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Paradigm Precision Burnley.

A random one but this is the company who have just sacked Jake Hepple – the sulphur smelling satanic monster who dared to engage in free speech by arranging for a banner to be flown over the Etihad stadium which said “white lives matter Burnley”.

The Daily Mule, sorry, Mail have gone all out (in line with all the rest of the media) to portray this man as someone Hitler and Stalin would be embarrassed by for his radical views – showing pictures of this beast committing such heinous crimes as standing behind an England flag. (Clear evidence of racism then).

Mr Hepple got the inevitable visit from the Police (always got time for that one haven’t they?) who informed him he had done nothing wrong, had committed no crime whatsoever and asked him if he wanted protection – would this have happened if the banner had said “black lives matter Burnley”? No, I don’t think so either – and ask yourself this – do we really live in a democracy when a Man gets sacked, demonised, threatened, abused and pretty much has his life ruined for doing NOTHING WRONG.

And the cherry on the hate cake? His partner has also been sacked for writing “paki” on facebook. People from Britain are called “Brits” all around the World but this is not racist, but calling someone from Pakistan a paki apparently is – racism in itself.
I despair – this is 1930’s Germany, not the Country I grew up in – and we are slowly being exterminated every way, every day just as the Jews were by Hitler – all the parallels are there. And darkness awaits.

Nominated by: Vernon Fox

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  1. Anyone who knows Burnley or that part of Lancashire will understand that couple’s point of view. Whites are in the minority and the Asians get away with whatever they feel like.

    A worthy cunting. I hope they win big at tribunal, but I sadly doubt it in this day and age.

  2. Depends how long he as worked there. Anyone who openly uses the term Paki is asking for trouble. Now the cunt known as prince harry is shooting is marf off. Thanks for your army service, now fuck off to your miserable woke west coast existence. And as the athlete bitch screaming racial stereotyping, get a cunt to drive the car sensibly, not like a cunt running guns or drugs. Thank your buvvers for that. Rant over, back to my 1664.

    • People from Turkmenistan are called Turkmens, not Turkmenistanis.

      People from Kazakhstan are called Kazakhs, not Kazakhstanis.

      People from Uzbekistan are called Uzbeks, not Uzbekistanis.

      People from Afghanistan are called Afghans, not Afghanistanis.

      People from Kyrgyzstan are called Kyrgyzs, not Kyrgyzstanis.

      People from Tajikistan are called Tajiks, not Tajikistanis.

      So why are people from Pakistan called Parking Stanleys?

  3. The police say no crime has been committed, so lets hope a massive wrongful dismissal pay out reduces the shareholders to tears.

  4. Feel sorry for him.
    His missus was a bit daft putting ‘paki’ on facefook, someones obviously grassed on her.
    Funny how quickly the press released his identity isnt it?
    Almost like they wanted him to get trouble on his doorstep?
    Dont do that with BLM or Antifa or sex offenders though?
    Maxine Carr, the killers of Jamie Bulger etc
    All have anonymity.
    He embarrassed them.
    He exposed the message as a lie.
    Hope he gets a unfair dismissal settlement and a better paid job.
    Fuck his spineless boss.

  5. I fucking despair, I really do.

    That’s it, haven’t got anything funny to add; not really a laughing matter is it?

  6. As Norman Tebbit said, “When a Kiwi or an Aussie or a person from Pakistan..”

    He did the best interview ever with Tony Benn they agreed on almost everything “I couldn’t have said it better myself” XCPT how to deliver that desired outcome.

    Each understood the others position, critiques were offered and acknowledged, between them they gave me a lexicon for democracy I’d never considered before and that’s the bounty of dialogue.

    Within the orbit of “Paradigm Precision” even the thought of dialogue is blasphemy because “within” is the only place they ever look.

  7. And all the lies about Hepple being a member of the ‘far right’.
    Mind you, anybody who dares to disagree with the libfuck Nazis is labelled as ‘far right’.

    Don’t these demented snowflakes realise that when the UK finally turns into Zimbabwe or Pakistan with shit weather that they will have served their purpose and they will be in the shit and persecuted just like Hepple and the rest of us? You’re white, you’re finished. It’s as simple as that.

  8. The world is upside down. That cunt of an “academic” at Cambridge, Ghopal who said white lives dn’t matter got promoted toProfessor, whereas David Starkey was forced to resign for seaking his mind. Speaking your mind is OK for a darki but not for a whitey. Britain 2020.

  9. I hope he gets a payout so large he never has to work again because that’s what I’d want.

    After that I’d get my brief to go after every cunt that criticised or lambasted my actions in the media and sue the arse of them for denying me free speech and therefore oppressing me, after all nobody wants to be oppressed.

    Everything is upside down and back to front, must be a polar shift coming….

  10. Paradigm Precision sound like another load of EU and government funded snakes.
    I hope they go bust and I also hope Burnley Inbred FC get relegated and then go bankrupt and get destroyed. Snide, dirty, sneaky, grassing filth, the pair of them. They deserve nothing but a painful and humiliating demise.

  11. I also think that any cunt who grasses on social media should be named and shamed and branded with the word ‘Grass’ on their foreheads.

    Our pathetic government and police have encouraged mardarse shithouses to ‘Run! Hide! Tell!’

    Which basically means ‘Grass! Grass! Grass!’

    The Gestapo had a network of ‘ordinary folk” as grasses, and the BLM and leftist fascists do too and they are no better.

    • The rozzers have done plenty of the “running” bit over the last few weeks. They also do “hiding” as they never come out for real crimes, and then the tell bit is probably “telling” Cressida D*ke how their feelings have been hurt.

  12. Just stole this about the above company.

    I am leaving in sympathy with an excellent colleague who was fired for being patriotic to his own country in his private life completly outside his work. It is time the British people stood up to these rootless cosmopolitan transnational anti genuine diversity thugs who support our individual nations being eradicated in the name of creating a one world government in which all races, nations, religions and people will be blended into a group of rootless consumers. I would rather be poor and free than a slave of global corporatism.

    Advice to Management

    Get out of our country or start respecting it’s existance.

    • There is another one on Glassdoor, not sure if or how they are verified.

  13. The police investigated and said no crime committed. Paradigm invoke the ‘company values’ and sack the guy.
    I am not sure what is offensive about the banner other than in the minds of looney left and woke media.
    If free speech is outlawed how can anyone have an alternative view to black lives matter, my view of the message White Lives Matter (may not be the same from Jake Hepple) is that it is just as ridiculous as Black Live Matter, it’s absolutely meaningless and the actual BLM movement isn’t really anything to do with Black Lives.
    I hope he gets a good lawyer and if he has any sense uses the argument I outlined above.
    Paradigm are cunts, if they weren’t happy with his behaviour they should have suspended him on full pay to allow time for the facts to be investigated, Jake Hepple claimed that 60 people in total had contributed to the banner, he may have been the one who made the purchase but he didn’t act alone so shouldn’t be singled out!
    It’s a fit up and I hope he gets compensation, it’s a cast iron certainty that he won’t get his job back.

    • The company might not exist much longer if customers decide they want nothing to do with a company that treats its workers in such a disgusting manner.

  14. A lot of talk on here about wrongful dismissal but could he technically sue the football club for libel?

  15. “and ask yourself this – do we really live in a democracy … ”
    He should sue all of them, his boss & the football club – the more we resist this tyranny the better

  16. The World has “woken” And whitey is done the end of equality has surely come.

  17. The word “Pak*” was a perfectly acceptable word up until the 1960’s. It was what they called themselves and it comes from the name of the country…….Pakistan meaning land of the Pak*s , as with Afghanistan meaning land of the Afghans.
    In the 60’s the word was applied to the wave of Asian immigrants who, for the most part, were Indians. Naturally they objected to this because they didn’t want to be identified with filthy, stinking peacefuls. (Their words not mine obviously) Hence it became an insulting and, eventually racist word. Technically there is nothing wrong with the word and they probably use it among themselves. (Don’t know that for sure because I don’t hang around with dirty murdering, raping Pak*s)
    That would be my argument in court anyway.

    • Indian friends in Seffrica always referred to them as pukkies (that’s how they pronounce it.) No offence intended and they couldn’t understand why it was a no no in UK.

    • Back in the 60s there was a shop in Alum Rock Rd called ‘Aki the Pa*i’. They even referred to themselves as ‘Pa*is’ until the do-going, poker up the arse SJWs decided to take offence on their behalf.

  18. Below is what BLM UK is signed up to:

    The movement has backed a controversial pledge to ‘defund the police’, said that its aims include the dismantling of capitalism, and believes that ‘politics is gagged of the right to critique Zionism’.

    All the stupid cunts wearing the tee-shirts and marching are backing communism, anarchy and anti-Semitism.
    Would work well for the dull cunts in football taking the fucking knee, the London fucking luvvies and middle class cunts. They would get what they deserve.
    Can we imagine a city with no police at the mercy of these cunts. White Lives Matter, truly a sacking offence.

    • When cunt Hamilton complained anyone not following BLM need to be educated. Well me thinks he needs to be educated about who these cunts are. A pity Cuntstable you cant educate the wanker.

  19. The difference between ‘Paki’ and ‘Brit’ is that Paki is considered to be a derogatory term whereas Brit is either a neutral or an affectionate term.

    That said, I usually say “I’m going to the Paki shop” if I intend to shop at the local Asian emporium.

    The wife, who is of Indian descent, doesn’t give a fuck. I wouldn’t use the term in front of strangers though, or people I like who are of a sensitive disposition….

    • I know a couple of Indians who regard Pakistanis in the same way that they’d regard a dose of bubonic plague. They’re not afraid to voice their opinion on the matter because they don’t think they’ll be taken to account. I’m white, so I bet I would be.

      • I grew up living near a Sikh Indian family. They were top people and I even went out with the daughter (and she’s still a fit’ un). And I know for a fact they loathed Pakistanis and peacefuls with a passion and they still do.

    • The “Paki” in “Pakistan” is made up from the first letters of:

      and was invented due to the partition of India in 1947. So, just how is it derogatory? I’d love my day in court with this one.

    • In northern Ireland Brits is used in quite a derogatory fashion by the hardcore fenians as in Brits out etc they fucking hate us

  20. A man who was arrested by police after breaking into peoples houses, opening the kitchen cupboards and stacking any large antique serving plates by year of manufacture has been handed over to mental health staff after being diagnosed with a rare dish order disorder….

  21. That banner was a great and hilarious example of the long running British tradition of mocking pomposity and taking the piss out of wanker cunts.

    • Good nom Foxy lad!👍👍

      Shaun -‘get me hundred fags, 2 bottles of wine, bottle of whisky, an 10 cans of lager, now.
      Mr sandhu-“you know your not meant to be in here, out! Now!”
      Shaun-“just fuckin get them you paki bastard”.
      Mr Sandhu- what did you just say?”
      Shaun “get them YOU FILTHY PAKI BASTARD!”
      This is England®

      Shaun doing race relations without subtly or tact, is a bit shocking nowadays although quite common when growing up.
      Shaun probably works for Paradigm now as middle management☺

  22. Those kerbstones in that photo don’t look right to me. I hope somebody trips over them and sues their anti British arses off.
    The cunts.

  23. Del Boy: ‘You lot don’t ever give me credit’.

    Uncle Albert: ‘Neither will that Paki’.

    Wonder if that’ll be kept in on the repeats.

  24. I was about to go in the local paki shop last night when one of a group of young lads came over and said, “You can’t get us half a bottle of vodka and twenty Richmonds can ya..?” and held out some money. “He won’t serve any of us.”

    I thought about for a second, I was young once and said ok.

    Came out the shop with his stuff, which is when the trouble started and words were exchanged.
    He was happy with vodka, but I told him, “Next time you can buy your own fucking sausages.”….

  25. I hope he and his family get the justice they deserve and the copensation too another reminder that the msm hate the fuck out of the indigenous white’s of this country the banner just said what the majority are thinking but are shit scared of saying it

    • Vernon Fox@
      Mate, is this the nom you thought got binned?
      Glad it saw the light of day, a good un 👍

    • Unless we have a few cases of the oppressed using the law to defend themselves.

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