Champions League Cup Final

The Football authorities (in this case UEFA). Stupid, corrupt, bent, backhanders all of these words spring into my mind when I read the article (see link below).

Now I am not suggesting that UEFA are any of those things, however, try as I might words; like sensible, fair to the fans,(save them a whole wad of cash), and the competing teams do not come anywhere to mind when reading it.

Chunky flu as prevented the final from being played in gobble Bernard Matthews land. This gave UEFA a dilemma, (my arse) play it in England where both finalist are from or make every cunt fuck off to Portugal?

You can’t make this shit up. Now, like I said I’m not saying the decision was bent or corrupt etc. but for the life of me those words stay in my head just like the old Kylie song.

Draw your own conclusions cunters. Cunts the lot of them.

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52 thoughts on “Champions League Cup Final

  1. Wont be long before the cunts put on the whole thing in Wuhan, where their real customers are.

  2. They couldn’t hold it at Wembley because UEFA wanted to ship in 2000 freeloading “officials” and the government wouldn’t have it. A pity they are not so fussy with the sewer rats landing daily on the Kent coast.

    • And the cunts coming in from India on a
      daily basis,courtesy of the British government

  3. Actually, they are looking into relocating Old Trafford to China – it`ll be closer to their fans.

  4. Uefa are as bent as “insert random politician.”
    They can play the fucking woke crybaby panto in the bowels of Mt Etna for me.
    The laughable cunts.

    • TBCC@ – Batal/Chempions, which will be just Weida De for their most ardent yellow supporters.

  5. First (an hopefully only) time that the Gorton Globetrotters have bought their way to the European Cup Final, and the hordes of Berties can’t go. Oh dear, no aeroplane impressions on live TV this time eh, you blue cunts? Fucking hilarious.

  6. The Oil Money v Russian Gangster Money final? It’s one match I won’t be watching..Fuck off.

    • Saudi Arabia – a place where women are treated like shit, pollution is rife and modern slavery is the norm

      Russia – a place where they treat women like shit, pollution is rife and modern slavery is the norm.

      Any coment from the Wokes?
      Any comment from the MSM?
      Any comment from Greta Thunderflaps?
      Any comment from Linekunt or Alex Scott?
      Any comment from Labour?
      Any comment from the Liberals?
      Any comment from the Greens?
      Any comment from UEFA/Fifa?

      Not a fucking dicky bird!

      Funny that.

      • Techno@ – I was going to post similar but you have nailed it.
        Good form!

  7. Until they stop taking the knee I would be quite pleased to find they are playing it on a minefield in Syria!

    Fuck off!

  8. Anyway the real Champions League Final was on Sunday…….Chelski Wimminz 0 Barcelona Wimminz 4 (all the goals in the first half) The usual exciting stuff we have come to expect from Lezza football. Games in the Wimminz Super League regularly end up 6,7 and 8-0.
    Don’t worry if you have missed any of this sporting excitement as the BBC will be showing 18 live games next season, no doubt fronted by the rarely seen Alex Scott and a certain jug eared, taxdodging human oil slick. License payers’ money well spent to entertain an audience of about 450.

      • A highlights reel popped up on my YouTube feed-I had to turn it off after the first goal, as I couldn’t see the picture after the first goal, due to tears in my eyes.
        Of fucking laughter😂

    • You get the 12-0 scores because wimminz players try to copy men (How I laughed when I heard Karen Carney say “You’ve got to press high up the manor.”)

      When a men’s team let a daft goal in, the players will argue with each other and call each other ‘fucking blind cunt’ or whatever. Wimminz copy this, but instead of shaking it off, get a strop on. The result is a the team falls apart and lets in 25 goals before half time.

      Fucking stupid cunts. Football is not a woman’s sport.

    • And these cunts expect the same respect (and pay) and their male counterparts in the Premier League!!

      They’re havin a fackin’ larf, guvner!

      • Techno-is it Crawley Town that pat the Wimminz team the same as their men’s team?
        The men’s team is shite😉

    • And Match Of The Day have these dozy bints as pundits, spouting forth about the men’s game. And it’s starting to creep into rugby, too.

      • Won’t be long before we get Rylan commentating on rugby. Expertise doesn’t matter anymore. It’s all about ticking the right diversity boxes. A right pile of cunt.

  9. Radio 5 gave the Chelsea wimminz coach the big build up. How she was a football genius, a brilliant “man” manager, should be in charge of a major mens’ club. The whole 9 yards.

    Then her team play like pathetic pansies and get spanked 4-0.

    Hardly an advert for the female game which we are all supposed to admiring.

    • I do chuckle when wimminz pundits talk about ‘the high press’ and ‘quick one touch passing’ being important.

      I believe coaches do try to implement these tactics into the wimminz game. Big mistake. Pointless.

      My tactic for wimminz ‘football’ is to find some strong birds who can kick a ball more than 25 yards.

      Just get these players to loop the ball towards the opposition ‘keeper’ and it’ll probably go in if on target.

      I’d play four at the back, no midfield and five in a line 30 yards from goal. Defenders hoof to the 30 yard mark (they don’t understand offside, don’t worry) and then one of the five ‘forwards’ to hoof an ‘up and under’ towards the goal.

      You’ll win every game 50-0.

  10. The only good thing u ever saw, from wimminz football, was those nudes of Yankee-doodle-dandy goalkeeper, Hope Solo, that were doing the rounds, a few years ago.
    The saucy, little minx😋

    • Some former friend linked these to me, turns out it was Neville Southall nudes, the cunt.

      • Brilliant goalie though, Big Nev.

        Grobbelaar was a fucking cunt though. I can still see the dirty bastard chopping down an already injured McQueen at Wembley in the League Cup Final in 83. That cunt George Courtney didn’t even send him off.

  11. Cunts FC Vs Cunts FC

    Both teams will press high up the pitch. Both teams will consist of robotic super fit brain dead athletes. The game will be like every other game at the top level nowadays. No space, nobody taking a risk and both teams waiting for a mistake or a yard of space to play a through ball or take a shot within 25 yards of goal.

    Modern football is fucking shit because of too much money, woke shite and the computer moneyball sports science nerds, who’ve found out the formula to get the most out of a player in a percentage based system.

    The result is every cunting team attempts to play the same way.


    • Globalism dumbs down everything it touches.
      Football is no different.
      Any individuality or eccentricity is slowly eradicated.
      A dull “marketable” model is what you end up with.
      Gone are the heady days of cultural identities of clubs very much in tune with their country of origin, the genuine element of the unknown, afternoon kick offs in a variety of seemingly hostile and distant places with weird goal nets.
      Even the nets at grounds had individual character.
      Wembley, Old Trafford in the 80s, Anfield’s red netting.
      Not now though.
      Everything feels and looks exactly the same in the modern game.
      That’s before I even think about the fucking Homo/BLM agenda.

  12. Norm:
    If City don’t win and Utd do win the Europa league final, it will be fucking hilarious.

    Not that I will be arsed if Utd lose.

  13. One thing I’ve always found weird.

    Why do the players stand to attention for the Champions League anthem? They even do it for the fucking Europa anthem lol.

    Are the players just thick and think UEFA is a country with an anthem, or are they told to stand to attention?

  14. Alex Scott is nice looking, very presentable. She is to replace Dan Walker on Football Focus. he was very presentable as well.

    Oh for Saint and Greavsie, Bob Wilson.

    • Alex Scott presenting the footy now?

      I don’t know whether to laugh or wank.

    • MP@ – Or the great Ron Atkinson!
      “Desailly? That big lazy black b*stard” 😀
      They don’t make ’em like big Ron anymore!

      • Also from Big Ron when he thought the microphone was off, “Francesco Totti? I don’t know what all the fuss is about to be honest. He looks like a bit of a twat to me. Are there any more of these sandwiches left?”

    • And Brian Moore and Cloughie mouthing it off calling everyone a cunt. It wasn’t always better in the old days though……..Jimmy Hill……what a chinny creepy little wanker!

      • Oh I dunno. Jimmy Chin was annoying, but I collect old footy matches from somebody who can get hold of the original footage from the TV studios (not YouTube shite).

        Watching a game from (I think it was Mexico v Bulgaria when the ref lost and gave out reds and yellows for fuck all) the 94 World Cup he said “Football is not a game for girls.”

        He’d be sacked for that now.

  15. There was a time I would have been pleased that two English clubs were competing in the final – I remember the night Liverpool got played off the pitch and then hammered AC Milan in the second half of the Champions League final, I was very pleased as it is good form to support your own against the foreign enemy irrespective of club loyalty.
    Couldn’t give less of a fk – the only time I would watch this money drenched shitfest is if the Hindenburg crashed flaming to the pitch.

  16. Anyone see the two Leicester players (both peacefuls) running around with the Palestinian flag after the Cup Final? This is what happens when you bring politics into sport. (ie taking the knee) The next cunt wants to push it that bit further. Bring on the olympics!

      • Those two pieces of scum who waved the Palestinian flag should be thrown in a vat of liquid bacon fat and then tied up and left in a field of red ants and vultures in a 40 degree heat.

        These filth shouldn’t have been allowed to even have the flag on the pitch in the first place. This is what happens when you protect Islamism and condemn any criticism of the ideology as ‘islamaphobic’. As well as taking the knee for thugs, doing black fascist fist salutes and waving Palestinian flags, there will be thick as fuck footballers shouting ‘Death to Jews’ next.

    • Being from Leicester I was mildly pleased to see City win the FA Cup but the enjoyment was totally screwed when I saw a photo of that pair with the flag. I don’t do football but now I won’t even do looking to see if they do well. Cunts. These überthick fuckers really are their own worst enemies.

    • They did retire to the tunnel afterwards and were dissolved by a bunker busting bomb.

      • That was Joe Biden’s fault, got his Afghanistan’s and his Londonistan’s mixed up.

    • I side firmly with the Palestinians and couldn’t give half a stolen fuck about footbal but even I would’ve booed that sort of shit.

      • in the latest rocket/airstrike exchange, Palestine are down 2-3 at half-time.

  17. The only good thing for me during the pandemic is that it’s made me realise how corrupt the “elite” tiers of football are. With the shady shit going around the world cup and now this it’s made me glad I’ve given up even following prem-shite league and stick to me local team.

  18. At times, this nomination deviated into a slating of women’s football. I despise that form of the game. It isn’t football in the purest sense, I will not watch it.
    When I was in the U.K. my team was (still is) a non league team. Crunching tackles, swearing, abuse from the sidelines, and occasionally – blood. The true game. Even that level of football would have been far superior to any female woman’s game, anywhere.
    However, my access to live games here in Central America is often the lowest denominator. if I can’t see a game live then it has to be – Radio 5 live football commentaries.
    Karen Carney has more insight to the game that any pundit on MOTD of Sky or whoever would ever produce. She is clever, knowledgable and perceptive. A joy to listen to.
    There. See. Sometimes it is good to be kind.

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