Racist Plasters

Raaaay-sist Plasters

There’s a clip circulating on Soshul Meeja where some Yank bird, claiming to be a teacher, starts crying about the fact that plasters ( band-aids they call them in Yankland ) are white. They’re obviously not but let’s not have a row about shades of whiteyness because they are all bad, end of story.
She holds up a couple of plasters and says “ every time I put these on a brown child I am literally adding insult to injury.”
Fucking hell, I bet she thought that was a very clever thing to say not realising that she had just made a complete cunt of herself. ? Are you sure you are a teacher darling? I reckon the black kid who has just been stung by a cunting wasp doesn’t give a flying fuck about the “insult” of the off white plaster. Talk about finding raaaay-sism where it doesn’t exist……they should sign this bitch up to the Labour Party.

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(Well, you caught me in a forgiving mood, Freddie. I found a link to the story. – NA)

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66 thoughts on “Racist Plasters

  1. How long will it be before they ban white paint? Fucking millennials, they always take things too far. A shit grasp of history and a mollycoddled false sense of superiority makes them hate all that come before them. These ‘enlightened’ cunts will soon be running the gaff, then it truly will be end of days.

  2. Its all down to marketing.
    Call them “Privilege Plasters” and the more times a dark friend hurts themselves the more white we stick on them.
    Hurt yourself enough and we will turn you into a honky just like Michael Jackson.
    No pain,no privilege.

  3. The bastard lovechild of Chris Evans & Deirdrie Barlow.

    Everybody knows that young picininnies don’t know how to wipe properly after a trip to the porcelain-therefore any whitey plaster will be “brown” after young Deshawn has patted it a few times.

  4. I saw that clip a few weeks ago and wasn’t sure if she was just spoofing wokeness, or was a true cunt. Probably the latter.

  5. Teachers are not allowed to put plasters on kids in the UK. So that’s solved that. The thick cunt should use blue ones, but then…… fuck off.

  6. Since the beginning of surgery/invasive medicine, “white”, and many non-bleck patients have been intubated with black or red rubber tubing, operated on by surgeons wearing black gloves, though natural coloured rubber is much more common now. How often did patients complain about the colour of stomach-pump hosing??
    April Fools’ Day seems to be all year round now…
    People should be grateful iodine is less seen – I remember it stinging like fuck, far worse than the childhood injury…

  7. Even an imbecile knows that plasters and medical dressings need to be white or lightly coloured so it can be seen if they are soaking up the blood and are doing the job they are supposed to do. Blood would not show on a black plaster. This demented bitch is as thick as pigshit and hasn’t even thought her knee-jerk woke lunacy through. What a cunt.

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