John Wilcock – Rollerskating Cunt

This 90 yr old, ‘Poundland’ Capt.Tom wannabe, says he was inspired to raise money by Marcus Rashford’s (not again!) free school meals campaign and Captain Sir Tom Moore.

Capt.Tom raised £Millions – So far this tail end Charlie attention seeker has raised £3,600 for food charity ‘FareShare’.

Sod off home, put your feet up, have a cocoa, watch Countdown & shut the fuck up.

Nominated by: Lord of the Rings

36 thoughts on “John Wilcock – Rollerskating Cunt

  1. That little poster in the header pic should have been given to the bitch a couple of noms ago before she fucked off for 6 days.

  2. Inspired by Marcus Rashford?

    Then I hope the bearings seize up on one of his rollerskates and he goes straight into a hedge the silly old jump on the bandwagon cunt!

  3. Fucking hell, what next? Some old coot on a fucking skateboard? Pensioner Parkour? Watching some arthritic senile bastard trying to hop up a curb could be entertaining.

    Fuck me, it’s that black privilege isn’t it. Black footballer raises money simply by doing a few monosyllabic interviews whilst us whiteys have to do a thousand laps around a garden with a zimmer frame inches from your deathbed ffs.

  4. There’s a word for these cunts who are always rattling the tin and “doing things” for charidee but i’ve forgotten what it is.
    Unlike Nicey (I don’t like to talk about it mate) they revel in their do gooder status and move from one noble cause to another. It’s all very sad especially when you are hanging on somebody else’s coat tails.
    It’s been done you old cunt……go and watch the BBC for fucks sake, that’s what they rob you for.

    • One of the words for these cunts who are rattling tins begging for charities is cunt; the other word is ‘chugger’ a portmanteau for charity mugger.

  5. In olden times he would have been a novelty turn at his family’s children’s birthday parties. Nowadays he is,of course, a national hero for facebook and twitter cunts.

  6. Lazy old Cunt has probably spent the last 20 years getting pushed around in a wheelchair…now he’s wobbled his bony old arse onto a set of wheeled skates…probably still has some poor Sod doing the pushing.

  7. Eight wheels and stinking of piss,
    You wont get my money to feed the feckless im afraid.
    Fare share?
    Give em a shovel and let them earn their dindins like the rest of us.

    • Ha ha! You’ve nailed it Bertie. I knew he looked like someone off the idiot lantern, just couldn’t place the face.

  8. Hip hip horahhhh….He’s getting no praise or sympathy here 🙂

    This is restored by faith in the true cuntishness of this site.

    Inspired by Marcus Rashford indeed!

  9. Stupid old cunt….

    Just wait until some peaceful or trainee architect gets behind him in an Aldi or BMW and gets him up to 70mph…I would pay to see that.

  10. The Counterfeit Captain would raise more money if his cause was “Lets Feed Hungry Lions”.
    I’m a tight cunt and don’t normally give to charity but even I would get the wallet out and shed a few crispies to see the senile old sod thrown in a cage of lions and wager how long he lasts.
    I bet he could get quite a turn of speed on his skates and do at least 10 laps before being devoured.
    I have my money at the ready.

  11. With the bennies available in this country there is no need for any child to go hungry. Why do you think those cunts are risking their pathetic lives in the Channel every day? You just have to cancel your subscription TV, stop spending our dough on fags, scratch cards and Special Brew and be a fucking parent.
    Alternatively you could keep your legs closed and not allow any filthy druggie thieving cunt to shoot his beans up your overused minge.
    Just a thought.

  12. I dumped a great big brown lump of stinking shit in the bog earlier – why do I mention it, you ask?? Well, obviously it was inspired by Marcus Rashford, so does anybody want to donate a few quid?

  13. What he is proposing is in no way advisable for a 90 year old man with impaired balance/reactions, weaker muscles and fragile bones. What if the old cunt falls and breaks his leg/legs/arm/arms/neck/spleen etc?

    He will be lauded a true hero, dying for his cause. Bang the pots with wooden spoons at the front door. Clap like a demented seal.

    Silly old fucking fart.

    • It’s not if he falls but when. My money’s on a broken hip or femur, death from respiratory infection a few days post surgery. Is he famous enough to stick in deadpool?

  14. John Wiltedcock. Can someone let him know that lockdown is being eased so nobody will give a shit, there is a vaccine and he probably won’t raise enough to pay for his own medical bill when he crashes through his greenhouse. Capt Tom has done enough and is no Moore. Stop it now John, don’t do it. Have a tea and biscuit and fall asleep in a comfy chair and wait for god.

    • Don’t listen to Rob John.
      Fuck that!
      Im with yer lad.
      Go out in a blaze of glory!!
      Your a natural showman and I’ve ever faith you can jump 15 London buses if you have rockets attached to your roller skates.
      As that nice boy Frederick Mercury said “the show must go on!”
      An “who wants to live forever”.
      A wise man, close to his mother.

  15. I reckon they should dig out two octogenarian’s from an old folks home and administer viagra and other aphrodisiacs-then let them “Hump for feckless mother’s”.

    Doggy style and face masks, obviously. Do not resuscitate notices apply.

    Give generously, fellow cunters 👍

    • Fuck for Boris…..

      Give em some spare vaccines, that will get their motors running and the old blood a clotting.

  16. What a heartwarming triumph of the human spirit. A few questions though:
    1) Why do I get the feeling that one of his kids or grandkids works in marketing?
    2) Has it occurred to these people that providing milk and lunch is really a parental responsibility rather than something you can just leave to the government?
    3)3600 poxy quid?! The old boy probably couldn’t get his balls waxed for that much!

  17. I remember in Viz when they had Nude Motorcycle Girl v Topless Skateboard Nun. Quite a lot more interesting than this twat.

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