The Scottish [2]

I’d just like to say thank you to all those miserable small minded stupid cunts that voted for the Scottish Nazi party in the recent election, giving them a mandate for whining and whinging for another four years. It’s not that they would have stopped whining and whinging, but no fucker would have taken a blind bit of notice of them. Instead, the fucking BBC will have that dreadful krankie midget on all its platforms 24/7, so she can spout her backwards racist drivel.
That they voted for them last time is cunt enough, but to have voted for them after the recent shenanigans between Sturgeon and Salmond, their poor running of the NHS and the education system in Scotland makes their supporters as small minded and miserable as the party themselves. All you want is independence from the U.K. so you can sign up for the EU, so you can scrounge the cash for your burgeoning benefits system, while having terms dictated to you by a load of cunts who can’t run a piss up in a brewery, or in Scotland’s case, a fix in a smack house.
Sick of their fucking incessant moaning now, hurry up and fuck off, and let’s have a hard land border so the rest of the U.K. can stand behind it and laugh.

Nominated by: Gutstick Japseye

66 thoughts on “The Scottish [2]

  1. Im a Jock but lived in England since the age of 2. All my family and 99% of very Jock I know want to be British.

    The media are cunts and if the impression you get from the BBC shows all Jocks wanting to leave , then just think of how they show BLM support. See what I mean its all crap – the SNP do well as the Tories are hated and Labour are shit.

    I hate the SNP so much I bought my dad a Welsh whisky for his birthday this year. Have independence from my money you SNP scum,

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