Marcus Rashford.

Marcus Rashford.
Who? I hear me say. Apparently some 20 year old Dark Key footballerist who makes millions of quid by kicking around an inflated sheep’s bladder. However, he’s really really disappointed that HM government have decided not to throw more cash at the feckless underclass in order that they may feed their ill begotten offspring and is being lauded as some kind of hero by the usual suspects, in the same way that that jug eared, shat himself, crisp vendor opined over the same issue.

So, after 20 odd years on this planet he is clearly more knowledgable on economics, politics, the meaning of life etc than the sum total of Human knowledge hitherto known. If you’re that concerned then why don’t you and jug ears throw buckets load of the cash that you’ve acquired under false pretences and nip down to Tesco and alleviate the problem single handedly?

I may even be impressed. In the mean time fuck off back to your rubber tyre and start training for whatever it is you do. BLM? Not this one. Fuck the fuck off.

Nominated by: Kunte Kunty

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  1. Thing with Rasher is he had a lot going for him. Decent player and an OK lad. But then he went into the orbit of Jesse ‘by name and by nature’ Lingard and Paul Fucking Pogba.
    He is influenced by these two cunts. Two mincing preening poncing chippy as fuck virtue signalling look at me soyboy cunts who are more interested in social media than playing football. I am sorry that Marcus doesn’t have a Cantona or a Zlatan to show him how it’s done. Because -like Beckham with Dog/Skeletor/Cunt/Yoko Spice -those arseholes Pogba and Lingard will ruin Rashford.

    • He is a decent player who was perplexingly overlooked by that Moanhrino cunt. This virtue-signalling blip aside, I hope he does the business for England in the coming years. Footballers should generally stfu about politics and concentrate on monosyllabic grunts, shampoo adverts, and shagging women wayyyy out of their league.

      • I have no interest in footballery, darkness, the feckless nor their children. All of them are cunts.
        My own business occupies me constantly. I turn to no one for help. I advise others to do the same.

      • I think the problem, Captain, is that Mourinho’s style of man management doesn’t really work with this generation of players. For all the criticism of Ole since he came in the difference with Rashford has been clear to see.

      • You might have a point there GTC. I’m not the first to suggest football has evolved beyond Mourinho’s ability to win silverware. I thought it interesting that Eriksen at Spurs still left despite Mourinho replacing the useless Pinocchio. A few years ago, Mourinho’s arrival would have been a guarantee of titles and cups. Not anymore. I get the sense he’s had his time and with Spurs traditionally not splashing the case, I think Mourinho will be found out even quicker.

      • Tbh IY I don’t think Pochettino is a bad manager by any means but there’s no denying he has a level. He certainly doesn’t have that winning mentality that is needed in order to win silverware.

      • Yep, that’s a fair point GTC. He’s not a bad manager, but he’s not the “great” manager he’s lauded to be either. Someone else – I think it might have been Willie Stroker – reminded me that Pinocchio’s remit was to get Spurs into the CL and make them a competitive top 4 team. Fair’s fair – he did that.

        My issue is he didn’t deserve the Spurs job in the first place. Sacked by Espanyol after 2 seasons having won nothing. Left Soton after a year or so having won nothing. Not exactly a great CV. At Spurs he let Leicester win the league when it was well within the capability of that Spurs squad to win it. Then he got to the final of the CL and his team didn’t show up. Pathetic.

        He has his level for sure, but it’s not the level he and many pundits seem to think it is.

      • Oh I agree Tao, Moanhino’s style is to boringly sit tight like a coward. Whetever he goes there’s a mutiny in the dressing roo, he has a meltdown then is sacked. The way he sidelined Rashford was strange as he was often their best player but instead chose to persevere with overrated, lazy cunt Lukaku or social media whore Pogba.

  2. Young Marcus certainly is a hero standing up for the starving children of UK. The problem is his grasp of economics and politics is limited. These kids parents have already been given money through benefits. If they choose to spunk it on booze, fags, gambling and weed then that is their look out. There will always good ways to spend some other cunts money.

    • “So, after 20 odd years on this planet he is clearly more knowledgable on economics, politics, the meaning of life etc”

      Ah but his knowledge #(such as it isn’t) is confined to the field of Noggonomics and that discipline operates under a very different set of variables such as volume of protest, percieved entitlement, level of ambient snowflakery, potential for violence and general chimp-outs, monkeyshines and the current degree of complicity of the state’s monopoly on the use of coercive force.
      Standard econometrics are inapplicable and not needed anyway within a mob ruled ghetto economy. Mathematics is just “the white man’s devil magic”.

  3. I don’t particularly hate him for this tbh. At least you can tell he’s genuinely doing it with good intentions and not for political posturing.

  4. Didn’t he actually stump up £20M for kiddie dinners? Not that I care. Never ceases to amaze me that poor people continue to have kids even though they can’t feed or take care of themselves.

    It’s like they say when it comes to economics – tax something and you’ll get less of it, subsidise something and you’ll get more of it.

    Presumably the Black Looting Murderers movement doesn’t see a problem with their supporters taking whitey cash in the form of welfare payments.

    • What did our Hero of Brexit, the New Churchill, Boris say to this?
      Tell them feed their own fuckin kids?
      Dont have them if you cant feed them?!
      Or cave in? Do a Uturn and put up his hands quicker than a frenchman?
      Wot a fuckin rotter.
      Marcus can fuck off too,
      Africas on free school meals!
      Apart from the few eating bushmeat.

      • Boris “new Churchill” Johnson was too busy not putting his foot down on the pedal avoiding a smelly rioter.

        As the great Bill Hicks said, “Step on the fucking gas, man. They’re on foot, you’re in a truck….I think I see a way out of this.”

      • The charitable would say that Boris is suffering from Post Chinky Flu Disorder; the knowledgable would say that yet again, he is proving that he is a gutless wonder. Since he appeared on the public scene decades ago, he has not achieved anything apart from stabbing coin the back. It is said that Stuart Pearce is a man you’d want beside you in the trenches. Who the fuck would want Boris beside them?

  5. I’m sure he’s a jolly nice chap with good intentions.
    But he’s got too big for his bespoke footballing boots.
    Oven,better safe than sorry.
    Too many mithering cunts already.
    Fuck off.

      • ‘Still smarting from ‘being asked to leave’ the SS?’

        Thanks a fucking bunch. I’ve just spat my coffee out, laughing, on the stretcher and now I’ve got to clean the fucking thing again.

  6. I think that Rashford might have battle on his hands with Lewis Hamilton and Raheem Sterling for who is ‘da mostest carin’ black man’ title. But black on black violence is never reported, so we’ll never know the outcome and who is victorious.

  7. Well shit, I’m so fucking bored of this crapola already. Every dark key is popping out of the woodwork and demanding dat free shit der yeah and thinking they now run the tribe.

  8. Fabulously wealthy but calling for team PAYE to shoulder more of a burden supporting the feckless.

    That’s what makes you a hero in the UK in 2020, they call it progress. I see now change apart from the faces

  9. Boris and whoever made the decision to back track are the cunts.They bow down all the time, no fucking guts at all. Bat flu has fucked Boris up. We are doomed if this goes on.

    • And he needs a haircut the cunts PM of the UK, not a californian surfer!
      If hes scared of barbers wear it in a fuckin beehive or ponytail or something…

      • Get some cornrows Boris and Teresa May can get a crack ho weave , Lammy might spontaneously combust.

        Evening Miserable.

      • Evening LL, im surprised he already hasnt had a cornrow hairdo to be honest! Nod to BLM.
        Sure its just Teresa May put on weight, Real Boris died and she jumped into his suit.
        Is one of the side effects of corona to make you a mard leftie dithering cunt?
        Since he caught it hes fucked isnt he?

      • Yeah he is chalk and cheese compared to post election and having Catweazels balls in a vice.

  10. Fair play for him for doing it but maybe spend some cash on the parents to get their heads around a house budget. As in food for kids before beer, tabs, weed, coke, crack, smack, eez, beez and ceez.
    Although this generation has been built on bennies and spend it all and sponge for more.

  11. He made a lot about his ‘single’ parent mother bringing up 5 kids but it doesn’t look that straight forward, his dad didn’t just do a runner like is the usual case with the darkies so I would assume that some kind of contribution came from him.

    His campaign may have resulted in success but it’s not straight forward, there will be no way to monitor that the vouchers will be used to buy lunches for the kids when they aren’t in school so you can be sure that in some of the more ‘deprived’ households the value of the voucher will go elsewhere.

    Katie Hopkins has been tweeting about ‘paying for other people’s kids’ and people should think about being able to afford kids before having them.
    Pretty fair but it hasn’t gone down well 😂

    Rashford will have to tread carefully, he is on a pedestal and any misdemeanour will be used to knock him back down to earth.

  12. Slightly off tangent, but am watching a live Premier League game via VPN streaming.

    Compare and contrast these multi-millionaire “stars” and their £300k per week basic, with our key workers on min wage. Who are the true fucking heroes I wonder?

    As for the game itself – seems uncanny watching it to an empty stadium during lockdown. Although I guess the Villa team probably won’t notice the difference, ha!

    • I’m a cunt because I’m watching it too after saying I wouldn’t. Not via paying Sky though and that’s all I’m prepared to say 😉

      It’s like rubber necking a car crash.

      The players all took a knee when the whistle went to start the match and then again half way through the half.

      Sky pushing little montages of BLM propaganda, dietifying ‘St George of the knife pointed at a woman’s guts’ and the presenter saying ‘We at Sky support the BLM movement’

      Fuck me, the place has gone mental. I reckon they’re just trying to make sure their buildings are not burned to the ground. Or perhaps they want the UK to become a place with no police force and more honky bashing?

      Oh, did appeasement work for Wendy’s, you great melts?

      • Glad I’m not watching, even happier I cancelled sky sports-as soon as I got wind of this shite.

        I like Rashford, comes across as a genuinely nice lad- the opposite of Pogba, Lazy/Lukaku, Neymar and other PG tips piano movers, that spring to mind.

        However-any pop star, Athelete or media slender that goes all “Mother Theresa”, deserves a full blooded cunting.
        So yes, young Mr Rashford is a cunt.

    • I can’t imagine City will have too many problems coping with it against Arsenal later. After all, they’re used to playing in empty stadiums

    • As a villa supporter I have to say the ground looked resplendent- usual crowd in.
      If you want to watch sport for free try h e s g o a l dot com

    • I watched it on and off, but then got chatting to my mate in the UK on Whatsapp after he sent me this message for a laugh: Shit ground, no fans. I sent him back: Is that all you take away? Neither of us support either team. Haha.

      Boring game and to make it even more cunty, they broadcast it with simulated crowd noise. Utterly pathetic. Cannot wait for NBCSports to lose the EPL contract. All total cunts apart from Robbie Mustoe.

      • Hawkeye fucking up didn’t exactly help either. That error cost me Fantasy Premier League points as well the fucking cunts.

      • I’m a Sheffield United season ticket holder and not best pleased. Michael Oliver is a greasy arse licking useless cunt. If it was Man United you can be sure as shit that the goal would have been given.

      • The excuse he was using of ‘My watch didn’t go off’ was shite. Ok, fair enough for a close call but…

        …Stevie fucking Wonder could see the keeper carried it well over the line. Daft cunt should’ve used common sense. I believe they’re told to do that if they see an obvious goal and there is a technical fault with the vibrating watch.

        I’m not a blade myself, but Oliver just saying ‘Computer says no’ isn’t good enough for a call like that. Typical millennial though (Oliver is one of the younger referees). Probably needs to refer to an app to take a shit.

      • Genuine question – given the unusual nature of the error and the fact that it was caused by a technical fault with Hawkeye itself is there any course of action that Sheffield United can take to get it reversed?

      • GTC –
        That’s a great question my friend. My guess is if Villa avoid relegation by a point or Sheff Utd miss out on Europe by a point, the lawyers will get involved.

      • I think it could go that way. It wasn’t a close call and I don’t understand Hawk-Eye’s explanation either. Apparently all 7 of their cameras’ line of sight was compromised by either outfield players, the goalkeeper or the post. I’ve seen the TV replays and they clearly show a goal. The cunt doing VAR must have seen the goal, so why didn’t he ping the ref to tell him a grave injustice was about to happen if he let play continue?

        Hawk-Eye failed, VAR bottled it, the lineman missed/ignored it and the ref showed a dereliction of duty. Before HE & VAR, refs made those calls. So is Oliver saying he doesn’t bother now because technology is there? If so, let’s not have refs and linesmen and just ref the game with technology & video.

        I hope Sheff Utd take this further. They were robbed – clear as day. Plus I think Villa showed a distinct lack of sportsmanship by not holding their hand up and saying it was a goal. How’s that not bringing the game into disrepute?

  13. ALL football wrists are cunts and so are the fucking goons who follow them, braying like fucking Donkeys from the stands! Fucking wankers! Getting back to the point, if people weren’t digging deep to pay for poor little Umboko M’wengweh there would be any starving kids in the UK! Take away cash payments for benefit scratters and issue food stamps that cannot be used for booze, fags or fucking scratchies!

  14. Ooooo been waiting for somone to cuntfuck this utter cunt – I posted something about him on another posting.

    On the subject of wendy ball I’ve they’re all wearing Black lives matter instead of their names on the back of their shirts…

    What about the NHS you shameless headline grabbing ‘stand wit ya brudder’ wankers.

    Maybe I’ll go to deepest darkest bongo land and wear a shirt saying WLM “white lives matter” – fucking end up in gumbo stew!


    • ‘What about the NHS you shameless headline grabbing ‘stand wit ya brudder’ wankers.’

      We’ve outlived our two minutes of fame and usefulness, now.

      • It’s disgraceful is what it is! Now we’re gonna have BAME rammed up our assholes till kung flu comes back in winter

      • Man City’s minute’s silence seemed to focus more on BLM and the death of a criminal on another continent, rather than the 40+ thousand dead British citizens.

    • “Maybe I’ll go to deepest darkest bongo land and wear a shirt saying WLM “white lives matter” – fucking end up in gumbo stew!”
      More likely to get a spare tyre and some free petrol.

  15. At first glance, it’s not necessarily a bad thing he’s promoting (keeping people fed). But why must it fall to the tax payer? The Premier League, the clubs and the players themselves are all ultra wealthy and, if they were to foot the bill, it would look an even better cause.

    In the same vein, Dan Carter (he of the square head and oh-so-boring rugby fraternity) is auctioning of one of his World Cup jerseys for charity. Fucking why? Asking some muggy cunt to part with his or her hard earned for a charity they probably don’t give a fuck about is bollocks. If he put his own hands in his own deep pockets, gave that money to charity and raffled the Jersey off for free, I’d be mighty impressed.

    Doing it Marcus’ or Dan’s way reeks of virtue signaling without denting their own bank balance.

  16. Radio four were revelling in this yesterday, with Evan swiveleye ecstatic that the government had performed a u turn and Starmer had handed Boris his sorry arse in the commons. Then, instead of talking to someone about the economic ramifications of such a policy, he spoke to a fifteen year old black girl, who said Boris was a cunt for not giving in immediately. She said it was great, because now she will be able to eat proper food like fruit and veg, and not rubbish. Who is feeding her rubbish? Her parents that’s fucking who. Surely there’s an Aldi or Lidl close by where momma can spend some of her gin tokens on some fresh grub for her kids? It pisses me off that I have to pay tax to feed and clothe these kids during term, now it’s 365! If these feckless parents can’t budget using cash, give them food credits instead, so they can’t spaff their bennies away on fags and scratchcards.

  17. I have mixed feelings about the principle of this issue. However I do take issue with the media hero narrative.

    10 Seconds into the beeb interview I saw, Mark declares that it was hard for his Mom being a single mother of 5. That was all I needed to hear before turning it off.

    Yes I imagine that is is hard for anyone being a single mother of 5. What a terrible fucking decision it was. But make no mistake it was HER DECISION. Do not expect anyone to pick up that bill or use it as justification to stand on a soap box and preach to folks that don’t make such awful decisions.

    By the way I am new here. I normal consider myself to be a reasonable and considered person, however the constant drone of the BLM indoctrination has forced me here as a way to keep sane. The only place I could find with folks that share a similar perspective.

    The media will be to blame if this blows up to a full on race war. Make no mistake if I am pushed I will defend my race its ifs them or us.

      • “This is where sanity lives….”

        Who’s that then? I’ve never read any of his posts…….

    • “… if I am pushed I will defend my race if it’s them or us.”

      Now there’s a rare sentence to see in print these days. A tip o’ the hat and a warm welcome Custard. There’s no “if” about it; now it begins.

  18. Once they can’t pay the prima donna pansy cunts anymore because the revenue well has run dry, he’ll be pontificating on the other side of his know-nothing face.

  19. Rashford seems a nice lad (considering) and no doubt is well meaning but I would have some respect from him if he set up a fund and asked his scandalously overpaid, overrated, overpriced, and overhere cunt fellow ‘footballers’ to chip in. Does the fucking naive prick not realise that the ordinary tax payer is going to have to stump up the cash? What is actually more disturbing is how our fucking cuckold government seems to cave in to all this bollocks for fear of upsetting the libtards. Fucking cunts, you’re a conservative government for fucks sake, fucking grow a pair.

  20. Let’s face it the only time Boris has shown any balls is protecting and holding on to his baldy mate. Old baldy must know where the bodies are buried because, other than that, he has been a quivering jelly, shit scared of his own shadow and taking a beating from the Starmtrooper.

  21. Fuck me…it’s a good job that Boris found Mr.Corbyn’s “Magic Money Tree”…just imagine the state the Country would be in if it wasn’t there to provide free money for every sponging Cunt and their brats.

    • Boris has gone completely soft after the bat flu.

      We might as well have Steptoe in charge. What with the dark key far left narrative being pushed (you’re a nazi if you don’t want to abolish the police and have the honky treated as a third class citizen) what’s the fucking difference? Free cash for everyone. A dark key footballer opens his gob and government policy is instantly changed? Why not ask Lenny Henry if we should Brexit? Who the fuck needs the democratic process anymore?

      I think it’s time for Boris to quit because he’s no Tory. To be fair, not many of them are but Boris was more ‘old school’ but he’s now just a big girl’s blouse.

      Anyway, it’s get off my soap box time, enough ranting from me for now, Sir Fiddler.

  22. Rashford’s a cunt.
    In other news, the latest Chinese attempt to get Covid-19 off the front page is to attack and kill about twenty Indian soldiers on the border.
    It won’t work, you dirty Chink twats. We’re not going to forget, so prepare to admit it’s all your fault and ask what it will take to be forgiven.

    • Mess with India and you will come second. Pakistan has tried it and finished ‘runner up each time’ . China messed with Vietnam shortly after the Yanks left. Guess what- they had their balls handed to them on a plate with fried rice and soy sauce.
      Learn from History!

  23. The ‘Magic Money Tree is like the ‘Music Tree’ in The Clangers. The leaves…notes.

  24. Anybody now watching the premier League with all its snowflake, woke bullshit is a cunt. All I’m saying.

    • Stunned at the regimented “Taking of the Knee Ceromony”. Is this now to become a regular feature? And will the Troops at Her Majestys Trooping of Colours also be required to take the knee?

      Quite agree Sir Mali…..cunt is the word.

      • They didn’t? Tell me they fucking didn’t? MOTD will show the full length of that, the cunts.

      • Linecunt will have his nob out and have a tug over it the virtue signalling cunt that he is. I feel so sorry for the pregnant woman who had a gun pointed at her guts. No mention of her, how does she and her family think of all this fucking shit?

      • Every player from every team twice in each half (and everyone else in the ground it seems). It will happen for the first TWELVE games.

        John Terry didn’t look too happy about all this in the Villa dugout lol. Not sure if he took a knee.

    • Unfuckingbelievable, ‘innit’?

      Martyn Tyler: “.after the terrible events in Minnesota last week, the Premier League makes its stance against all racists.”

      So where is all this fucking racism they need to stand against? Does he or the PL have proof nobody else seems to that it was a racially motivated attack?

      Even if it was, what the fuck has it got to do with the UK? Why is it only an issue of the perp is white?

      Now that really is racism.

      All I’m seeing is cowards protecting their own careers. I kind of get it, we all do it to some degree, but fuck me, I don’t think I’d have the brass neck to go on national TV and lie to myself like that, particularly if I was about 70 and had a few million in the bank.

      Shit commentator anyway. Always has been. ‘Aaannd it’s live’. Fuck off. Not fit to fluff Barry Davies’ microphone.

      • Spot on, Cunty.

        As it stands we absolutely do not know what that cop did was racially motivated. Somehow that’s kicked all this off. How the fuck did that happen.

        Martin Tyler is a massive cunt. His commentary is a smug, self satisfied stream of bollocks. I especially hate that little half laugh/smirk thing he does over something which isn’t vaguely funny or amusing. Like he’s making some riveting and poignant remark. Absolute cunt. Wish he’d fall down a well.

        Football commentary has been shite for years now. For a while I held out hope for Jonathan Pearce. On the radio he was ace. His transfer to the telly did him no favours. He toned it down and became a tedious Motson wannabe cunt.

        Barry Davis was ace. All time fave – Brian Moore. Badly, badly missed. RIP Brian – you were the best IMO.

      • Brian Moore was great. Him and Ron Atkinson were a great team. Moore’s commentary at Anfield 89 (Arsenal win title in final seconds of season) was legendary.

        But for me, Davies was second to none. At international games he’d give the viewers history lessons about the city/country he was in. Tremendous range of vocabulary, very well read, very knowledgeable about the game/players and just made the game better to watch with his brilliant commentary.

        Nobody today comes close to those two.

      • Said fuck all when the black players where taking shocking abuse back in the day, monkey noises, banana’s getting chucked on the pitch, didn’t hear a fucking word from no cunt.

  25. Fuck this moneyed spook, why the fuck should I pay for some feckless parents kids? Not my problem, why the fuck should I have to pay because Shanice or katrice can’t keep her legs closed and get knocked up by five different men?sterilise these bitches, , unkle Terry can show them what huts have rice and peas and fried chiggun and watermelon, and maybe the McCann’s can run a holiday camp for the fuckers too, they have a great baby sitting service, fuck them

  26. The man is a complete airhead. Why should kids need food vouchers ? Parents get all the benefits as it is.

  27. Seems like a decent and genuine enough lad, but, flippin’ ‘eck, he sure needs to go on a communications or media course; he does not come across as one of God’s (Allah’s?) brightest. His recent spate of interviews, while being in conjunction with a good cause, were cringeworthy as hell owed to his piss-poor communication skills and delivery.

    PS: Marcus Rashford walks into his local Tesco and asks the shop assistant, “Hey bruvh, can you recommend a good port?” To which the shop assistant replies, “Yes, Dover. Get out!” ARF ARF!

  28. I remember when my mum left and went off with the milkman when I was six years old.

    Watching them drive off in his float that morning was the longest three hours of my life….

  29. Rashford, you are a cunt. Being a Man utd player by itself makes you a fucking scum cunt.

    Your toe dipping into the political arena with such absurd nonsense (parents should not have kids and expect others to feed them) makes you an ultra fucking Man United scum cunt.. Got it!!..

    I may change my mind if you donate say three quarters of your salary to feeding other peoples children for the duration of your career.

    Think of the benefits you’ll still be very wealthy never have to work once your career is over and become a national hero and not a Manchester united fucking scum woke cunt.

    You won’t on either count so you will remain a Manchester united scum woke cunt ok MOT

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