Channel 5 & Jodie Turner-Smith

Who is ‘Jodie Turner-Smith’ ? you ask… & why do I give a fuck ?
She is the actress playing Anne Boleyn in Channel 5’s new historical drama….oh, and she’s a dusky maiden – aka Old King Coal.

Normally I shrug off this PC woke crap & don’t care, but this is worse than messing Shakespeare & other old literature – This is History !
Anne Boleyn was White, pale pasty white – white as a 1980’s fridge, white as a fluorescent striplight, white as Mcdougals flour, white as snow…if there was one thing she wasn’t, it was the colour of coal, piano black, ebony, midnight, noir, the colour of a bowler hat.
If you’re gonna fuck about, have her drive up in a Tesla, drinking a cappucino and yabbering on her iPhone.

What the Fuck is the world coming to ? I want my one way ticket to Mars thanks very much !

Nominated by: Lord of the Rings

And seconded by Hard Brexit Cunt:

Now, I am pretty sure that Anne Boleyn, second wife of King Henry VIII, was white, pretty damned sure of that.

However, in a Channel 5 drama series about the unfortunate queen, the lead role is being played by this black actress who says that “I should be allowed to tell this story”. Yes, perhaps the stupid bint could read the story of Anne Boleyn but she should not be acting the part in a TV series.

This is yet another part of the woke drive to convince us that Tudor England was full of dark-keys. Perhaps it was and everybody took that magic potion that made Michael Jackson white!

How would ‘people of colour’ feel if the role of Martin Luther King was played by a white actor or Kate Winslet played Dianne Abbott in “The Woman who Loves Fried Chiggun”?

On the monarchy, she says: “I think it’s interesting that the institution is not changing with the time, or quickly enough. We have to look at things in a modern context. And only then we will recognise that certain things are archaic, and don’t really serve us as a community and are limiting us.” and also thinks that Me-Again, the Duchess of Hewitt, could have been a great moderniser of the monarchy: “It was a terrible missed opportunity, the way in which it was not allowed to be something that really modernises that institution, and to change it to something for the better. I think that’s why there’s dysfunction there.”

Dangerous thoughts indeed – the Duchess of Hewitt probably does feel that she is entitled to be the next Queen of England, despite her husband being neither the son of the Prince of Wales nor the grandson of Queen Elizabeth II.

People who spend the majority of their lives pretending should shut the fuck up – we are not interested in their stupid opinions.

PS: the white actor playing King Henry VIII looks like a raving iron and too thin for the role.

88 thoughts on “Channel 5 & Jodie Turner-Smith

  1. Just Race Bait Channel 5 should know better.
    Anne Boleyn was born in Norfolk of white parents as far as history goes no dark keys were in Blighty at that period of time 50 years later after she was born yes.
    If you are going to re-write history about the mother of one of this Countries most famous Queens let’s also do it regarding the Dark Keys patron Saint.Nelson Mandela play him with a white actor and let’s see how long before the bomb goes off (pun intended) Channel 5 Absolute shite 👎👎

  2. Really sick of this woke crap. You cannot pervert history for the sake of art or ethnicity. I don’t give a donkey’s dick how good this actress is, it’s not historically accurate, and more than that it is a deliberate woke provocation to piss of normal folk like me. I will boycott Channel 5 very happily for this total trash of history.

  3. The diversity shit heads are scum! Why don’t we have Anjem shit head playing Henry VIII! How about Benedict Cumberbatch playing Idi Amin or Anthony Hopkins playing Nelson Mandela! The people that run channel 5 are no better than the shit heads at the BBC & deserve to be plunged into Morecambe Bay at high tide!

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