Andre Hill

What is Black is not Black and White any more

Came the usual headlines viz: Another Black Man gunned down by police in Ohio. When it came up on’t telly thought “funny they must have over exposed the video” and put it down to powerful camera lights and so on.

Was expecting to see a black man with negroid features sprawled out on the pavement with blood spurting out of his head (head wounds bleed like a pig) but bugger me no, chap looked as white as the driven. Further to that as the news photo shows he has or had very blue eyes.

This makes Yours Truly a very confused old cunt. For example If I am gunned down by the PD does that make me Black for compo purposes?

There was a time when the Black Diaspora were claiming all sorts as Black such as Beethoven and Tom Jones so where does it stop or begin?

I knew a very old lady who was the daughter of the Black British composer, Samuel Coleridge Taylor. She lived happily in South Africa and had very white skin and deep blue eyes and the most beautifully modulated pukka English accent (as did her father). She was happy to talk about her father but violently opposed to being called Black when the Diaspora tried to claim her. Then there are racially transitioning cunts obviously white who present as black.

How to make sense of all this amidst me New Year libations? How to play the white man in the US without getting shot? KKK hoods? So many questions.

Nominated by: Sir Limply Stoke

22 thoughts on “Andre Hill

  1. Remember the original Star Trek where the alien was split black and white was in mortal combat with the one who was split white and black. If only the writer knew what would happen 50 years down the line. Managed to write that without a fuck or a cunt, must be mellowing.

  2. You whiteys is all da same!
    Vernon Fox, self identifying as an ethnicity I am not for the purpose of profit.
    All you howwid whitey rotters best be divvying up for my reparations – no cheques, just postal orders, cash, gold or precious gems.
    Yours sincerely, Kunta Kinte 🤣👍🤪

  3. Sheeeit. Whitey shooting up brothers an shit, dam.
    Accept Andre looks white.
    He should try harder,hes not getting in the spirit of things,
    Lacking in focus.
    Hard for the cops to know who to shoot?!!
    If they can dance?
    Play basketball?
    Deadbeat fathers?
    Who gives a fuck?
    Get a fuckin Gatling gun shut your eyes and mow every fucker down far as im arsed!
    Just yanks being yanks.

    • MNC – In my new dictatorsh, er, “friendly and kind democracy” you will be head of the police!
      You’re just the kind of commonsense young chap our Country needs! 😃👍

  4. The cunt in the header pick looks like a stereotypical Albanian drug dealer, did the police shout ‘Stop you potentially black person or we will shoot’ 😂

    • “Stop, or we’ll take a knee! We can do this the easy way or the easier way – don’t make me come over there and apologise for my colonial past now”!
      “What’s that? White Woman drinking coffee in public? Prepare the Iron Maiden”..

  5. It seems the way ahead is clear.
    Identify as black, and shoot whoever you want. It should work both ways.
    When the cop who knelt on the neck of the drug addled, firearms offending, pregnant woman robbing criminal, George Floyd is up before the beak, he could use it as mitigating circumstances and get off lightly.

    • Very $nîgger.
      I stole some bubble gum when I was a kid and I’m a tad lazy.

      However, I don’t eat chicken, have never raped anybody, can pronounce ‘ask’ correctly, I’m not ugly, angry, or violent, haven’t got a proclivity for crime, not sexually deviant, nor obsessed with race and racism, not poor or chintzy, and I don’t dribble watermelon onto a dirty floor.

      Nonetheless, I have got a huge wanger. Shall I start claiming benefits?

  6. I have no idea how this cunt is, and can’t be arsed to read up about him, however he does look like a cunt and that’s good enough for me.

    Furthermore if it’s anything to do with the US of bloody A, then I give even less of cunt TBH. It’s only going to get worse and worse there now they’ve fucked over President Trump and installed a cadaver and BLM feminist commie split arse in the White House.

    I have nothing else to say. Dog bless Cunters one and all.

  7. Seems to me that any mixed-race cunts out there are now identifying themselves as “black” even though they’re really not!

    You only have to look at the effort made by Sparkle Tits that you realise its only because “being black” is de rigueur in order to fit in with the current woke bullshit on SM.

  8. Why would anyone with a touch of the tar brush want to claim to be black. Look at fucking Africa. It’s not actually Wakanda. It’s a fucking shit hole. It was much worse before the British set out to civilise the cunts.. should never have given them anti biotics though.

  9. What is that nestling under that Vittolo Haddad’s nose. Looks like a sultana or a giant bogey.

    Should get a rat to gnaw it off.

    Filthy beast.

  10. If his name was John Smith and he was standard white, no one would give a fuck. America is hardly beating itself up over the white woman shot and killed in Washington last week. In fact, quite the opposite, as any minor misdemeanor is amplified through the media. Unlike Mr Floyd, who had exactly the opposite treatment.
    W**** privilege indeed!

  11. I is as follows
    Monday, B lack
    Tuesday, openly G ay
    Wednesday, I identify as none binary
    Thursday, I like to be known as a climate activist and rug muncher
    Friday, Mixed race and fucking mixed up by now!
    Saturday, A mammal
    Sunday, is bath night and in order to properly appreciate the value of soap and water I return to being a white heterosexual man ..

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