Lenny Henry (7)

Lenny Henry is a cunt.

This cunt has had a forty year career, but white folk are all racist. He thinks “BAME” ( a racist slur in itself) are not represented on our idiot screens, when in fact they are over represented according to their proportion in the general population.

I dont remember ‘Tiswas’ being racist.

What a self important, self-serving cunt.

Nominated by: Smug cunt 

Seconded by Just a bloke

Agreed, he is a proper cunt. After starting his career in the Black and White Minstrel Show ( 1975-80 ) all this knob has done is remove a Fat Bird from the shelf.

You could call him balanced if he had a chip on each shoulder but every year he pops out from under Dawns thighs and moans there are too many white people on the TV. Imagine that a white country with white people on the TV – shock horror. Did I mention he is a cunt ?

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  1. Good nom!👍
    Is Lenny on fuckin magic Mushrooms?
    Im a racist and he’s committed far worse crimes against black people than I ever could!!
    He was in the Black & white Minstrels but didnt say a dicky bird when getting a paycheck the mercenary little cunt.
    He did loads of black charicatures and then gets all Black Panther!!
    Stick to mixing with your own kind….luvvies.
    And get that blob of shite you call your missus a nosebag,
    You uppity fraudulent cunt.

  2. Disappeared from TV in the 90’s, mainly because he is shit and unfunny, only to resurface as the darling of the woke brigade.

    And this crusader for Black rights, shitstain, waste of oxygen has the audacity to accept a Knighthood from the people he accuses of oppressing him.

    He is a self-serving piece of shit and a waste of a good rope.

  3. @justabloke. Actually im smug cunt and my wife is proper cunt. The club has been going for many years.Complete,total,utter, right cunt(but he wont admit it) and little( she was six at the time and is now 30) are all taken.

    • “BAME” are disproportionately over represented on our TV screens ,
      Especially so in Adverts!
      Anyhow who gives a flying fuck what this “comedian “ has to say about anything
      Henry hasn’t said anything approaching funny in this millennium…..
      Go have a fucking lay down at your local premiere inn ya cunt ……..

  4. I remember his 90s incarnation of the Lenny Henry show. He started to display his contempt towards the country that made him famous back then. Whilst still doing his pound shop impersonations if his mother and Barry White etc. Always has been a fucking hypocrite, so no surprise he readily accepted an honour steeped in imperialistic history. Typical of his creed that he takes whiteys money, accolades and women (although he’s welcome to that lard arsed minger) and then decides the country that gave him everything and more has let him down. Cunt extraordinaire!

  5. The un-funniest ‘funny man’ I’ve ever had the misfortune to watch. A complete and utter cunt. Perhaps his ONLY remotely funny was his imitation of Bellamy – but even I can do a better one!

  6. There’s not a tv commercial, drama or movie that doesn’t feature blacks. They make up 3% of the population but are massively over represented on tv. If there is a white hetro male he is invariably made to look stupid or feminised.
    Henry is a deeply unfunny cunt as well as being a cowardly hypocrite.
    Fuck off back to where your ancestors came from you won’t be missed. I’ll even pay for the fried chicken in a bucket and the watermelon.

  7. Gimme a big fat contract to advertise a shitty hotel chain.

    We did.

    Oh yeah….gimme my own series on BBC.

    We did…..several times.

    Ok, gimme a fucking knighthood.

    We did.

    Raaaay-sists! I’m pissing off to Africa.

      • Nobody could deny you your rightful urges Father. At least it keeps your mind off the choirboys.

      • Fr.Up

        She’s always been chunky, I remember her when she was first on TV, young ones, comic strip.

        She was curvy if I’m being polite or a fat cunt way back when. Maybe you like fat girls, each to their own.

      • Fr, dont listen to Bertie and Sixdog.
        Your a chubby chaser, nowt wrong with that.
        Give Dawn the holy communion wafers and a jar of Nutella and she’ll let you dry bum her or anything!
        I like a bit of meat on the bone myself, but not where they resemble imflatables like Dawn.

      • Agreed Miserable, the fatties are always jolly and extra appreciative with a bit BLM posturing, A round of “No justice no peace” followed by a black power salute and she’s putty in both hands.

      • Jesus LL, Dawns life must be a living hell having to listen to Lenny practice his repertoire of shite impersonations?!!!
        Frank Spencer, Trevor McDonald,
        She must pray every doughnuts the one that gives her a heart attack and frees her from his laugh free bullshit.

      • You do know that they divorced some time back Mis?
        I think he probably traded her in for a slimline model, the fat cunt.

      • Evening Bertie, no not aware of that.
        So shes back on the market?
        There you go Father, get in there!
        Bag of pork scratchings in your pants pocket, she’ll sniff em out like one of those pigs with truffles!!

  8. Even Covid isn’t as big a cunt as Lenny. No more to be said. Oven, bullet or noose, dont care which.

  9. Henry and French.

    A pair of unfunny and untalented luvvie “has been” cunts who between them couldn’t muster a single thing worth watching.

    Wish the pair of them would just fuck off into obscurity.

  10. If he thinks I’m donating to Comic relief this year he can fuck off. Mind you I’ve never given a bean to the cunts.

  11. The fucking unfunny cunt Knee grow should be cancelled for cultural appropriation when he ‘whited up’ in a shite film he was in when he thought he was that Irish lad Eddie Murphy

  12. Without the platform provided for them by centuries of hard work,astonishing discoveries and innovation by white Europeans these cunts would be completely unknown,living in the darkest filthiest shitholes of Africa eating each other and shagging monkeys.
    White privelege my arse.
    Disgusted are you,you thick blek pansy?
    Then fuck off to Mogadishu and see how you go on?
    A bit frightening?
    Oh dear me…

    Ungrateful fucking vermin.

  13. Disgusting Example of a failed species, he was good in those P.G Tips adverts though, I once saw him in Chester Zoo, shouted over to him but he was to busy eating his own Shit in his enclosure, ignorant Bastard.!

  14. Sir Lenworth Henry tries too hard, but really all he is is an uppity, Brummy, gangly, chippy unfunny racist wanker.

    “Oooooooooookaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyy” and pouring condensed milk “on da bread” was about the limit of his comedy prowess. A cunt who has made a fortune out of portraying black stereotypes, only to accuse every other cunt of racism in his later years.

    At no point in time has Dawn French ever been “dooable”, sorry Fr.Upp but either a visit to Specsavers is in order or your teenage hormones must have overriden your optic nerves at the time. Hopefully you have since recovered.

    Lenny Henry – as funny as Stage 4 bowel cancer.

    • Even if he were funny, it’d be a bit ripe complaining of wayy-cism. However, seeing as he was always a token, it’s terribly ripe he’s complaining of wayyuy-cism. You can tell when a comedian hasn’t got natural humour when they stretch their voice weirdly trying hard for the laughter. It should be called the Michael McIntyre Syndrome.

  15. I first remember him trying to be a mainstream comic. Problem was, he wasnt funny or engaging, unlike the equally black Charlie Williams, who was funny and likeable.
    He was shite on Tiswas, and shite when he became ‘alternative’ and started shouting Katanga for no discernible reason.
    He now seems to be the go to kaffir for generation woke. They should have a close look at his woke credentials.

  16. Grade A cunt. All the techs in the AV industry (If there are any left) agree he’s a rude miserable twat. I’ve seen the tit, he harps on about blacks constantly and the evil of the right wing. Typical socialist luvvy. He’s never done anything of any note since TISWAS and he was shit on that.

  17. About as funny as Guinea worm disease and not as appealing.

    I hate all these people of colour who have made it to being champagne brothers but now hate the hands who fed them.

  18. ‘Three of a kind’ was shit. You just knew it was not going to work. They ran on and did a joke. Terrible format. David Copperfield was the really unfunny one.
    Luke the unfunny one in ‘The Young Ones’ he was.

  19. “Eeeeere me now bruddas, hog say, de first dutty water mi ketch, mi wash, ya fuckin bumbaclot. Yuh tink a one day monkey want wife? No fatty woman no cry mon”.

    The incredible, brave and outstanding lyrics from Lenny Henrys new comic relief album, track list is as follows:

    1) Every hoe have dem stik a bush, mon
    2) Wanti, wanti, cyan getti, getti, getti nuh want it
    3) Bumbo-pussy-raasclaat
    4) Suck yuh madda whitey bloodcleet
    5) Battty hole fatty boom boom

    Yours now for only £14.99.

    • Can I have mine in imperialist 78 format for my Jamaican gramophone, please Bl?

      • Yaaaa mon, me can do nooo problem brudda, big man ting, and Tek weh yu self som of me finest ganja and u do ya ting to di world mon

  20. Lets not forget this cunt ‘whited up’ for a film in the 80s. Yes, they even let him star in a film! But while everyone remembers Eddie Murphy whiting up to play the cantankerous front wheel skid in Coming to America, nobody remembers him doing it. Why? Because it was a dreadful film, and he was shit in it.

  21. The only “funny” thing Lenny did was his Michael Jackson “Thriller” pastiche, where he started out as a werewolf and turned into Michael.
    For a career spanning 45 years, not remarkable 👎

  22. As others are stating, this pillock needs to stop whining saying not enough dark keys are on the telly.

    Maybe he hasn’t switched his on since the early 90s, when he was last on it regularly? Because the fuckers are everywhere.

    “Here is the news” (dark key)

    “Now over to the weather” (hands over to dark key)

    Back to the studio debate (2 dark keys and a token honky)

    Ad break (Yup… everywhere)

    Even trying to watch sport a few months back for some relief to ‘Operation Erase the Honkies’ I saw an England u-21 team with just one honky and 10 dark keys.

    This fucker won’t be happy until all the honkies are dead by the looks of it. How many dark keys does he fucking need to see on our screens?

    Pardon me for being white. Jesus.

  23. How many Lenny Henry’s does it take to change a lightbulb?

    Plus Chris Tarantino and Sally James, Bob Carolgees and Spit-the-dog et al to “elevate” him.

    The unfunny, race baiting twat.

    • Tarantino substituted for Tarrant?
      Fuck me Apple-you are the comedy gift that keeps giving😂

  24. Off topic:

    Anybody have any idea why Alex Bellfield and his short news-blasts or “Voice-of-reason” live show seems to have gone awol?

    Victim of suppression🤔😢

    • As far as I can gather, he’s pissed off the cunts that are youtube and been suspended….For how long and why I don’t know.

    • He’s a grade A cunt anyway, fuck him
      The cunt is devastated the British Bullshit Corp got shut of him
      he should be grateful he’s out of there the bitter and twisted drama queen

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