Paradigm Precision

Paradigm Precision Burnley.

A random one but this is the company who have just sacked Jake Hepple – the sulphur smelling satanic monster who dared to engage in free speech by arranging for a banner to be flown over the Etihad stadium which said “white lives matter Burnley”.

The Daily Mule, sorry, Mail have gone all out (in line with all the rest of the media) to portray this man as someone Hitler and Stalin would be embarrassed by for his radical views – showing pictures of this beast committing such heinous crimes as standing behind an England flag. (Clear evidence of racism then).

Mr Hepple got the inevitable visit from the Police (always got time for that one haven’t they?) who informed him he had done nothing wrong, had committed no crime whatsoever and asked him if he wanted protection – would this have happened if the banner had said “black lives matter Burnley”? No, I don’t think so either – and ask yourself this – do we really live in a democracy when a Man gets sacked, demonised, threatened, abused and pretty much has his life ruined for doing NOTHING WRONG.

And the cherry on the hate cake? His partner has also been sacked for writing “paki” on facebook. People from Britain are called “Brits” all around the World but this is not racist, but calling someone from Pakistan a paki apparently is – racism in itself.
I despair – this is 1930’s Germany, not the Country I grew up in – and we are slowly being exterminated every way, every day just as the Jews were by Hitler – all the parallels are there. And darkness awaits.

Nominated by: Vernon Fox

68 thoughts on “Paradigm Precision

  1. Not a fucking pig in sight as 100 plus Eritreans pull down a statue of Haile Selassie in Wimbledon, today yet they had plenty to send round to this lads house the fucking filth useless bastards

    The Rastafarians will be kicking off when they’ve finished their doobies at this outrage

    • WTF are 100 Eritreans doing running around Wimbledon. Surely once they arrive are required to integrate and never act as an ethnic group ever again. No? Well then the fundamental policy is fucking cocked up.

    • Good spot, Jannerc. Proves not all discrimination is equal.

      Good for the gay guy. Hope he enjoys spending that nice payout.

  2. Well well well, so the oh so virtuous Burnley cunts aren’t so woke after all? Don’t like the shirtlifters eh? What a fucking disgrace.
    Good find mate.

  3. There are some new gods in town that demand worship, yep persons of colour. I really dont think they will be happy until they achieve god status

  4. The latest thing is in some crap American sport venue they are having two national anthems the normal one and one for black Americans. I have to wonder who are the real racists! Cunts

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