Lenny Henry (7)

Lenny Henry is a cunt.

This cunt has had a forty year career, but white folk are all racist. He thinks “BAME” ( a racist slur in itself) are not represented on our idiot screens, when in fact they are over represented according to their proportion in the general population.

I dont remember ‘Tiswas’ being racist.

What a self important, self-serving cunt.

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Agreed, he is a proper cunt. After starting his career in the Black and White Minstrel Show ( 1975-80 ) all this knob has done is remove a Fat Bird from the shelf.

You could call him balanced if he had a chip on each shoulder but every year he pops out from under Dawns thighs and moans there are too many white people on the TV. Imagine that a white country with white people on the TV – shock horror. Did I mention he is a cunt ?

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    • Ha ha!

      He hasn’t uploaded fresh content since Monday.

      A search on Google reveals he has been taken down from YouTube 😢

    • whites invented tv and electricity. so should be on the TV.

      but remember white people are black, theyre just melanin deficient so they get vitamin D in the winter and their bones don’t break.

      it’s all so stupid

  1. Hmm, I have quite a simple view on this nonsense.
    Lenny – if my Country and white people are so racist move to any Country on the African continent.
    But refrain from calling the British Embassy as you are being necklaced for the whitey made watch on your arm.
    Thanks Lenny.

    • Synopsis:

      Lenny and friends love Englandistan and all is wonderful, horribly imperialist, racist, luxurious trappings.
      They just hate white people and are all out to remove the white population from their homeland.

      Ergo: Masser Henry (culturally appropriated surely) is a racist cunt.

  2. About as funny as a burning orphanage. Who’s more racist than this cunt? With white peoples it’s racism, with blacks it’s BLM. If Britain gets on your tits that much move to Africa you hypocrite.

  3. He’s always been a massive cunt and an irritating one at that. Comedians are supposed to be amusing. This shit stain was never funny or relevant and he still isn’t.

  4. An unfunny cunt who fucks a fat cunt and constantly whines about how waycist everybody is. Fuck off you jaded cunt. CUNT.

  5. From what I have been told from those who have met him, ‘Sir’ Lenny is as rude as fuck to people who recognise him, and yet he is also pissed off when people don’t.

    Cake and eat it Sambeaux cunt.

  6. Lenny was OoooKaaay in Tiswas when he wasn’t taking himself too seriously, to a mild pain in Two Of A Kind, to a fucking pain in the arse today.

    I blame Comic Relief which was neither Comic or Relief. They could have laid a pipe from his kitchen to Africa in the last 33 years and provided them with all the water they need. Give a man water he can live for a day, teach a man to be a plumber and he can fix his own water supply problems.

    Da ting is, Lenworth, dat de natives all fight among demselves, so dey can never become civilised.

    He is no longer married to Dawn French.
    Her Wikipedia entry is quite revealing:
    French began dating charity executive Mark Bignell in 2011. On 22 April 2013, it was reported that they had just married.[49] The couple reside in Fowey, Cornwall, in a mansion overlooking Readymoney Cove. The grade II-listed building dates back to the 19th century.[39]
    … During the 2010 UK general election campaign, French was cited as a supporter of the Labour Party.[51]
    A useless actress and a charity worker living in a grade II-listed mansion, supporting Labour. Fuck me ragged. The money that is swilling about in this country for useless people while hard working people struggle is astonishing.

    • This Sir is the post of the week. On behalf of Cunters everywhere I would like to award you a feather in your cap 👍

  7. Always been a fat unfunny cunt. Unlike his ex-missus, who was fat but occasionally funny.

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