the first place anyway.

Fuck off.

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34 thoughts on “Mark ‘Marcia’ Walker and Judge Ray Singh

  1. Asian trannie child rapists are a persecuted minority that desreve respect. Just ask Liebour. Take the knee in sympathee.

    • So glad to see some support from esteemed cunters for a tranny nonce. This filthy bastard is what hemp rope was made for.
      Hang the sick bastards in public.

      • You are so old fashioned, Mr Black. You need re-educating. The Harriet Harman College for PIE studies is recommended.

  2. Creepy cunt. Looks like one of those big head Sontaran aliens from Dr Whoke.

    As for the suspended sentence I can only quote from the opening lines of The Godfather – “ a suspendeda sentence – then I said, for justice we must go to Don Corleone”

  3. You just know its only going to be a matter of time before the Alphabet Gang insist that Peter Files, are a misunderstood minority group who are bullied, and criticised for what they see is “normal behaviour”, albeit against children.

    And in the case of Mark/Marcia, it only compounds the offence because the transformer will also feel he/she has been targeted purely because of gender. While at the same time insisting that his/her historical offences against children should be forgotten about as not being relevant for the modern transformers!

    So give it a year or two and you’ll be seeing a “P” added to the LGBTBLAHETC, and that from now on whenever you go into a newsagents and glance at the topshelf (is that still a done thing these days?), expect to see some new titles between copies of “Mayfair”, “Men Only” and “Club International”.

    How about “Kids R Us”, “Child Only”, “Nursery International” ffs!!

    • Let us hope your most likely accurate prophecy does not come true, going by the state of wokery pervery that exists now…

    • I am afraid that you are correct with regard to the Peter files. It seems to me that simply shouting loudly enough will enable your views to become acceptable regardless of however warped and disgraceful they are.
      How the fuck has this country declined so much in the last fifty years?

    • I think using the term Peter Files is one I’ll be using from now on
      Gets around the issues of certain words.

  4. Treating these cunts seriously by calling him she shows how loony every fucking dumb institution is,. in this country. The fat male cunt is a paedo. Il say this though, id personally chop his bollocks off to turn the cunt into a eunuch.

    (Wordfence doesn’t like the word “paedo” or any variations thereof, hence moderation. Best improvise next time. Thanks – DA)

  5. In polite Islington society there are no n*nces or pae*oph*les anymore……they are “minor attracted.” This piece of filth would be attracted to the end of a rope in my world. But before that I would move him in next door to this Judge Singh fucker for a few months, let him rape a few bud bud kids.
    Then Judge Singh can fuck off out of my country and go and be a cunt in his own country.

  6. And yet the parent, grandparent, uncle or aunt of a child this freak touches will get a life sentence for ending this creature. How would judge Singh react if one of his children were given a lifetime crushing misery by this cunt.

  7. This is in todays Daily Telegraph. Seems perverted freaks have more rights than us normals.

    Two convicted paedophiles who changed gender and then married one another in prison have won damages after a judge criticised the Ministry of Justice for only allowing them to communicate by letter.

    (I know its a pain in the ring, but WordFence doesn’t like these words, hence why you were dropped into the MQ. – DA)

  8. Look at Pork Chop here. Load up the gammon-faced cunt with as many heart-attack fry-ups and pigs’ trotters as he can stuff into his pædo cakehole.

    Hurry up coronary.

  9. I once had a conversation with a police officer who had attended an incident where a guy in his sixties had received a severe beating. A woman at the scene was incandescent with rage at this event. The police officer knew that the man was a prolific peter file. In my naivety I asked, “So you explained this to her?”. His reply, “I wouldn’t dare; I would lose my pension.”

  10. ‘Living as a woman’

    I don’t know who is more retarded, this evil piece of shit, or the cunts that pander to this fucking bollocks.

    • Some people say capital punishment doesn’t work
      Some say well you might hang the innocent by mistake,
      Some its barbaric.
      I say check this cunt out and then watch the cunt do the hornpipe from 10ft of hemp.*

      * All hemp is ethically sourced from reputable UK companies
      And is vegan friendly.

      • The other obvious advantage of the rope massage is the cunt cannot do the dirty again. Well commented Sir.

  11. Don’t worry, the judge said he will “take a chance” on this sack of afterbirth not reoffending, nowhere near his kids though of course. Kids are at as much risk from the courts, social services and local councils with their wishy washy hand-wringing bullshit than they are from the sexual predators.

    • I can just imagine you as a damn good magistrate Libs!
      Overheard outside court between a group of scroats discussing the day’s proceedings . . . . . . .

      Who’s the Beak today?
      FFS it’s the Liquidator!!
      What!! He lives up to his name – believes in instant justice. My mate was up before him last week on a charge of petty theft. Walked out of court at the end of the day with two stumps where his hands used to be.

  12. Anyone got any spare razor blades I can have?

    Cannot take much more of what this country has to offer- fucked of with just about everything.

    Have just sent a complaint to our local council asking why the fuck our pavements are being dug up for the third fucking time in less than a year by yet another cable company with another product nobody wants. This time by shouty Eastern Europeans. Fuck off.

    Justice system is a joke- wokes taking over- illegals continue to arrive by the fucking boatload- Covid coming back and perhaps another lockdown just in time for summer.

    Had enough of this cuntish country.

  13. You can’t change gender. Even if you cut your cock off and turn it inside out, you are still a man. You can’t have kids or have lactating breasts you fucking prick.
    The world needs a new crusade against goat worrying peacefulls, woke wankets and freaks like this cunt. Tomorrow I’m making more arrows.

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