Kim Leadbeater

A good old Beverley Sisters cunting, please, for this Johnny (or should that be Jenny?) Come Lately would-be addition to the “red wall sistahood”.

Who the fuck is this Kim sort, I hear you ask?. Well, she happens to be the sister of sadly murdered MP Jo Cox, she of the well of loneliness, who, without any previous knowledge of, or interest in, politics, has bravely agreed to step forward in Tracey Brabin’s old constituency (former soap actress turned MP turned Mayor), who also happens to be Ms Cox’s old seat, till she took a trip to the library, to become a Starmer charmer: It’s almost like a plot from one of Mrs. Bogg’s soaps – a long lost relative, never heard of before, turns up and rules the roost.

If this unknown lady suddenly discovers she has lesbian tendencies, or catches the eye of Lord Mandy, and takes a knee – well, she will be a shoe-in.

How contrived this all is and how mawkish. You can just see Dame Keir, complete with whippet and flat cap, waddling along with the lost sister, complete with rictus grin. How could the voters reject this novice saint, selflessly standing in for St. Jo. You can just see the count, where the victoress will be consumed by tears and pride, before the champagne corks pop as the champagne socialists, led by Dame Keir celebrate the success of their latest stunt

It is perhaps poetic justice that an amateur contestant should be joined to an amateur leader. A right (on) pair of cunts.

I bet if the late Ms. Cox had been a Conservative, Ms. Leadbeater would have been a Conservative too. We are entering a policy and principle free world.

Nominated by: W. C. Boggs

23 thoughts on “Kim Leadbeater

  1. All I want to know is what does she think about the thousands of white and Sikh children who have been abused, raped and murdered over decades, that her piece of shit sister decided to totally ignore for votes.

    • Batley is full of Bedouin types.
      It’s also where poor Shannon Matthews was forced to play hide &seek by her toerag mother Karen.
      Jo Cox went the same karate class as Stephen Lawrence.
      If she gets the job she should carry nunchakas just to be on the safe side!
      Lighting can strike twice!

  2. It won’t make any difference.
    A reanimated Idi Amin has more chance in a GE than the posh Liebour party of Islington.
    A proper barrel of right on cunts.

  3. A mucky little whore with the morals of an alley cat. She would suck a pekis cock for 10p, if she thought it would get her on the gravy train.
    Liebour really are beyond redemption picking candidates in this way.
    Even if she met the same fate as their Jo, another member of the family would step forward to contest the seat, greedy cunts deserve shooting.

  4. She gives me the horn, backscuttle time, I will rattle her teeth fillings

  5. Does this cunt really have an MBE? For raising a bit of a cash for her dead sister? If this is the case I should have a knighthood for collecting funds for separate charities at my parents funerals. Ffs, is there no end to the wokeness and virtue signalling?

  6. Just goes to show New Labour will pull every trick in the book so they don’t lose the seat to the Conservatives 👎👎
    Absolutely disgraceful behaviour and shouldn’t be allowed to take place something you would expect from these Lefties 👎👎

  7. Qualifications, experience and suitability for being an MP?
    Just like her rancid commie predecessor and failed actress Tracy Brabin.
    I hope this bandwagon jumping harpy gets her arse handed to her.
    And if she gets in the wrong peaceful express she just might.
    There are no depths these rats will not stoop to are there?

  8. That’s a picture of Starmer in a frock and wig surely? Nice try admin but you can’t fool me.

    • Im all for opportunity but in the photo shes wearing saint Jos earrings and blouse!
      Only 4days after she lost the fight.
      Fuck me.
      Took a screwdriver the funeral for the brass fittings off the coffin….

  9. A soap actress followed by the sister of the dead wokie martyr.
    Ms Leaddodger has vast political experience as she has been a Party member since…….Er…….last month actually. What a cheap, pathetic stunt by the wokies. Fortunately for Ms Leaddodger local Labour councillors who had been favourites for the candidacy have agreed to withdraw. Among them Shabir Pandor, Altababin Zamia and Afaq Butt. ( those spellings may not be 100% correct as I don’t come from the fucking Punjab)
    So I think we know where the Peaceful vote (including the dead ones) is going.
    I wonder who that teacher, still in hiding from the Peacefuls, will be voting for?
    What a fucking country eh?

  10. Just been looking at the Batley constituency. The Corrie bitch had a majority of 2500 last time out. It wouldn’t take much of a swing to lose it despite the block vote from Karachi. I don’t believe anybody British is going to vote for that wokie fake.

    • I think you underestimate just how stupid the people of Batley are!

  11. The murder of Jo Cox was a terrible thing. But the way it’s been endlessly milked by remainers and the Labia Party is disgusting. Have they no shame? Answers on a postcard.

    • Jo Cox tragically murdered by one nutcase, MSM reports – “evil far right monster, march of the far right, rise of the far right”, etc.
      Innumerable murders of the innocent by the p*edos in pyjamas, MSM reports – “a lone wolf and mentally ill member of a misunderstood and peaceful religion, they’re not all the same etc”.
      I fucking hate islam and muslims.
      And Labour.

  12. Just what you would expect from The Friends of Palestine 🇵🇸
    Stop firing Rockets into Israel 🇮🇱
    Irish Joe “the fake paddy” will sort it all out 👍👍

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