British Cuisine

I would like to cunt British cuisine.

I love Britain and I am very proud to call myself British. Yes I am an Englishman but Mrs E/cunt is Welsh and generally I like all of our English speaking near neighbours; apart from the racist cunts in Plaid Cymru and the SNP fuckers.

Anyway I digress.

Sadly I my opinion our food is that it sucks. It is fucking tasteless or foul tasting shite.

Boiled Beef and carrots fuck off, Tripe and onions Yuk my wife is the only twat I know on earth that likes and eats such shit, toad in the hole a batter pudding and sausages fuck me tastes fucking ‘orrible,

The famous Barnsley meat pie butty, a meat pie in a bap!!!. Lava bread (sea weed) another one of Mrs E/cunts Welsh delights tastes like fucking sludge and probably is dredged from Cardiff bay,

Haggis how much whiskey do you need to drink before this becomes remotely edible? bread and butter pudding give over bland bland bland. Please feel free to add to this putrid disgusting list of tasteless torture.

It pains me to say this but the wops, dagos and frogs all make a far better fist of culinary delights than my own nation of which I am very proud. So it is with a heavy heart I cunt tasteless foul smelling bland British food.. Sorry…

Nominated by: Everyonesacunt 

114 thoughts on “British Cuisine

  1. Tripe and onions is just fucking nasty, an acquired taste I suppose however I love an much prefer beef liver and onions I would not consider it crap tier at all. I have been cooking that more often lately

    Yorkshire pudding, Sunday roast, Shepherd’s pie are also favourites I never really cared for cauliflower cheese I didn’t even know it was British. Its alright if not too much seasoning but I prefer to steam it then slap bit of mozza or cheddar on top

    I’m surprised Cucumber sandwiches aren’t on the list Is it not considered British? definitely top tier I love cucumber sandwiches

    • Whatever you do dont accept a ‘cucumber sandwich’ at Philip Schofield’s house!
      You won’t like it.

  2. The only decent breakfast is the Full English. Don’t forget the devilled lambs’ kidneys and a plate of kedgeree.
    What’s the point of that “continental “ rubbish?

  3. I’m not too keen on cooking unless it goes in one pot (casserole, stir fry, curry etc) and things that can be put in the oven and forgot about until the kitchen timer alerts me it is cooked. I much prefer the eating.
    I’m not fussed what I eat as long as it tastes nice.
    Mind you, I’m not too keen on mushrooms (Sorry, Ruffy).

  4. I would have agreed if this nom was 25 years ago, however, now it’s different.
    There is now much more on offer, higher quality ingredients, a better understanding of flavour combinations, and higher expectations.
    The good old English breakfast is the envy of the world, bar muz shitholes, if good quality ingredients are used, no more excuses nowadays.
    We produce more cheeses than France, and we’re up there with wines too.
    We have some very creative chefs here, which was not the case years back, we’re good at nicking ideas too.
    I’m off for a steak and kidney pie and chips.😁

  5. Roast dinner, full English breakfast, scotch egg and pork pie (not the grey meat one) are my favourites.

    Although I have hash browns in my breakfast which is blasphemy in some circles 😃

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