The Ghost of Mary Whitehouse

For those of you too young Mary was some old Bible bashing biddy who from the 60’s onwards (she snuffed it in 2001) complained about sex and fucking swearing on TV ( especially the BBC)

At the time all us young dudes laughed at her and thought she was a cunt. In fact there was a TV comedy show called “The Mary Whitehouse Experience” where the wokie David Baddiel made his name.

There was also , I believe, a soft porn magazine (remember those?) called “Whitehouse” which a friend told me about. I believe it was published by a certain David Sullivan, co owner of West Ham United, who obtained the rights to the Olympic Stadium after long negotiations, and exchange of brown envelopes, (allegedly – DA) with David Cameron (Prime Minister) and a certain Boris Johnson (Mayor of Londonstabistan).

I’m also informed, by a friend, that Baroness Knightsbridge ( otherwise known as Karren Brady) might have been involved in a leg over situation with a certain Eton toff. (the one with untidy blonde hair)

Anyway, I digress.

Recently I have been watching on YouTube episodes of “Little Britain” and the “Catherine Tate Show.” They are both 21st century and both BBC but it didn’t take very long to realise there is no fucking way they could be shown on the telly today. Just take a look and judge for yourself.

So Mary got her way after all although for very different reasons. You can still see simulated sex on the telly but only if it is 2 poofs arse fucking. I wonder what Mary would make of this fucking world today?

Nominated by: Freddie the Frog

53 thoughts on “The Ghost of Mary Whitehouse

  1. I like Mary Whitehouse more asI get older.
    We all scoffed at her as a prude and a bible licker.
    But maybe she saw the sickness spreading in society?
    Saw the writing on the wall?
    Those degenerates in the 60s started it.
    Wish id never shown her my cock now.

      • Evening CG,

        I remember as a 17 year old back a mate managed to get a hold of some copies of Whitehouse International. They were always full of early 20s nubile European girls, usually from the Czech republic and places like that.

        Made Europe seem like the place to go for fanny rather than being than full of Gopniks.

  2. Like her secret boyfriend, Enoch Powell, it turns out they may well have both been right all along!

    Fuck off!

  3. I always wanted her TV set. Because she always saw a better version of the programme that I was watching. One time she referred to a scene in “The Borgias” (a TV series best forgotten, even the cast were embarrassed) as “A Bacchanalian Orgy” (no it wasn’t it was in fact unadulterated crap).

  4. She wasn’t that long ago, but back then the Stanleys’ dream of a new conquest (UK) was unheard of. I spent time in 90s Bradford and was abused, often, as white etc…
    My subsequent, new found I might add, dislike for Stanleys was seen as “racist” by family. Not so now. Mary would be turning in her grave knowing the Stanleys are keeping her dream alive.

    • Latest Stanley atrocities, acc. Mirror website, is 28 – yes twenty-eight of them due up at Bradford Magistrates’ Court in July, for rapey activities against one young teenager/woman.

  5. I hated Mary when I was young because I wanted to wank over bare tits on the telly.
    Now I’m older and see all the trann,ies and arse bandidos on the telly along with a the hard core porn kids can watch on their phones, then I think she was on the right track. The country is now a shit hole filled with parking stanly rape gang, fucked up kids high on porn that have never experienced the joy of fingering on the back of the bus. All they want to do is anal and come on the face. Its a bit much for 12 year olds.

    • Bravo your Lordship.
      I echo your sentiments.
      I hope an android Terminator Mary comes back and arse fucks the Stanleys back to Islamabad.

      • Make a fucking brilliant film Unkle 😀👍

        “I require your stripey pyjamas, your sunglasses and your Nissan Bluebird!”

        Terminator 5: Jihadi Day

  6. Mary Whitehouse was right to an extent. There’s no need for excessive gratuitous violence on tv. And I dislike to much fucking cunting swearing on tv, fuck off.

    At the time we though she was a prude holding back freedom of expression. But swearing and violence was the thin edge of the wedge, as she probably foresaw. Once that became the norm, the tv stations started looking for more extreme forms of titillation. So now we get gay bumbuggery and detailed gore which I would rather not see. In fact I don’t see it because I watch something else instead.

    As for Whitehouse magazine, those were much sought after cultural artefacts in my youth. Worth their weight in gold. My friend and I luckily found a parking Stanley newsagent that would sell them to us when we were only 14. We were in seventh heaven. Or at least I was until my mum found my stash under my bed. Looking back on them they were pretty terrible and featured dirty looking mingers.

    • Didn’t Viz have a word for the anticipation of a teenage boy as he sees a coloured mag thrown in the bushes, only to find that it’s an old Argos catalogue or similar, rather than a jazz mag he was expecting.

      • Quite probably. Argos catalogues were sadly lacking in jerk-of material. When nothing else was available I made do with the lingerie section in my aunts old Kay’s and John England catalogues.

  7. I’m not so sure she’d have been so keen on the BBC infested with ultra camp homosexuals like Norton, Alan Carr and Rylan constantly making gay innuendos, let alone the tranny freak shows.

    Male on female sex with both couples being white certainly isn’t encouraged to be shown, unless the white male is a rapist.

    Things have moved on, but alas not for the better. I can scarcely watch TV now without it getting me wound up.

  8. Mary Whitehouse might well have complained about “sex on the tv” but I heard she was a right little goer on the dining table.
    It shows what you can achieve with just a little change of position.

  9. Old Mary would be horrified at the amount of benders, dykes, trannies, non binary freaks, peacefuls, chippy mills and boons, and other sundry cunts that infest the BBC and the MSM in general.

    And fuck knows what the old girl would say about a narcissistic ‘ethnic’ locust like Markle Fucking Ono worming their way into the royal family.

  10. The world is a strange place. Tv dating programs where the people choose a partner by looking at their cock or snatch.
    The words ‘fuck’ ‘cunt’ and ‘twat’ used freely on many progs. Yet 60 year old films on talking pictures have a warning at the start incase some retard is offended by gender or race stereotypes. Are they really offended by a black and white film starring The great Will Hay or are they offended because they think they should be?

  11. Little Britain was shit, same sketches with a slight variant every week.

    However, they’ve also got League of Gentlemen cancelled on streaming over Papa Lazarous ‘blackface’ and are no doubt trawling through comedy archives for things to get offended by now.

  12. Yeah Mary shuffled off at just the right time the poor old dear. Fuck knows what she’d make of this country just 20 years later. Leaving aside all the benders on the telly she would be horrified at the kowtowing to Islam and be calling out Welby, the Devil’s Own, half a dozen times a week. Her fucking Head would explode I reckon.
    RIP Mary, we should have listened.

  13. I remember watching the Mary Whitehouse Experience. Baddiel was the unfunny one as I remember but his mate Rob Newman did a fucking awesome Shaw Taylor impersonation. “Keep em peeled”
    As for the real Mrs Whitehouse, she was partly right but was annoyingly condescending in her approach. It’s a good job she died when she did though, because modern tv with its arse banditry and bean flicking would’ve killed her.

  14. Whitehouse was against the destruction of a settled moral society. Today murder is normal and unreported, justice is perverted, the old bill are useless over crime, the old bill are the stazi over thought. Im pretty sure wanking over porn isnt as important as the first lot. I laughed at her. Whos laughing now to quotish Bob Monkhouse.

  15. Poor old Mary would expire with shock if she saw the porn Kweer Charmer turned out in his Surrey mansion – take his latest wide screen extravaganza for example: “Black Rod” where David Lammy goes balls deep with sex siren Emily Thornberry – novice nun Emily outrages Father Lammy with a display of wild uninhabited masturbation, a long, hard, brutal across-the-knee spanking from his holiness Lammy (“yous bin sinnin’ again, child?”) leads to deep anal.

    We haven’t even touched on Kweer;’s “gay” output, suffice it to say it is well before the watershed. so we can’t even touch upon Mandy’s autobiographical “I Was Tony & Gordon’s Toilet Slave”

    It’s almost like you were actually there – NA

  16. You see that old biddie in the nomination header picture….

    ….that’s you that is.

    That’s you looking your best…

    • That’s the bird you asked out and she turned you down that is.

      I really enjoyed the two old professors sketches. About the only decent thing Baddiel has ever done.

      • Yes. Rob Newman was funnier. I think he and Baddiel didn’t like each other very much off screen.

        I think he ended up being more of a political writer than a comedian in the end.

    • Newman & Baddiel had a massive bust up after their Wembley Stadium gig due to bitterness and drugs. Newman went on to spend a few years fucking 1st year students on the indies then became a writer while Baddiel latched onto Frank Skinner (who is infinitely funnier).

  17. Best thing Baddiel and Newman did was “History Today” where they were 2 history professors squabbling like a couple of kids in the playground.
    “That’s your Mum that is. That’s what she’s like.” Still very funny today, very different to the sneering leftie shite that passes for comedy these days.

  18. Maybe she didn’t help herself counting all the ‘bloodys’ in Till Death us Do Part. And her shocked ‘I have never…I have never…seen…such…’
    I read her letters a few years ago. The ones to Carlton Greene DG of the BBC are funny. Like on a weekly basis he had to reply ‘Dear Mary’
    You know who lost out in her campaigns…. her kids. Neglected a bit so busy she was taken up with them. Also the stick they got.
    She was joined later by Malcolm Muggeridge later ‘St Mugg’ who by his own admission was a reprobate in younger days. The ‘Festival of Lght’
    I don’t think theres been a moral crusade since then.
    What would she think now?
    ‘I told you so’.

  19. “This Friday afternoon, we sat as a family and viewed an ISAC nomination posted at 4:30pm, and it was the cleanest cunting I have seen for a very long time!”

    Mary Whitehouse, Mrs. (The ghost of)

    • I can hear voice now RT. Yes the ghost i Mary speaks-

      …’I have never in all my life heard such filthy language on the television as I did last night when we sat down to watch…’

      • Evening Miles.

        Mary would be right at home here on ISAC.

        Zero filthy language, and moral crusades by the dozen every week!

        ISAC is a regular Festival of Light, I think all right minded Christians would agree.

  20. Her partner in crime Lord Longford went to Germany or maybe Holland to collect information on porn. I remember him saying. I had to leave the show after 3 hours, it was disgusting.

    • I met Longford once…..creepiest fucker i’ve ever come across by a country mile. Besides his extensive study of pornography he also had a thing for Myra fucking Hindley. He was a wrong un and no mistake. Cunt.

      • Longford is still despised in Manchester. His love of that murdering slag Myra Hindley, just because she ‘found God’made him hated at large. The man was a fucking cunt.

    • Wasn’t it Denmark, with a young Gyles Brandreth in tow? I believe the be-jumpered one came back firmly convinced of the benefits of Danish laissez-faire attitude to all things grot and proposed we in the UK do the same.

      [Seem to remember seeing this in the documentary The Lost World of the 70s a few years back]

      • I remember a newspaper photograph of Lord Long-for-it, attending striptease in Denmark – he was sitting in the front row, with his glasses buffed up, and the most sinister grin on his face. He was clearly titillated, not disgusted, and I remember thinking at the time how much Cliff Richard would struggle to forgive him for his ghastly sinfulness.

  21. As a young child, aged around ten or eleven, I have fond memories of wanking myself off (with difficulty to produce “the goods”) in my grandma’s bathroom. The “explicit” materiel was the bra and knicker pages of the Littkewoods and Great Universal Stores catalogues.

    Unhappy endings

    • Then it was just natural progression to Health and Efficiency.
      Littlewoods and Great Universal. Now that’s a challenge.

  22. “I went to an innocent dinner party and ended up taking two of the biggest black cocks I had ever seen – I was outraged, and even more so at the subsequent dinner parties”.
    Mary Whitehouse, deceased.
    MW was a bit of a puritan for me, but she was right about the moral degeneracy spreading through the Country – I have engaged in loads! 😀👍

  23. Mary Whitehouse was right.

    As much as I like saying fuck and cunt in real life, porn, gore and all the rest of it, it’s gone far too far on ‘modern’ TV. To the point it’s now a deliberate bid to desensitise us from morality. Debauched people will sacrifice anything for the next kick.

    To quote the ‘reality TV’ exec in Cannibal Holocaust, “the more you rape their senses, the more they like it”.

  24. Mary Shitehouse: I suspect she never had a proper seeing too.
    Old man Whitehouse probably gave her an “obligatory 30 second, 10 pushes” on a Saturday night, whilst still wearing his trilby, pipe in the corner of his mouth. Then spent the next 6 nights in “his shed”😉

    If only someone had introduced her to the delights of oral, doggy, reverse cowgirl and the occasional “69”, she would have been far happier👍

  25. Mary Whitehouse was a dried-up old cow who had nothing better to do than scrutinize television programmes trying to find something to complain about. She was brought up to think that sex was dirty and thought it was her destiny to convince everyone she was right. She once organized a meeting with selected MPs to show them clips from X-rated films like ‘Montenegro’ in an effort to get them banned. They just laughed their bollocks off.

  26. We all laughed at the silly old moo but now we’ve got gays bumming on TV.

    She was fucking right, more or less.

    No warnings for the bummers (who put you right of your toad in the hole) but a warning about outdated attitudes on The Sweeney.

    Fuck off. I know which one most people find more offensive.

    I recall watching ‘Ozark’ and quite enjoying it, when suddenly, two blokes started chewing each other’s faces off. Didn’t watch it after that, they can fuck right off. I was eating my tea at the time. No warning or anything.

  27. We had a cheap second hand telly delivered in the 1970’s.
    It arrived in an old sack, and was covered in horrible insects.
    My dad said. “That’s typical! All you get on TV now is….sacks and vile ants.”

  28. Mary would have had passed out if she’d seen that Creme Egg advert featuring them cream swapping cockgobbling bottybshers. Absolutely disgusting.

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