Dead Pool [209]

Congratulations to TheBestRevengeIsLivingWell for correctly predicting the American rapper DMX would be next to snuff it. DMX (real name Earl Simmons) was 50 and recently suffered a heart attack following a drug overdose leaving him in a vegetative state. He was know for songs such as (Party) Up in here and others but that is the only one I recognized when googling him. He was very popular though from researching him. He leaves behind 15 kids!

On to Dead Pool 209:


1) Pick 5 famous cunts you think will conk out next. It is first come first served. You can always be a cunt and steal other cunters’ nominations from previous pools.

2) Anyone who nominates the world’s oldest man or woman is a cunt and will be ignored.

3) It must be a famous cunt we have heard of.

4) If your pick has already been taken, tough titty. Pick someone else because we can’t be arsed to check.

5) New Rule: Nominations can only be changed if some cunt has beaten you to it and your nomination is invalidated. Otherwise, stick with your five until the next round.

So on your marks, ready….set…..go!

83 thoughts on “Dead Pool [209]

    • John Lennon had an affair with Eleanor Bron. He was a right ladies man in the early days. Yet he ended up with Yoko Fucking Ono.

      • Lennon landed Ono because he was unashamedly not a responsible adult man and hated criticism/ nagging from previous gfs

        Also because Ono was okay with his drug and alcohol consumption especially in the early years

  1. One of the rappers i actually liked. Oh well.

    James Earl Jones
    Dame Shirley Williams
    Douglas Hurd
    William Daniels (of Knightrider fame)
    Peter Higgs (of the Boson).

  2. Grand national tomorrow. Off topic but relevant as to the date.

    Tips for the races tomorrow – I just got 3 tips off a bookie for Aintree;

    Sunshine. 15:00.
    Moonlight. 15:30.
    Good Times. 16:00.

    If they don’t win, don’t blame it on Sunshine, don’t blame it on Moonlight, don’t blame it on Good Times, blame it on the Bookie.

  3. Nancy Pelosi
    Charles Schumer
    George Soros
    Sadistiq Khunt
    Joe Biden

    A wish list more than an actual attempt to win a round.

    • Pretty sure Fame is dead, been wrong before though. Could be thinking about Adam Faith. Or maybe I dreamt it. Waste of a reply really.

  4. Fk me, Phil the greek couldn’t even keep his deadpool crown for 24 hrs, before being usurped by some rhyming street slang ho…
    Cleo Laine
    Richard Chamberlain (Old ducky)
    Dame Maggie Smith (legendary actress)
    Bernard Cribbins (wombling along)
    Virginnia Mckenna (actress & Joyce Adams lookalike)

  5. The old rollerskating cunt in previous nomination.
    Joe Biden. Old age
    That teacher what showed cartoon Mohammed. Not natural causes
    Wee Jimmy Krankie The real one, not Sturgeon. In a dogging related accident.
    Diane Abbott, think her son is out of jail, only a matter of time. Or wanders into traffic while trying to think.
    If any duplicates stick in Roger Waters and Dave Gilmour, I have an autographed album that will double in value when one goes.
    Noms are more fun if you guess cause of death!

  6. 15 kids?! FFS no wonder he smoked so much crack can’t have your cake and eat it too DMX was also a serial animal abuser like Michael Vick both ran dogfighting usually involving vicous feral pitbulls so get fucked you piece of shit

    I hate people who abuse animals especially dogs ironically dmx used alot of dog symbolism in his rap music

    • Norm This thug piece of shit let three of his dog fighting pitbulls to starve to death

      As some cunters may be informed to know starving to death could take several agonizing painful weeks or even months to occur 12 other dogs and 4 that were very sick rescued from his residence he enter a plea deal for animal cruelty

      • Didn’t know that, death too good for him. Interesting parallel with recently nominated party princess

      • Too right, TitSlapper. DMX was a lowlife and a cunt. But that doesn’t mean a thing to these libtard imbeciles. Because he was black he gets away with everything. Just like Saint Chicken Floyd George and every other two bit thug these snowflakes hero worship.

  7. Reading tributes on twatter to this rapper from libtards and poofs has been top tier comedy. DMX hated gays and rapped about killing them in number of his songs but he gets a “pass” on his homophobia because based blackman he didn’t mean it

    Its also hilarious cause apparently he had the corona vaccine and shitlibs and fans are fighting amongst themselves as his cause of death

    I’ll say one good thing about DMX he did “X gone give it to ya” its a good meme song

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