Marcus Rashford.

Marcus Rashford.
Who? I hear me say. Apparently some 20 year old Dark Key footballerist who makes millions of quid by kicking around an inflated sheep’s bladder. However, he’s really really disappointed that HM government have decided not to throw more cash at the feckless underclass in order that they may feed their ill begotten offspring and is being lauded as some kind of hero by the usual suspects, in the same way that that jug eared, shat himself, crisp vendor opined over the same issue.

So, after 20 odd years on this planet he is clearly more knowledgable on economics, politics, the meaning of life etc than the sum total of Human knowledge hitherto known. If you’re that concerned then why don’t you and jug ears throw buckets load of the cash that you’ve acquired under false pretences and nip down to Tesco and alleviate the problem single handedly?

I may even be impressed. In the mean time fuck off back to your rubber tyre and start training for whatever it is you do. BLM? Not this one. Fuck the fuck off.

Nominated by: Kunte Kunty

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  1. All 44 players took the knee tonight. No big surprise. Imagine what would happen to any cunt who refused, the media would slaughter the bastard. He’d have to go and play in China or somewhere similar. Silence is violence, say the libtards. That means if you’re not for us you’re the enemy. You are not allowed to be nuetral or not give a fuck.
    A bit like wartime in fact.

      • They would be the real hero in this. Instant dismissal and the ensuing witch hunt means we are unlikely to see it happen.
        Fucking premier league virtue signalling cunts

    • It will be interesting if a player refuses to take a knee. I doubt it will happen though. Who will risk their 200k a week? To be honest, I’d suck Warwick Davis off in the centre circle for that sort of wage.

      I kind of hope a black player makes a stand and says what we all know. BLM are a racist organisation and if the PL really do ‘stand with BLM’ then they obviously won’t need their games policing anymore, right?

      But again, I highly doubt it.

      • To facilitate noshing off young Willow in the centre circle, forget taking a knee, you would need to go prone😂😂😂.

        200bags£?. Owen Jones would do it for a copy of the pink news😆.

  2. I’m starting a Ginger Lives Matter movement. After watching the telly and social media I’ve decided that being born Ginger has held me back and I’m not as rich and successful as I want. I seek apology, change by way of preference in all matters and financial reparations for the blighting and slurs accrued as a child when my feelings were hurt and for the blatant discrimination that still occurs as an adult today. It’s not just for me though. No Sir! It’s for my brethren who have suffered for being the white mans nigger for centuries. We Celts have a rightful claim to this rock (unlike the Gibbons and Sloths), and demand that you all to bend that fucking knee. I’ll be touch with the BBC and the Guardian shortly and I’m starting a crowdfund campaign to help my bank balance.. sorry I mean noble and righteous cause.

  3. Footballer being nice? So what he’s fucking loaded.
    Get fucked with your easy media sainthood.
    And if footballers weren’t cunts before with their staggering incomes, hotel rooms and someone’s nieve coke filled daughter SURELY promoting getting down on your fucking knees makes the grade.
    To all of you that love the beautiful game – you have got to start all over again from scratch without these cunts. They are literally laughing at any fan parted with their money, laughing as they light cigars with burning hundred pound notes, laughing as they kneel.
    Our local club for the people can’t even mow a few local pitches to help the kids stay inspired. Still got big cars and loads of your fucking money though.
    And even though most of britain doesn’t know what grammar or spelling is anymore, these fuckers have still managed to get every fan’s pronounciation of their ridiculous names absolutely perfect.
    What has indoctrination and taking all your money got to do with playing a great fun game?
    Football can fold itself in half, kiss it’s own anus and climb awkwardly inside it’s own bowels.

  4. But I will say, despite all this, that Marcus Rashford does come across as a genuinely nice bloke.

    Means well, but a little naive.

  5. If I were an enterprising journalist i’d be straight on to John Barnes and ask him for a comment on this knee bollocks. I can imagine him saying black people don’t need sympathy and don’t need to be patronised. He’s said similar things in the past. Whatever you think of him he’s got balls and doesn’t suffer fools gladly. That’s what we’ve got here…….fools and bumlickers.

    • Mr Nice Guy is John Barnes, but hard as fuck back in the day. Nobody picked a fight with him in the dressing room at Anfield by all accounts.

  6. I used to fucking hate that fenien cunt James mcClean and his poppy protest but now I quite admire him for standing up for what he believed in. Not one of the overrated, overpaid, utter cunts in football today would do that. But as they are mostly khuns these days, what do you expect. I hope football goes down the shitter because of this virus but I fear there are too many mugs who will keep watching and paying. Cunts

  7. I have a catchy slogan to go with this one.

    “If you can’t feed ’em don’ t breed ’em”

    • They would counter with:

      “Want dem handout? Knock dem kids out” innit.


  8. Fuck me, I’ve landed in a parallel universe.

    “ Manchester City boss Pep Guardiola has spoken in his virtual post-match press conference about the ‘take a knee’ protest before this evening’s game.

    “White people should say sorry for the way we have treated black people for 400 years,” he said. “I am ashamed.”

    I don’t know what you’ve been doing to black people Pep, I’ve done fuck all to them and I’ve got nothing to apologise for. This shit ain’t real!

    • 40,000 + dead in the UK and his own mother died of the virus and he goes on about utter shit like this?

      I feel a cunting coming on…

      • Actually his mum just died so that m gonna leave it for now, but still a mad cuntish thing to say by him after the game.

  9. BBC opened comments for the City vs Arsenal game. Loads of comments slagging off Sky, BBC and the PL for supporting BLM. Such comments were very well received! The race baiters and virtue signallers? Not so much!

    Of course, the article is now closed to comments (took them about 2 hours to close the thread to comments… they usually leave them open for days). Sly fuckers.

    The cunts don’t like it up em!

    Great to see the public seeing through this shit and giving them hell though 🙂

    • Got a link to it? Joe Average is sick to the back bastard teeth of this shite. You don’t kowtow to BLM? You’re a racist. That is wrong in so many ways, and I fear the backlash when Joe Average has had enough. It’s already started, too.

      • Here you go.
        The anti-BLM comments were more popular than the pro BLM ones. It seems after about an hour people started slagging BLM off and BBC stopped the comments before one of them got to the top of the most liked comments (which would’ve been inevitable give it another hour or two).

        Similar stuff was seen on the Sheff Utd vs Villa thread.

  10. Rashford kind of lost me when the silly cunt let slip that his mum had five kids.

    Don’t fucking have five kids if you can’t feed them. It is not a particularly hard concept to grasp.

  11. I heard that Rashford gave a load of his own dosh to his chosen cause. Anyone know if it’s true?..

      • Maybe Rashford should have demanded free condoms and a sterilisation programme.
        The benefit system used to be seen as a safety net, now it is considered by too many to be a lifestyle choice.
        And it won’t be the multi millionaires like Marcus Rashford who will be paying extra taxes to fund this.

    • That’s why I can’t really agree with this cunting – regardless what we think of free school meals he is at least doing it for the right reasons. Only thing he’s really guilty of here is a lack of understanding of economics, which is common in my generation as is.

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