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I’d like to cunt the mainstream media. A cheesy scumbag like George Floyd gets killed by a cop and we’re expected to mourn that as some kind of earth shattering tragedy.

David Dorn, a black 77 year old retired cop gets gunned down by looters live on Facebook while trying to stave off thugs looting his mate’s shop… Not a Dickie Bird. Nothing. Not from Auntie Beeb anyway, just confirmation that Chauvin’s been charged with murder, and then the usual shitty recipes, programme plugs and barmy lefty cack.

If I didn’t know any better I would say that some Black Lives Matter more than others, especially when they serve to drive the narrative that the West is an evil, unjust hell hole. I actually don’t want to make too much light of this because I’ve seen the footage of the poor guy dying and it’s fucking heart breaking. David Dorn – RIP.

Beeb, Graun, New York Times- you’re CUNTS!

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  1. They keep very quiet about black violence. Boko Haram? Nothing to see. Daily black on black killings worldwide, and most blacks are killed by blacks, nothing to see.
    Black lives that fit the agenda matter.

  2. What you say is spot on. In todays paper is this-
    James Purnell BBC exec. Said That a Martian would identify it as a beacon of impartiality. I just don’t recognise your characterisation. One of the things a Martian would see, looking at the BBC, is that this is an organisation for the whole UK. It’s probably the most UK-wide organisation of any we have in this country and we have a very strong diversity of view,” said Mr Purnell, the former Labour minister and Islington councillor who is now the BBC’s director of radio and education.

    • That smirking old cunt, Purnell, who nowadays looks like some frail octoganarian wouldn’t know impartiality if it squared up to him and knocked that arrogant smirk off his mush.

      This cunt is a champion trouser filler, who flip flopped his second home when a Labour MP.

      This cunt lives within his Islington bubble and likely cycles to the BBC HQ. Pity some cement lorry doesn’t accidentally transform him into a rich, red compote.

      • You have to look long and hard to find a media outlet that hasnt got a left wing bias or agenda.
        Sky news, Beeb, Guardian, mirror, observer etc
        Normally have to read between the lines on any news story nowadays.

  3. I love the MSM. People are far less stupid than they think. Hence Brexit, an 80 seat majority,Trump in 2016 and a landslide in November. They are no longer the gatekeepers. They are the gift that keeps on giving.They are all middle class clones, that the vast majority views with contempt when they get in a booth to cast a vote. Cunts.

  4. If black lives mattered they’d stop killing each other wholesale. It’s bullshit, they are being used to fund and promote the democrats. Black woman yesterday asking why democrats were calling for a harsher lockdown two weeks before George Floyd and instantly decide protesting and rioting is fine. Who benefits from even more upheaval right now?

    Sickeningly Pelosi handed a folded US flag to George Floyd family, an honour usually reserved for the families of fallen servicemen.

    • If I was the father of a fallen serviceman I’d be burning my flag on her fucking doorstep.

      • It’s a big bold signal to Antifa, BLM to carry on destroying America or I suspect the entire west.

      • Antifa have been squatting in many European Cities for decades Antifa grew out of the lefties who supported such groups as the Baader Meinhof gang and others. Trump is quite correct to class them as terrorists but the media attitude? “Nothing to see, move along you ignorant pleb”

    • Pelosi is obsessed with Trump because he keeps winning his battles against the lunatic.

      She would quite happily see her country descend into civil war to ‘get one over’ on Trump.

      I hope the orange cunt wins the next election so we can watch these pricks go full retard again.

  5. Impossible for this Chauvin bloke to get a fair trial now. His defence lawyers must think it’s Christmas. Always time for someone to do an Epstein on him now he’s inside. Save a lot of embarrassment.

    • Don’t you think the fair trial problem is the agenda? They are already planning the riots for when he is released. Much better than guilty.

    • I doubt he’ll be done for murder. Manslaughter? Possibly. He might even get off (imagine the fallout of that!)

      But the likes of Sky show a photo of Floyd and say something like ‘stamping out racism’.

      Excuse me, but do you have proof Floyd’s death was due to racism? Is due process over now? Or is it only over for anyone questioning your narrative?

      I have never seen anything like this. I’m in awe, but also wide awake to what’s going on here.

      Cultural Marxism.

  6. Tango man has been pushing the Democrats further and further left for 4 years now.
    He’s got them in the right place at the right time…….crying over this Floyd piece of shit and identifying with that hippie trash in Seattle. The longer that goes on the better and the Mayor, this Durkin bitch seems nearly as dumb as Pelosi.

    • Has Biden admonished the people who killed this ex-Policeman?
      Has Biden even mentioned it?

      Either he’s a fucking hypocrite or he hasn’t been given his tomato soup and blanket today.

  7. The general trend in the MSM is something I have thought on a lot of late. Probable because of its increasing left leaning wokeishness I started to think on how things used to be.
    It brought to mind a story of an interview conducted on an American network by some proto harridan, the type of wimminz that would later become an industry standard.
    The interviewee was a chap called Col. Charles Atkins Jr now this fella was a product of his time, cop, border patrol officer, soldier from WWII to Vietnam, big game hunter, the lot. Probably a bit of a cunt even then according to some, but the sort that is better to have on your side.
    Anyway, this tart decides to be hostile from the get-go and fires off her first question “So tell me, colonel, just how many men have you killed”?
    Charlie pauses for about two seconds then answers, “26”
    Before the silly cow can react, he says “not counting nig raas and Mexicans of course”
    End of interview, can you imagine the look on Victoria’s/Emily’s face, they’d piss they’re own spleen!!
    Yep the past is another country.

  8. MSP – mainstream propaganda.
    I complain to the BBC about various things, they come back with some snide bullshit, it goes to OFCOM, OFCOM then contact me and suggest I complain to the BBC! OFCOM is full of ex BBC staff and as biased towards the lying rats at the BBC as they possibly can be.
    This is a fifty Year campaign of cultural Marxism – it has infected all MSM at all levels, education at all levels, politics at all levels, policing at all levels and society at all levels.
    Any who dare to challenge it are denied employment, demonised and stopped from speaking out by laws forced on the vast majority against their will.
    And if the warped views and hate speech of the “liberal” left are challenged they have no answer so their terrorist wing Antifa use violence to silence.
    Our freedoms, right to free speech, democracy and equality are under threat like never before – our very existence is under threat like never before and unless we do something about it there is going to be very serious trouble down the line – we cannot be forced to take this.
    I have tried to find an unbiased accurate MSM broadcaster – there are none.
    Dark times are coming – the leftists are behaving more like the nazis every day.

  9. Whenever I get ‘black pilled’ on all this, I remind myself that the public aren’t quite as gullible as the MSM believe. Brexit, Trump and Boris’s wins prove that.

    The BBC disgracefully, like the Guardian newspaper begging website, no longer allow comments on ‘sensitive’ stories on their website. For example, I didn’t see one BBC article allowing comments on the BLM riots. They know the shite they’d get. If you do make any anti BLM comment anyway on other articles (even if you somehow link it to the article in question) it will be removed instantly.

    A good indicator is on the BBC’S YouTube page as they seem to allow comments there and they get ripped to pieces. I think one recent pro BLM video report of theirs got a handful of likes and a monumental amount of dislikes.

    Boris seems to have gone soft since covid and in my opinion, should be replaced if he’s not up to facing the fascists of the far left, which includes the scum at the MSM.

  10. The good news is they keep on forcing their leftie crap on to us year in, year out and every national vote still goes against them.

  11. Stefan Molyneux made a great point on how they work today. He showed an article by either ABC News or MSNBC can’t remember which, but the article started with something like ‘Far right group, which is known for spreading false conspiracy theories…’.

    He pointed out that they can’t just report the facts and let you make your own mind up anymore. To start with ‘far right group’ instantly means ‘nazis just like Hitler’ in order to demonise them. ‘Spreading false conspiracy theories’is to discredit anything they say. I can’t recall the group he was talking about but it wasn’t the Klan or anything like that, it was something pretty mainstream conservative.

    A lot of them are doing this now and it’s to demonise and discredit any rival point of view before giving the ‘story’.

  12. I told those closest to me, weeks before lockdown, that this virus would expose many people, organisations and philosophies and that this would be the silver lining.
    How right I was.
    I don’t watch any mainstream tv, read mainstream newspapers or listen to mainstream radio. I have not done so for years and I am Much happier for it.
    The BBC know they have been exposed and you are witnessing the desperation that comes with that realisation.
    A deserved cunting for the very cuntiest of society.

    • The BBC do very accurate reporting of the war against Eastasia, or Eurasia, not really sure which but I trust them totally! 🤣🤣🤣
      To do otherwise would be wrongspeak.

    • I don’t know what fucking planet I’m fucking living on anymore 🙁

      If I ever get the time machine working, I’m going back to the days of the Raj, when Englishmen were respected & feared.

  13. One thing I can hope. David Dorn won’t be going to Hell like that Floyd cunt.

    And Boris was never going to anything about the rise of the Mack Jiggers and their help from the BBC. As long as he gets votes, he doesn’t give a fuck if the UK does turn into the Planet Of The Apes.

    Oh, and fuck BLM and all. Armed robber glorifying cunts that they are.

  14. Although they do make the blood boil they also are creating a backlash the like of which will sour soy milk.
    The whole woke hard left agenda will get them a Hitler.
    The soft cunts.

  15. I used to say that if I wanted opinion, I read a newspaper, but if I wanted facts, I watched the news (BBC). That changed about 12 years ago, when I started to notice how impartial the BBC was becoming. Once the coalition government came to power it seemed to drop any claim of impartiality. I know the rot had set in long before I noticed, with the news at least, but the programming wasn’t as rammed with one agenda as it is now.
    With the newspapers it easier to work out who they represent, though since Dacre left the Daily Mail it doesn’t know what it wants to be anymore. It’s so full of adverts and tattle, along with incoherent stories that it’s an even bigger joke than it was, even BBC comedy leave it alone these days.

  16. Saint Floyd and Dumbo Hick Cop had history together. I bet Dumbo Hick Cop just seized the opportunity to settle an old score between them. Thanks to that stupid cunt not doing it off duty, the world is now a thousand times more awash with a tidal wave of mental lefty shit than even the previously intolerable level.

  17. AKA the ‘blue church’.

    An ex-channel four reporter made a documentary about it called ‘A Glitch in the Matrix’

    I wonder if Googletube has banned it and had him killed yet?

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