Crash for Cash Cunts

My sister was a victim of these cunts a few years ago. Driving along on a quiet road on a Sunday morning when the car in front slammed on at an empty mini roundabout. She hit the back of the car and yes, the cunts lied about what happened (they carefully slowed for a car on the roundabout and were hit by the speeding car behind was their version).

You can guess what the 3 cunts in the car looked like. They also intimidated my sister at the scene of the accident with their bullshit version. Not nice a young white woman alone on a quiet lane with 3 (fake) angry peacefuls.

All I’ll say is that Bradford and Birmingham are the two biggest hotspots for this shit.

The rozzers knew what these cunts were all about when they spoke to my sister, and that they’d done it several times. The insurance claim more or less got dropped I seem to recall, but it’s not good enough.

It’s not good enough rozzers saying these cunts do this all the time.

Get them fucking nicked! It should be attempted murder charges too, not fucking insurance fraud. And then deport the smelly cunts.

Fuck off.

Nominated by: Cuntybollocks 

45 thoughts on “Crash for Cash Cunts

  1. From memory, because of this sort of and the sheer amount of this shenanigans, insurance companies had to limit the amount paid out for basic whiplash injuries. If you have a edically provable severe case it can still be worth up to £100,000.

    I think anyone found guilty of this crash for cash lark should be given real whiplash via a baseball bat!

    Fuck off!

  2. If you run into back of someone, scam or not, it’s always your fault. It just is.

    • You have a good point Rod.
      But these stinking immigrants shouldn’t be on our roads to run into the back of.

    • Watch the scams on you tube, not always, when you have a cunt speeding up and breaking for no reason. Always have a dash cam.

      • Harry – my suggestion is to an battered old Defender 110 and ram the shit out of these cunts. I can guarantee that they’ll come off worse.

  3. Everyone, including the law and the insurance companies, knows what these motherfuckers are up to.
    So let’s deport the diarrhoea coloured cunts back to the toilet where they belong, (under hopefully stricter rules as outlined in the queens speech), and sell their belongings, (which the acquired illegally anyhow), to go towards paying what they owe.

    • Its a cultural thing.
      These scams are by stanley carpetkisser in the main.
      To object is probably racist.
      Although if its a chinaman its simply that the whole race cant fuckin drive.
      Scientifically proven that because theyre always squinting and the shape of their eyes – –

      Theyve no peripheral vision.
      Like driving looking through a letterbox.

  4. Isn’t it usually the odorous Romanians who try this ? Or do the illegal parking stanleys get in on the act ?
    Whichever shit for brains race it is they need to be deported and fake docs removed. Or shoot them

      • The difference between Romanians and Pakîs is the same difference between your excrement after a night on the Guinness and a night on the jalfrizi vindaloo:
        different shsde but the same putrid stench.

  5. Years ago, a “mate of mine” was subjected to this scam, on a quiet semi-ruralroad, around 7.00 am.
    He was driving a V8 Discovery with a heavy duty winch bumper.
    Car full of carpet kissers, they slammed on approaching a roundabout-he stopped. They did it again on exiting the roundabout, again he stopped. Half a mile down the road, same thing, this time he had them sussed and put his foot to the floor-they ended up in a ditch, 2 wheels off the ground😂

    The damage to his car-slight marks to the winch buumper.

    I. I mean he, can thoroughly recommend A.R.B off road accessories 😉👍

    • Brilliant – or as the BBC would say ‘ racist ‘

      Shame he didn’t have an AK47 handy to save us a few quid in benefits.

  6. I once gently nudged a car in the back by not concentrating in a traffic queue. It was very minor. Next thing she’s made a claim for whiplash. Rubbish – she had no whiplash, it was too slight. There wasn’t even any damage to her car. But insurers settle because it’s not worth fighting. Whiplash claims are as much a con parking Stanley “accidents”. I bet those cunts will claim whiplash as well. Need to send them back to Parkingstan for a few genuine whip lashes.

  7. A little off point- many years ago my late wife had stopped at a zebra crossing to let someone cross the road, and whilst stationery a transit van smashed into the back of the car.

    Our insurance company tried to withdraw our no claims bonus and increase our insurance premiums, and indicating that my wife (who had died in the meantime) was at fault.

    Gave the cunts both barrels and our no claims bonus duly reinstated.

    • I’ve also had trouble with this. The easiest thing for an insurance company is to fuck you off as it’s no skin off their noses – it’s us poor cunts that have to pay increased premium

      • Lazy cunts that would rather pay than go to the trouble of processing claims properly. They just fleece the motorists by increasing premiums and getting the money back that way.

      • Sure are, drunken woman hit the wife’s legally parked car. 0% fault but it put her insurance up. Fucking thieving cunts.

    • I will never understand how you being in a no-fault accident puts up your own premium. Surely the clue is in the fucking phrase – no fault accident. Mind you, since some old senile judge ruled on a case a few years ago, we all have to pay increased premiums to pay out for silly cunts who have accidents on things like electric scooters. Despite the fact they are illegal – but as has been shown by recent events in Glasgow, mob rule trumps the law of the land.

      • Lord, insurance companies used to settle 50/50, 70/30 etc but to keep things simple they now decide to make a driver more at fault than the other and their insurer pays out. Makes little difference to the big boys cos it averages out, someyou win some you lose. Even if its classed as non fault it doesn’t mean your driving was perfect. Speed, road position, attention on the road could have been different and prevented the accident. Just keep your distance from other cars as best as you can especially if you live in Birmingham, Bradford and Oldham or any area with a high percentage.

  8. Parking-Stanley’s like nothing more than banging into the back of goats, chickens or underage white children.

    Time for Unkle Terry to mobilise the 4th mobile Panzer Oven corps👍

  9. Saddam used to have the right method to nip criminality in the bud, he used to wipe the whole fucking family out. It would be a good option to have here to keep the peaceful criminal cunts in line.

  10. Dash cam.
    Rear facing cam. At least you’ll have footage to show the rozzers, who actually won’t give a flying..

    Doris announcing the lifting of lockdown not happening at 5pm apprently cos of the mudslime variant…

    Yeah right. Keep taking the vaccine and wearing the mask Cunters…

  11. Some peaceful (in Rochdale, natch) tried to claim that I’d reversed into his car after an accident. Sadly for the lying cunt, there were 10 witnesses to confirm that not only did I not reverse into him but I was watching TV in the house at the time and the fucking car was parked. The insurance company tried to palm me off with a cheap 1.1l Fiesta courtesy car. I pointed out the car was a 2.5l V6 and, since the lying cunt’s insurance was paying anyway, I wanted the equivalent. Finally settled on a 2.0l Scirocco.

  12. I guess we should all wear body cameras all the time?
    Call it the Cunt Cam!

  13. If only there was a connection to where these incidents are rife and the types of people who live there – maybe we can rely on Panorama to look for it ?

  14. Never say it’s always the P. Akis,the horror.
    But it is always the filthy cunts.
    Run them over with an armoured car then deport their families.
    Fuck Off.

  15. I knew a lawyer who had to defend a young mother who dinged an empty car in a pub carpark. The stanleys who owned it came steaming out of the pub to hurl abuse at her, though she managed to give them her details.

    Next she heard, the three of them were claiming whiplash and had one of their inbred stanley cousins sign off on the doctor’s note.

    Shower of cunts.

  16. I used to work in law for a firm who specialised in RTA’s (AKA “ambulance chasers”)
    The pyjama wearers are engaging in widespread crash for cash fraud all over the UK and – surprise surprise – they are treated with kid gloves.
    Why the fuck do we continue letting these evil parasites live amongst us?

  17. Those convicted should be strapped to seats with lines drawn on them and used as crash dummies.
    If they survive, then deportation beckons.

  18. It’s been tried on me twice. First was in my home town, traffic was stopped and I let a car pull in ahead of me from a side street. As we started to roll, he suddenly jammed his anchors on for no reason but I managed to brake in time. There were four Asian males in the car.
    The other was in Tampa Florida. I was on a two-lane street with a solid line down the middle. This car was parked in my lane where it shouldn’t have been, and after waiting maybe thirty seconds I decided I had no choice but to go around it. As I moved forward it suddenly sprang to life and did a U-turn in front of me, but I stamped on my brakes just in time. I noticed three things, the driver was a woman, she had a scowl on her face and her driver’s door was all dinged in. Maybe she had better luck the next time.

  19. It’s always them
    The driver the whole family
    Then the insurance claim handler
    All linked normally an area near an airport where they hang out in numbers
    Every scam going has a Stanley connection, been going on for years
    Chicken shops everywhere the takeover really is happening
    London is dead big cities following well only have Cornwall left soon
    I once reversed into. A Stanley taxi driver my fault didn’t realise he was behind , didn’t mark my van
    I sent him to. A paint shop to get a quote , guess what he tried to get the painters to do work that I hadn’t caused Tried to con me
    Not happening I threatened to tell the insurance company of his attempt at cheating
    Never heard another word
    They are almost bottom of the pile

    • “Every scam going has a Stanley connection, been going on for years… Chicken shops everywhere the takeover really is happening
      London is dead big cities following well only have Cornwall left soon”

      Yup, it’s happening without a shot being fired, in fact we give their ground troops free entry, we then billet the bastards in suburbs across the land at OUR expense and allow their madrassas to exist and function as nodes of indoctrination and co-ordination (storage?) that are determined to be ‘off limits’ to our police and beyond investigation.

      Carve this on my fucking headstone…
      “Ishmael is the broom of Israel”

  20. Fucking scumbags a couple of tikkitakkys tried the in a country lane near me recently and the guy that crashed into the back of them then battered them with a hammer good and proper, teeth gone the lot and then backed up a f fucked off,. Justice was imminant in my book, a copper mate of mine was telling me this and that these lakkie cunts were well known for this and they are not looking very hard for the hammer guy….
    So it’s not all bad, good things still happen, although rare these days…

  21. This one isn’t crash for cash but it is satisfying, motor cyclist riding in a bus lane in Londonistan perfectly legal, some greasy camel fucker driving a Lamboghini turns left across the bus lane and takes are hero off the bike, causing damage to the bike and rider.
    This goat worrier talks his insurance company into letting him hire cars thinking he is going to stiff the bikers insurance with the cost, cuz he thinks the bike was in the wrong,.
    Anyway Sadam hires Lambos, Bentley, Mercs ect and runs up £160k in hire costs, when the insurance company finish fucking about and it transpires Sadam is at fault his insurance company won’t pay these costs, oil slick boy even goes to court and the judge tells him to fuck off…
    That was great in my book, what a cunt, anyway he had to eat the camel shit sandwich in the end, poetic justice…

  22. I was involved in this accident, we’re going to a stag do and the retarded Uber driver was going about 45 mph and some dumb bird pulled out in front of her and his airbags didn’t even go off. Nearly went through the front window, I’ve had worse. I actually went though a windscreen once. Not through car incidents I must hasten.

    All in all people are spazdicks in the road.

      • Ps I thought all women in skirts couldn’t drive but it turns out men in skirts can’t either and he wasn’t lgbt bbq party either.

  23. ‘Get them fucking nicked!’
    Now you’re entering the realms of fantasy.

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