Channel 5 and Anne Boleyn (2)

To add to QDM’s recent words on this particular subject, I’d like to say Channel 5 are cunts.

Their new series on Anne Boleyn really does take the piss and piss on British heritage and history. In this version Henry VIII’s ill fated second wife is black. And no, she is not of a Markle type hue, she is as black as the Ace of Spades and Darth Vader’s codpiece.

We will get all this crap about ‘diversity’ and ‘reimagining’, but this is not some woke ‘re-telling’ of a fictional story with fictional characters (although they are bad enough anyway).

Anne Boleyn was a real person. She was also Queen of England and the mother of Queen Elizabeth I. Surely someone of such historical significance and standing (however brief it was) deserves more respect and better treatment?

This isn’t another David Copperfield or Hermione Grainger piece of colour change bollocks. This is an actual former Queen of the realm who suffered a fit up worthy of the News of the World and an execution to follow, and what Channel 5 are doing is fucking outrageous and disgraceful.

Also,we all know what would happen if it were the other way about, don’t we? If Benedict Cuntberbatch played Nelson Mandela, or Michael Sheen as Malcolm X? We wouldn’t see the last of it and the ‘cultural appropriation’ sirens would be heard for miles.

Even if a white actor portrayed a low life like Saint Chicken Floyd George, the indignation and race card puling would be immense and go on forever. But it’s OK if ‘they’ do it, right? Wrong! The hypocrisy and double standards stink the place out as it is, but Anne was an English Queen and mother of another great and iconic English Queen and she deserves better. But she won’t get it from such two faced demented woke cunts. To hell with them.

God save the Queen.

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I think that Channel Five deserves a nomination, they’ve gone well down the path of wokedom. Not only did they have a black woman portraying Anne Boelyn, but apparently, according to my dear old mum, they featured a black woman playing a farmer’s wife in All Creatures Great and Small. The script writers put in some bullshit along the lines of ‘When I first arrived here, people were surprised to see someone like me’… yeah I’m surprised too, as there were no black characters in any of the books.


84 thoughts on “Channel 5 and Anne Boleyn (2)

  1. Fuck me – how did this country survive for 2000 years without darkies? Industrial revolution, 2 wars, greatest empire the world has ever seen. Is it just a coincidence that all this has been fucked up since immigration got our of control here?

  2. Just wait for the backlash, when her head comes off, the darkies crying ‘that’s racist, wouldn’t happen if she was white’ 😂

  3. Just wait for the backlash, when her head comes off, the dark types crying ‘that’s racist, wouldn’t happen if she was white’ 😂

    Bloody moderation!

  4. And yet they’d go fucking nuts if a honky played the part of Nelson Mandela.

    Silly twats.

    How long until Winston Churchill is played by an arse naked bloke in warpaint with a bone through his nose and a spear, making clicking sounds for speech?

  5. At least they haven’t made Henry VIII a tranny.


    It won’t just be heads he cuts off in future shows.

    “Anne of Cleaves, remove the royal todger and call me Susan.!”

  6. Why don’t Anne Boleyn’s descendants sue channel 5 for this abomination?
    If I was a descendant, I fucking well would☹️

  7. When will the fight back on the streets against this idolatry begin.

  8. So silly. Even worse than that recent tv series with Henry VIII played by a slim young actor with dark hair and with everyone dressed in costumes prevalent at the time of Henry and Anne’s daughter, Elizabeth I.

    Well, I mean! Henry VIII costumes are so grotesque, aren’t they? Much better to go for the more picturesque raiment from Elizabethan times – job done.

    That aside, it’s been done to death already.

    And another aside. I suppose Prince Rupert would have be played by a black actor. It’s funny but only the glamorous people from the past are suitable for black people to play. Just as well 1642-1649 is verboten on British tv.

    • Thankyou for that, JonDoe. Frighteningly true. And (if not now in the future will hopefully be seen as) an indictment on our collective responsibility to pass down our culture and past to impressionable young minds. It’s no less than cultural mindwashing in real time. Blackwashing even, the fucking cunts.

  9. The only way to deal with this rubbish is don’t watch it switch it off Then
    Complain Complain Complain 👍👍👍👍
    Anne Boleyn was born in Norfolk not Africa 🇬🇧🇬🇧

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