The Duke of Edinburgh

emergency cunting for Phil the royal who has died.

BBC already pushing that he was immigrant who had to escape his country. yada yada.

Nominated by: the cunt of montybisto

(This is a pretty pisspoor nomination in terms of narrative and structure, but we’ll go with it because its a major headline. So go wild – DA)


151 thoughts on “The Duke of Edinburgh

  1. Word is that Prince William and his half brother are keen to heal any rift.
    The royals must be insane if they let that Markle scrubber back in after her disgraceful antics. Let her know she can get away with it and she’ll abuse her ‘power’ and position even more.

  2. I wonder what fanciful whopper the Snake and Cuddles, her puppet monkey will come up with to steal the limelight from Big Phil’s passing?

    The Klu Klux Klan in an ambush? Another evidence-free ‘miscarriage’? Somebody calling Archie a co*n? Still not giving a fuck about her own father?

    There’ll be something brewing in the Serpent’s Lair. Sure as eggs is eggs and cunts is cunts.

  3. He was a cunt. Him and his family cosied up to the likes of Jimmy Savile and Peter Ball. He was a member of The Thursday Club whose behaviour was dodgy to say the least and the FBI had a file which allegedly had his best mate, Louis Mountbatten, down as a homosexual with a penchant for young boys. He won’t be missed. None of them will.

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