Miriam Margolyes

A beef-curtain cunting for that detestable lezzer, Miriam Margolyes, who recently blurted out on ‘The Last Leg’ (whatever the fuck that is) that she wished death upon Boris when he contracted Coronavirus – but then had the cheek to back-track her statement so doesn’t look like “the sort of person that wants people to die”. Not that this matters, particularly – liberals have a long and colourful history of wanting those to do not conform to their deranged way of thinking to perish, or to suffer in some unimaginable way.

This rug-munching, spherical rent-a-gob is renowned for her deranged, left-leaning stance and is no stranger to sticking her nose into other peoples’ political beliefs – like the time she had the audacity to ask countless Americans who they were going to vote for during the run-up to the last election, and if they said Trump, she would pounce and berate them instantly.

This comment has undoubtably won her an army of new fans, probably consisting of the usual suspects, Labour mouthpieces, fellow dykes, “empowered” wimmin, unwashed students and middle class wankstains.

If she isn’t in favour of our PM and his party, she can pack her shit and fuck off to Australia (as she holds duel citizenship), so she can be right where she wants to be – deep in the bush.

Nominated by Lord Cuntony

Miriam Margoyles is a cunt isn’t it?, this hook nosed harpy has said that she wished that Boris had died of Coronavirus, I’m not a particular a fan of the duplicitous cretin that is Boris but I wouldn’t wish death upon him either, it seems to me this rug munching creature is so blinded by her hatred of anyone who is not okay or supportive of her views and deviences, deserves an excruciating death, also she’s made a career of being a ‘professional Joo’ such as on Stanley Baxters Christmas box, to name just one of many, also playing a fucking sheep on the film Babe, so all I can say to Miriam is “Baa fuck you”!!!

Nominated by Captain Quimson

Miriam Margolyes
A ‘learn when to keep your trap shut’ cunting for fat twat Remoaner and Labour luvvy Miriam Gargoyle.
Over the years Gargoyle has been at pains to establish herself as a character; an English eccentric and a bit of a raconteur. Viewers of the Graham o’ Norton chat show circuit will be familiar with her twinkly-eyed, ‘ooh aren’t I awful’ line of artful, knowing patter. Though obviously contrived, it was a mildly amusing routine once upon a time, but repetition quickly reduced it to being merely tiresome.
Of late the not-so-lovely Miriam has also established herself as an equally unamusing, tubby little hypocrite. She’s announced to (you’ve guessed it) ‘The Groaniad’ that she’s ‘not happy in England. There’s so much hatred, and that’s because of Brexit’. So much hatred? And this from the gobshite who recently said that she ‘wanted him to die’ while Boris Johnson was in intensive care fighting to stay alive. Irony is obviously not Gargoyle’s strong suit.
Well I can see a couple of options for you then, you charmless wally. Firstly, you could fuck off to Australia, where you hold citizenship, hopefully never to darken our doorstep again. Or you can stay on in your swanky London (of course) home, living your champagne socialist lifestyle, and setting yourself up as a target for the rest of us to rip the piss out of. Either way, you’re a first class cunt.

Nominated by Ron Knee

67 thoughts on “Miriam Margolyes

  1. I can’t say I recall any of her on screen performances but that might be as much down to my lack of television and cinematic interest as her less than stellar performances. Babe? Wrong title, right character forsooth she doth be a fat,ugly pig.
    Talking of audio visual, isn’t it time some aspiring producer created a program containing the pearls of shite these Libtards vomit out like lexicon fur balls?
    Yasmin Alibababrownsheep promising to leave the UK if Boris gets in.
    (Hag) Ash Sarkarmaharzi proclaiming that she’s “literally a communist”
    Effluent Hirsch —-“ah is mix race but ah identify as blick”
    Owned Jones —- “can somebody turn this electric buttplug off, my hands are tied.”
    Stephen Fry —-“Mmmmmyeas, I’m so clever but still shat my pants with stage fright and ran off to Belgium”.
    That’s one program that would be worth repeating.

  2. One of the most disgusting, fetid creatures to walk this earth.

    Remember seeing her on the Marigold Hotel television programme where she stayed with an extremely nice couple from Cuba who were trying their best to make her feel comfortable, she criticised everything – from the food they cooked for her to the room they provided for her, to their faces, in between burping around their house. I would have slung her out and to think she gets paid by us to that through none other than, you guessed it, the BBC.

    • Yeah she’s a vicious old harpy who’s got herself an act as an eccentric old auntie with a line in unwitting lewdness.
      A hypocritical cunt if ever…

    • Seeing as the sun is out it would be great if she was run over by a steamroller and Nigerian fraud men stole all her money.
      No more rug munching you fat hag.
      Fuck off.

  3. Three excellent nominations for one bang average cunt. Much more attention than she deserves.

    The left wish death and suffering on all those they disdain, it’s not hard to see how death camps arise from formerly civilised societies.

    I’ll not wish her ill, just that she’s able to pause and realise she is everything she says she stands against.

  4. Im going to dance on Gargoyles grave. Ding dong the rancid old cunt will be dead.

    • I wish this fat cunt gets buried at sea, somewhere nice and deep, preferably in the marianas trench, she likes the taste of fish too, so a win win situation for all, only make sure Greenpeace aren’t around, that she blows capn!!!

  5. For those old enough to remember wasn’t she Mrs Black on the tv series DO NOT ADJUST YOUR SET ?
    Back in the 60’s
    RTC might be able to confirm?

    • Maintenance of flat bottomed boats, you say?
      No, sorry, that’s care of punts.

    • Now if you said publicly throw acid on one and I hope she fucking dies about the other See how long it would take for the Cops to turn up and the Leftie bandwagon to kick in
      A couple of horrible slags 👍👍🇬🇧

  6. No she wasn’t Mrs Black that was another actress.

    She was the puritanical prudish aunt in Blackadder the third.

    A real fecking luvvie.

  7. Fat cunt looks like something from Fraggle Rock (for those of you who remember…).

      • “The lighthouse blues” – a sterling effort I say!
        Oi! Margoyles! If you like communism so much why don’t you fuck off to North Korea?

  8. I’d stick my…

    Hand aaaaht to shake her hand…go fuck yourselves. 😁

  9. What a vile slaaaag, whoever the lesbian is who munches on her sweaty, yeasty, fishy cunt deserves a medal.
    The cunt.

    • And she wants to ban the import of BMWs!
      (I just completely made that up – I am a bad Man!) 😀
      This rotter with trotters is just another mouthpiece for the hateful hard left socialist disease invading our World, and we need to challenge this every way and every how we can – because I know it’s not just me who thinks this way and I have the sense and foresight to see where this is going – be very, very afraid if you are white, straight and over 30.

  10. She is the voice of the Cadbury’s Caramel Bunny, which is hard to envisage given that she looks like Tom Baker gained a hundred pounds and put on a dress.

    • Part Australian, part semite.

      This reminds me of when Loony MPs are offended when somebody uses the word ‘piccannny’ but not offended when one of them recommends chucking acid in someone’s face like that gruesome Jo Brand gorgon suggested.

      The only half-decent thing this doddery septuagenarian has ever done was a two-minute scene in Blackadder. Shut up you jèwish búlldyke Convict and concentrate on appearing in Harry Potter cameos and munching rugs.

      • Hehe Miserable, have pinched Bertie’s big book of puns when he dropped off for his 4pm nap?

      • Snooze yer lose, LL.
        While hes dozing in the armchair drooling, I can steal from his “puntastic bumper book of jokes!!”

      • Cockatoo Cockajoo?
        Playing her Yid-geridoo?

        No, Kangajoo wins Pun of the day.

    • Don’t believe she’s ever been near a “Rod”. Not with her barnacled “Hull”.
      Vile bitch.

  11. The Last Leg is a show that started off as a funny commentary about the news and disability rights, but which has since devolved into the usual hateful PC wailing. It’s a shame because it really did used to be something different.

  12. Hmm – and if Tommy Robinson or Nigel Farage had engaged in Gargoyles illegal hate speech?
    These rats, supported by their propaganda machine the Bolshevik Bile Corporation think they can say and do what the hell they please – fascism masquerading as liberalism, yet again, as always.
    I hope dirty Dom C*mmings has the BBC on his radar (assuming his eyesight has not failed him completely of course – rub them with a bluebell Moby!), and vengeful thoughts on his mind – never has there been a better case for the BBC being subscription only, the sooner the better.
    On other news, I bought a screwdriver.

    • Robinson saying similar would get a visit from plod and a charge of hate speech. The Last Leg is Channel 4, another subsidised lefty fucking broadcast mouthpiece. This is the programme that had Magic Grandpa as a guest so no prizes for guessing the level of humour.

  13. Can only recall seeing the fucker on Blackadder. Not aware of the fucker besides. Seems like one ugly cunt with the usual nasty lefty mouth.

    • She also played some cunt in Trollied, a programme I used to watch as it was so silly. I fucking hated her character so much I avoided the whole series.

  14. Were there any champagne socialist, libtard, remoaner obsessed, theatrical and media luvvies who didn’t wish death upon Boris at that time? (or in fact every minute of every day since he declared for Brexit)
    If you work with snowflakes try wishing agonising death on St Greta, any famous poof, lezza or BAME. See if a simple apology will get you off the hook. You might hold on to your job the first time but they’ll all be gunning for you, trust me.

    • Don’t think you’d have any chance of keeping your job. My employer (ex for all I know, thanks Mr Lee) went fucking mad with all these online courses. Don’t offend XLTYG, Dinghy Pilots etc.
      This shit then stays on your personnel file to say you’ve completed and understood it. Not that you agree with it I hasten to add.
      85% of the workforce are skilled/manual.
      75% over 40 years old.
      99% White, English.
      Went down like a fucking concrete zeppelin. Agenda driven cunts.

  15. Three noms for a flabby old Lezzie who couldn’t possibly be getting any action either way surely. Apart from that I have nothing derogatory to say of this parrot-brained gorgon.

  16. Talentless overly opinionated left wing gobshite Who can fuck off to Australia whenever she likes!! Bye bye bitch

    • We don’t want her! But we shall allow her here if you let Adam Hills back into England only because the mouthy unfunny hambeast can’t live for much longer. A shit deal I know but I despise that cunt so very much more.

      • Deal, but only if we can kick the wanker’s other leg off and can have Jason Donovan re-transported.

  17. I remember someone wrote about meeting this muff-diving blubberberg at a reception and said she very ostentatiously put her fingers into her hippo-sized mouth and produced a pubic hair from between her teeth. She said something like, “Oh a leftover from the licking I gave my lover last night.” Not only does this show that she is a shameless exhibitionist with no class and manners but oral hygiene is not one of her strong points. But let´s be fair to her. Maybe she just doesn´t own a toothbrush. I certainly wouldn´t like to get a blast of her fetid breath.

    • Shes a right foulmouthed fucker!
      Saw something where she was F’in an blinding!
      A woman! Terrible!
      And a jew!
      Didnt know they swore?
      Thought they were dead religious?
      Know they get funny if you ask to see their tattoos, dont get them if your shy!

      • Ron, she’d be advised to send away for my correspondence course
        “How to outrage and offend effortlessly”.
        A snip at £50 a module.(30 modules).
        Im a natural, can offend in my sleep.☺

  18. File, or preferably bury, under Jo Brand. Though to be fair, Brand was useful once upon a time.

    If Viz were more than a shadow of its former self it would step up to the plate with The Fat Sleb Slags.

  19. I would like to return the favor and wish a agonising death on this heap of blubber, no burial though , just leave the fat corpse out in the sun to fester, enjoyment for the maggots.!!

  20. Awful, ugly, loud mouthed ignorant dyke of a cunt. About time this cunt got cunted. The fucking cunt.

  21. She is usually on something like a Miriam’s Big American Adventure on the BBC speaking to women in prison, taking their side and being compassionate. Why has she changed from a sort of benign pest to wishing such ill on people? How do you go from that to wishing death on the Prime Minister? If someone said the same thing about Flabbot or Corbyn they’d be prosecuting it as a hate crime faster than you can say Cressida Dick.

    She used to do the voice of the Cabury’s Caramel rabbit and she was good as the puritanical aunt in Blackadder. I never realised she was a lezza.

  22. Margolyes could easily kiill Bozza.
    The fat ugly cunt could sit on him.

    Apparently this deranged fat slag likes getting her tits out on plane flights.
    All I can say is rather them than me.

    • Farting extremely loudly in public is another of her self proclaimed

  23. It’s funny seeing all the hatred levelled at her. I just see her as a crazy old woman tempting fate in hopes that she can reach her own demise before the grim reaper gets to her. I saw a program where she was in Russia and publicly announced hating Vladimir Putin. Lead lined piano crate for one?

  24. She has a face like a bulldog licking piss of a thisle, She should be Marion Gargoyles….

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