Channel 5 & Jodie Turner-Smith

Who is ‘Jodie Turner-Smith’ ? you ask… & why do I give a fuck ?
She is the actress playing Anne Boleyn in Channel 5’s new historical drama….oh, and she’s a dusky maiden – aka Old King Coal.

Normally I shrug off this PC woke crap & don’t care, but this is worse than messing Shakespeare & other old literature – This is History !
Anne Boleyn was White, pale pasty white – white as a 1980’s fridge, white as a fluorescent striplight, white as Mcdougals flour, white as snow…if there was one thing she wasn’t, it was the colour of coal, piano black, ebony, midnight, noir, the colour of a bowler hat.
If you’re gonna fuck about, have her drive up in a Tesla, drinking a cappucino and yabbering on her iPhone.

What the Fuck is the world coming to ? I want my one way ticket to Mars thanks very much !

Nominated by: Lord of the Rings

And seconded by Hard Brexit Cunt:

Now, I am pretty sure that Anne Boleyn, second wife of King Henry VIII, was white, pretty damned sure of that.

However, in a Channel 5 drama series about the unfortunate queen, the lead role is being played by this black actress who says that “I should be allowed to tell this story”. Yes, perhaps the stupid bint could read the story of Anne Boleyn but she should not be acting the part in a TV series.

This is yet another part of the woke drive to convince us that Tudor England was full of dark-keys. Perhaps it was and everybody took that magic potion that made Michael Jackson white!

How would ‘people of colour’ feel if the role of Martin Luther King was played by a white actor or Kate Winslet played Dianne Abbott in “The Woman who Loves Fried Chiggun”?

On the monarchy, she says: “I think it’s interesting that the institution is not changing with the time, or quickly enough. We have to look at things in a modern context. And only then we will recognise that certain things are archaic, and don’t really serve us as a community and are limiting us.” and also thinks that Me-Again, the Duchess of Hewitt, could have been a great moderniser of the monarchy: “It was a terrible missed opportunity, the way in which it was not allowed to be something that really modernises that institution, and to change it to something for the better. I think that’s why there’s dysfunction there.”

Dangerous thoughts indeed – the Duchess of Hewitt probably does feel that she is entitled to be the next Queen of England, despite her husband being neither the son of the Prince of Wales nor the grandson of Queen Elizabeth II.

People who spend the majority of their lives pretending should shut the fuck up – we are not interested in their stupid opinions.

PS: the white actor playing King Henry VIII looks like a raving iron and too thin for the role.

88 thoughts on “Channel 5 & Jodie Turner-Smith

  1. I got laughed at in the pub a few years ago for saying that within a decade, we’ll see Winston Churchill played by a dark key in a TV drama.

    Doesn’t sound so far fetched now, does it?

    I wonder how long we’ll have to wait for Nelson Mandela to be played by a honky man?

    • Well, a whitey playing Nelson Mandela would be so waycist but I think that an IRA type whitey could do it as the justification would be that they were both terrorists.

  2. Have a look to see who is tipped to play the next James Bond 😉

  3. Apparently Nicole Kidman is being lined up to play G.Floyd I the film about his life.

  4. I think Rupert Vansittart would be a shoe-in for Martin Luther King…
    And Emilia Fox to play Rosa Parks.

  5. I wouldn’t might seeing the Blek Boleyn with nowt on.
    Other than that,meddling about with history is a cunts trick.

    • The problem with seeing black women naked is that you can see fuck all. It’s like trying to discern the labia on a silhouette. Unless the lighting is bright, like near your oven. That might work.

  6. Could you imagine what the reaction would be if they did a film on George floyd and had a white man play him?

    • I doubt of they could find one ugly enough. Even for a khun, its ape features were probably pushing the limits

  7. Come on chaps, If you’ll only accept that this is and always has been a black nation you’ll find inner peace.

    White people are devils and didn’t exist until Delroy O’Malley fell into a pot of white emulsion in 1936.

  8. I wonder when Laurence Fox is playing Steve Beko or Nelson Mandela than?
    Sorry, forgot – Fox has a new acting role pretending to be a politician.

    • Jodie has a double barrel name=classy!
      I genuinely thought it was Eartha Kitt as Catwoman till reading the nom.
      Im starting to doubt im white myself after all these mindgames?!
      Although I stuck around and raised my kids, I have got rythm and do like slurping chiggun!
      Ann Boleyn was the daughter of Thomas (THOMAS!!!!) Boleyn the 1st Earl of Wiltshire,
      And if you look in historic records for that period
      Ye olde Devizes chronicle
      ” There goes the neighbourhood!!!”
      So possibly?
      Henry VIII cut her nut off for overspicing his venison.

      • Henry VIII: Good madam, wilt thou verily pass the royal ale?

        Ann “Ooga-Booga” Boleyn: Don’t be aksin’ me questions, crâcker. Demands white bitches be servin’ yo.

        Henry VIII: Verily, they cannot hold a candle to thine black arse but why are you pocketing the royal silver?

        Ann “Ooga-Booga” Boleyn: I gonna to be the first expenses cheater, y’all. Black privilege in de House o’Tudorrrr!

      • Script excerpt :-
        ‘Ann Boleyn blows out candle’
        Henry VIII – “Where the fuck are you dusky maiden?”

  9. Judging by the amount of trailers that they show for this pile of shit, I think that the TV company now realise that they have fucked up.

    Anne Boleyn was not a minor royal. She was the mother of Elizabeth the first. And she was white. No question about that at all.

    England has been on one knee for long enough.
    Now they are giving away their history.

  10. I thought their latest whine was that only Gays should play Gays and only Spaccas should play Spaccas ? So why should a Tarry-Toot play a white woman ?

    Having a Sooty dress up as Anne Boleyn is cultural appropriation of the worst kind. Dark-keys should only play angry natives in “Zulu” or criminals on Crimewatch.

    • I remember when the only time you saw them on telly was getting battered off Johnny Weissmueller.
      Johnny would shout and theyd scatter all mooneyed with fear.

      • …..and if he really need to escape them,all he had to do was swim a river…there the UmBongos would be,dancing with rage on the bank,unable to even wade in knee-deep.

        I never liked the look of the monkey that Tarzan was always carrying around…always had a look on it’s face like it was going to forcibly impregnate Jane when Tarzan’s back was turned.

      • Do you know Dick, it did!
        And the resulting child later went on to marry a handsome prince…..

      • It honestly does seem that White people and their history is under constant attack.


    • Cuntural appropriation???
      If some cunt who is challenged in the melanin department wears anything those more endowed in that area generally wander about in they are accused of ‘cultural appropriation’
      What about Africans in pin-striped suits?

  11. Kate Winslet playing Flatbott now that is stretching it tooooo far. A bag of horse shit gets the part if I’m casting..

  12. Surely the story of Anne must include her father, her sister, whom Henry dumped when he got her up the duff, her brother, who was executed along with Anne for allegedly shagging her, and her daughter, the future Elizabeth 1. Are all these people going to be played by the brothers and sistas, or are we supposed to accept the fact that they are a different race without question?
    I think the answer is…….shut the fuck up raaaaaaay-sist! These wokies do themselves no favours do they?

  13. Lovely to see the black and white minstrels alive and well. Presumably this race hustler will have her grave removed by the C of E in 80 years time for white face.

  14. Got my name down to play Mandela in our community production for Christmas

    • I wear swimming trunks Im the spit of Muhammad Ali circa 73.
      Rumble young man rumble!

      • 73? Muhammad Ali (bless him/ RIP) only lived until he was 74.
        Best rumble while there’s still time….

  15. Anyone who went to the old Upton Park for the football would be familiar with the Boleyn Tavern on the corner of Green Street. A grade 2 listed building it has a picture of the Whitey Anne Boleyn on the sign.
    As the locals are mostly of the Peaceful persuasion these days shouldn’t she be wearing a burka or something? We wouldn’t want to cause offence in our richly diverse society would we?

    • Know it well Freddie. Used to support the ‘Ammers although not being a cokerney.

  16. I’d like to submit the cast of my new biopic of Queen Victoria for ISAC approval –

    Queen Victoria – Whoopi Goldberg
    Prince Albert – Emma Thompson
    Gladstone – Miriam Margolyes
    Disraeli – Elliot Page
    Duke of Wellington – Warwick Davis
    Lord Salisbury – Jackie Chan
    Oscar Wilde – Romesh Raganathan
    Prince of Wales – Ramesh Raganathan’s mum.

    Took me ages to get the right balance of bleks, parking Stanley’s, les, hooomooosexshual , disabled and Chinks. Straight able-bodies white male actors not required. Trust you all approve?

      • Yes CG – it’s in the bag! No doubt the deal was secure by my brilliant casting.

      • He was unfortunately unavailable Freddie. He was already booked for a Yard-of Cum drinking contest.

    • You appear to have miscast Romesh Raganathan as Oscar Wilde. Unless I miss my guess, Oscar was clearly a sausage muncher whilst Romesh is vegan – as he delights in telling us at every conceivable opportunity. Otherwise, I can go with the dramatis personae.

  17. Anne Boleyn was not a Mills & Boon and neither was her daughter, Queen Elizabeth I. And they fucking well know it. These woke cunt trombones just want to race bait and piss on British heritage and history. There was and never will be a sooty Queen of England. And that includes that waste of space Markle Locust.

    • Bleck cock tastes of Lidl sausages that have been cremated on gas mark 9.

      Nobody told me this.

      I speak from experience.

  18. coming soon ….
    Usain Bolt in the new adaption of Stephen Hawkings life – he runs around till the point where Hawkings became ill.
    He then wins the Invictus wheelchair 100m and invents the concept that all caucasians are evil racist bastards….

  19. Don’t worry i’ve heard it’s just an hour long guinness advert, showing something that’s black that gives a white good head.

  20. Black woman used and abused by white supremacist. Can’t produce a male heir and stands up for herself so is falsely accused of being a slag and putting it about. Stitched up by a load of heterosexual whiteys at her trial. Gets her fucking head cut off!
    Welcome to the new wokie history of England.

  21. When at a pile of wank!
    I thought it was bad enough watching the recent film David Cooper field with seven shades of shite playing the main roles but this can fuck right off.
    What next, a black Jesus like the recent painting at St Albans Cathedral?

  22. They didnt think the ending of Annes role out too well – wont that be Waycist?

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