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Further left, Further!

An ‘I’ve Got Shit In My Eye And Can’t See The Wood For The Trees’ cunting for Jon Lansman, if you please, specifically for this piece:

Whilst we can happily say Labour fucked itself up the arse by lick-spittling Magic Grandpa’s ego and making him think he was the answer to everything, we have to remember that a credible opposition is vital to maintain checks and balances in parliament. To fail in that respect leads to extremists and dictatorships.

In reading this piece, it’s clear to me that Lansman thinks the lurch to the left with Momentum was a good thing and needs to be maintained and built on. Fuck me, what a deluded cunt! I mean, doesn’t being bent over and truly having the arse torn out of you by the electorate not sink home (even Laura Piddlecock’s well-used ringpiece was literally in tatters on the morning of Dec 13th 2019 …probably.) This lefty, commie bollocks has no place in British politics and if the Labour Party doesn’t grasp that and let the left wing wither and die, then we are royally fucked politically. Tony Blair was a prick of epic proportions, but he made the Tories shit their pants by dragging Labour into the middle ground and surprisingly enough, electable.

Momentum under Lansman have crippled Labour by championing idealism over realism, and the dozy twat wants it to continue. Well done, you stupid cunt.

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24 thoughts on “Jon Lansman

  1. Long let it continue I say. I want to go to my grave never having seen another left wing or liberal party in power. By the way, I hope to have a least another thirty years left. Personally, Vlad the Impaler wasn’t right wing enough for me.

    • Absolutely. I would rather have the shittest Tory government than the best Labour one. I fucking detest Labour and they detest me. Utter, utter cunts.

  2. The British Communist Party (AKA “Labour”) pursue a constant agenda of Marxist Communist Socialist drivel. And that proclaimer in the picture has let himself go a bit! Jon Lansman – the enemy within.
    They got an absolute hiding at the election, with good reason – and still they carry on the same destructive path. The working Men and Women of the UK have no political party, no voice, no future and no hope.
    We live in dangerous times, and little piggy eyed rat Rebecca Bongs – Daily has blocked me on twitter for calling out her lies and communist agenda – so I must be doing something right! 😄👍

    • See if you can be blocked from the above cock’s account, Vern but be quick before the Panto season begins.


    • She probably blocked you because you understand her politics better than she does.

  3. Failed at the ballot box, now in the streets rioting, bet your arse momentum members are on the streets. They always turn to revolution the red cunts.

    • Momentum, Antifa, the British communist party – enemies of the state and traitors who want to bring down elected Governance and replace it with dictatorships – with them running said dictatorships.
      MNC nailed it perfectly with a post some time ago – “Communism tends to lose its appeal from the back of the bread queue”.

  4. Surprisingly, the Simon Weisanthal centre and Mossad haven’t caught up with Labour and in particular Momentum…Yet.

    Hopefully, it is only a matter of time.

  5. I imagine that once Brexit is done and dusted, Farage or members of the Brexit group will be back with “Reform” or similar, to offer an alternative and more attractive working mans party.
    It’s time for a reformation.

  6. Just another of the shreiking Golders Green Trotskyite set displaying their usual characteristics, opinions and mischievious penchant for infiltration and fomenting division within any organisation to who’s hull they choose to attach themselves.

    His Rolodex must be a vertiable roll call of the UK’s political cuntocracy past and present. By example I found this nice little vignette here about that palsied wanker and eternal brick magnet Andrew Marr…

    “He became good friends with a Chairman Mao-obsessed firebrand called Andrew Marr, or ‘Red Andy’ as he was then known.”

    an urgent ovening beckons for that jug eared fuck-knuckle and as for Lansman, a little more insight into his ‘socialist’ credentials from the same Spectator article…
    “He’s a veteran Bennite, but his many company directorships are registered to a million-pound riverside apartment at Shad Thames, described by estate agents as ‘spectacular’. As well as a statue of Karl Marx and books on Lenin and Stalin, he keeps an enviable wine collection and some comically bourgeois art. The blog he edits, Left Futures, rails against ‘crooked capitalism’ and ‘asset-stripping bosses’. But it is owned by a shady company called Ortonovo Holdings, which is controlled by Lansman and his son Ben, a property magnate some of whose methods have been, perhaps unfairly, compared to asset-stripping.”

    Nice people.

  7. The Labour Party have no need to be in power. Events of the last few weeks have proved that you can be in control without being in power. Ably assisted by a pseudo Conservative government and the MSM, the left are slowly imposing their anarchic program.

    • Incisive Bertie, the sort of clear vision we should be expecting from the media, in particular the media we are forced to pay for under penalty of law.

  8. Didn’t the Labour party vote that Magic Grandpa was their best ever leader? Fuck me that says it all.
    We do need an alternative. I have had enough of government by social media and riots.

    • I’d say he was the best. Led the party the party to a right cunting last December.

  9. Somewhat unsurprisingly I’d gladly see the whole rabble pushed straight in the oven.

  10. Obviously Jon Lansman is the type id prefer to see represented by a chalk outline and cordoned of by the police.
    But fair play to him, he infiltrated a large political party and through organisation he was calling the shots for awhile.
    Pretty impressive.
    Wish a more rightwing version did the same to the tories, injected some fire and backbone.
    Im more klansman than Lansman.

  11. I don’t think it matters a fuck anymore what banner they march under…Conservative,Labour,Liberal,Far-Left.Far-Right etc. ?….who cares?..there’s not one of them worth the skin off my shite.

    • Aye maybe right there.
      All smoke. mirrors & bullshit.
      We just pay the bill.
      You winning Dick?
      Id ask you what you thought about the free school meals but can pretty much guess!😁

      • Might as well give them free school meals,Miserable…perhaps a roasted swan plated on a silver salver delivered by Rolls-Royce and served by a waiter…why not ? Money is no problem for this Govt….might as well just chuck it around like fucking confetti.
        Getting seriously fucked off with the way this Country has gone.
        Fuck them all…it wouldn’t bother me if the whole Country sank beneath the waves.

      • Hehehe! 😁
        Think on the bright side Dick, we have lived through times when this country was pretty good,
        Had fun, made hay, got laid without worry,
        These millenials will get the country they wanted and deserved.
        We’ll be dead and gone, fuck them.
        Theyll inherit a shitehole 3rd world country at this rate.

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