Doreen Lawrence (4)

A Viral Cunting for Doreen Lawrence please

I think a lot of people have been expecting this, but it still takes my breath away when you see it actually happen

Like that other cunt, Obama, the virus, and the response to it, is out to get the black people. I’m sure the next thing will be Stormzy (that well known scientist) saying that the virus was designed to kill blacks.

I don’t know what’s wrong with the world, tanking the economy in response to a bad flu outbreak. Smacks of the Khmer Rouge and Year Zero to me.

Nominated by Lord Cuntingford

99 thoughts on “Doreen Lawrence (4)

  1. She looks a bit like Johnny Mathis?
    Even the dumbest fuckin tyreswinger must know a viral pandemic does hold views on race?
    What other bollocks does she believe?
    The weathers anti semitic?
    Time is racist?
    Fuck off Dizzy Doreen and stop blaming us for your dead kid!
    If youd of sent him to Karate lessons hed still be here.
    Oh and ive still not forgive you for killing my goldfish!-

    • Actually miserable, if she had taught her son not to mug white school kids for their lunch money, he would probably still be here.

      That is what kicked it all off in the first place.

      I’m not saying that the horrible cunt that stabbed St. Stephen, the aspiring Architect had any excuse by the way. He is a horrible cunt and so are his mates.

      The trial by media had already found them guilty before the case even went to court. Twice. Which up ended our double jeopardy laws.

      The police spent over a million on surveillance, up to and including buying the house next door to keep tabs on them. I haven’t seen them do that to get a conviction against any of the bruddas that murder white kids.

      Sorry to hear about your goldfish.

    • My grandma used to love Jonny Mathis until he came out as a bummer. Stopped listening to him. She also loved Liberace and John Denver, the poor blighter.

      • Arthur Lee (RIP) sometimes sounded a bit like Johnny Mathis. Except Love had better songs and that magnificent album.

        Mustn’t say anything about Saint Stephen Of The Blessed Lawrence, must we? I’ d say he was as pure as the driven snow, but that would set off the ‘racist’ alarm. And doesn’t his ‘Momma’ milk his ‘legacy’ McCann style? What a cunt.

      • For a minute, that had me thinking of Arthur Lowe…
        Must get me along to spacsavers

      • Im a big Arthur Lowe fan HBH.
        Pass his old house regularly, apparently was a bit pompous in real life,
        For some reason im glad he was.

    • Current thinking is that this year’s Christmas song could well be that classic Johnnie Mouthpiece ckassis “When some cunt is born”…

      Gather Chas has already peened the lyrocs, but it is a toss up between that and Wizard’s “Thank Christ it isn’t Christmas every day ”

      Any preferences gang?…

    • Johnny is a vile racist, he called rink-a-dinks yellow in that “When a child is born” Xmas tune. Hang Him!

  2. This sack of ape shit lives very well off the taxpayer.
    A luxury we can no longer afford.
    Big black oven.

    • I wonder if this woman has always been supported by the tax payer? Free loading all her life, then has the Mike Tyson neck to tell us what is what. Doreen find some new records to play because all the ones you do play are shit.

      • To be fair to Doreen she DJed at my 40th birthday party and was great!
        Mack the knife
        Saturday nights alright for fighting
        Streetfighting man
        Played em all…

      • ‘Saturday Night (Let’s get pissed)’ was one of Chas’ better offerings…

  3. You have to wonder about Doreen. The way I see it she found herself in a situation not of her choosing. The coppers and the politicians had fucked up and decided to shut her up with a paltry (to them) bribe of a seat among the Great and the Good. (Fucking load of old arselickers and p*nces to you and me)
    Now it’s all gone to the silly old cow’s head. Pontificating about Grenfell, the racist Chinky Flu, blah blah blah. As slebs go, they got her pretty cheap but then she wasn’t much of a sleb in the first place. Call me soft as shit if you like but I feel sorry for the poor old Doris. Er……Doreen I mean.

    • I’m genuinely sorry that her kids was murdered, but since when does that qualify you for a baronetcy and make you an expert for to chair government committees?

      IMHO that’s just bullshit…

      • Her pain and suffering at the hands of whitey oppression qualifies her. That alone gives her sufficient qualifications to chair a committee, Gov’t or otherwise, about anything.

        You’re blinded by your white privilege into thinking people with actual qualifications and empirically based evidence matter.

        Happy to help.

  4. How sad that Eamonn Andrews is no longer with us. Can’t you just picture the scene:

    Doreen Lawrence, you think you are here in North London tonight to lick the arse of Sir Kweer Starmer, well you are, but it is also for us to say…Doreen Lawrence, amateur epidemiologist, saint, worlds greatest expert if everything, human rights expert and Academy award winning actress… This Is Your LIfe.

    • If I was her adviser id tell her to market a maltloaf for black people,,Doreens Soreen.
      She can kiss my spotty white arse as can ‘test & trace’ as can Matt Hancock as can hot weather.
      I hate everything this morning.

    • Yeah, they should bring back This is Your Life. With all the sleb arselicking that goes on these days it would go down a storm.
      On the other hand it could be embarrassing……..”yes, Lord Mandelson…..and you were in Rio, picked up a rent boy, arranged his permanent visa and married the bastard. And we’ve got the little arsebandit here tonight! Ladies and gennulmen please welcome…….🤮

    • Fuck me, this cunt comes from Drogheda, where good old Oliver Cromwell put the papists to the sword……”God’s righteous judgement of these barbarous wretches”. Fucking hell, the poor old cunt must be spinning in his grave.

    • ‘He arrived wearing a stethoscope and the mother told Garda Sgt Carney she thought he was a doctor.’

      Fuck me, how thick was this mother?

      • Da witch-doctor apparently has health problems…
        Nothing that a lobotomy (without anaesthetic) and using a chainsaw couldn’t sort.

    • Fucking Nigerians, not being waycist here im talking from experience, lying, conning, loud, backward, waysist, rude, dirty cunts….

  5. Some are now calling for all BAMEs to be furloughed on full pay until a vaccine is found while the honkeys go back to work to provide for them. Also, for them to get priority treatment in hospitals.

    Of course, us honkeys are not at any risk whatsoever.

    I say why not take responsibility for having too many kids you expect everyone else to pay for? That’s your reason for overcrowding. And please look at the ethnic make up of the slum landlords who crowd 20 to a house. It seems many or practically all of them are BAMEs. Look at all the footballers being done for having parties and inviting brasses. Not honkeys, are they? Do you think their ‘communidies’ are any different?

    I got laughed at for saying we’d have calls for the honkeys to go back to work so the BAMEs can stay home on full pay. Well, I’m being proved right again.

    Fuck off. Even if we did do such a thing, they’d still call us racists and ask for more.

    Our ancestors are turning in their graves. Enough!

    • Better than furlough, put them in the fields picking fruit and vegetables (it’s in the genes).

    • Most of the cunts are paid to do fuck all (except shank each other, smoke weed and inseminate dirty wigga slags) while the honkies pay for it anyway.

  6. I wonder which Mother of the ” Child sexual grooming”gangs’ victims will be tasked with leading an Enquiry into the Authorities systemic failure to act for fear of upsetting a certain Peaceful section of the Community?

    Oh,of course…no need…they’ve already had one…Lessons will be learned,I’m sure.

    • I must say Doreen has aged well…it must be years since she played the cook in those old Tom and Jerry cartoons.

    • We’d surely need a new House Of Frauds? To accommodate the thousands who would qualify.
      HM’s Knighting sword would be blunt after blessing the entire white population of Rotherham.

    • But mentioning the rape of 11 year old children, forced drug addiction, torture, violent assaults, traffiicked around the Country for gangs of p*dophiles to continually abuse – and absolutely fuck all done by cowards, appeasers and supporters of this poor waycially discriminated against group of our peaceful and tolerant friends – because that would be racist.
      Society, the law, Politicians and the Police have consistently failed these children – everyone knew what was going on and they did NOTHING.
      And piggy Patel STILL withholds the child sexual abuse report, and this is STILL going on, right now, everywhere there is an islamic presence.
      Send the filthy fuckers back to the third World (after castrating them) and fill the boats with all the rest of the hateful shit infesting our land.
      Every incident like this pushes reasonable people closer to action.

      • Well said. I will now stand back, nothing further to add to that Sir.
        Other than cunts.

  7. Professor: Hello?
    Lawrence: Ooga.
    Professor: Oh hello, I’m Professor Cuntface from the Chemical Engineering department at Cambridge University. We’d like to offer you an honourary degree on behalf of your….erm, bravery.
    Lawrence: Dooga.
    Professor: Could you come at 2pm on Tuesday for the reception? Sorry for the short notice.
    Lawrence: What am dis?
    Professor: Oh marvellous. Quick photo, cup of tea, usual stuff.
    Lawrence: Guh?
    Professor: ‘fraid you’ll have to give a quick speech. Nothing long, twenty minutes, science chit-chat, molecular breakdown, history of, and all that. Splendid. See you on Tuesday.
    Lawrence: Ooga.

  8. Keir Starmer is a humongous cunt for asking her to write a report on the coronavirus and its effect on BAMErs.

    She knows fuck all regarding the science (for fucks sake, the world’s best boffins are still baffled by it) but yeah, let’s use her to write some unbiased recommendations.

    The cunt used her because he knows the Tories won’t touch anything St Doreen says, out of fear of being called ‘racist’. The Beeb et al will stomp all over anyone criticising Doreen. She is untouchable, unlike the mother of Kriss Donald (look it up).

    Personally, I think it would be a vote winner if Boris came out and said they might as well ask Eddie the Eagle Edwards to write the report, as he is equally qualified to write reports on the coronavirus, and that Starmer was being at best, opportunistic and at worst, promoting racial tensions with a view to vote winning.

    But he won’t, the soft cunt.

    • If this gravy weasel is writing a report then someone will need to find her crayons.

      • Be better off doing a study into the potential footfall on the high street, if their beloved KFC was to be allowed to reopen.
        Not to mention the waste impact, from all those discarded greasy chiggun buckets.
        An honorary degree from Dr Nando, would follow no doubt and the freedom of Tower Hamlets in recognition.

  9. Johnny Mathis. I didn’t know burning down the house was one of his?

  10. She ( like others of the same ) has power over whitey ( as forcast by Powell ) becuause we let her.
    We need to challenge every matter, every statement , every event spewed from the rectal prolapse of the left.
    Lawrence is only one of an armee d replacement sent to banish us forever to a mere footnote of history.

    I am a great believer in “formal Gardening” Everything has its place, but only where it is planted. Weeds, are forbidden to grow and to flourish in “whitey’s garden ”
    Lawrence…..cunt. One of many

  11. I wonder when Stormzy is going to join Doreen…….Baron Stormzy of South Norwood.
    “Leave it bruv, I ain’t wearing no dead fox skin man. Me’s vegan an’ shit innit? I ain’t sitting down listening to no queenie bitch fam. Bitch disrespect me innit?”

    • Wah gwan Freddie? We ah fi check some big batty and titty gyal tonight fam, let’s link a couple gyal and buy some drink an ting and bun a zoot or two then bang them gyal innit fam, ya get me. Big man ting, we ah gwan wid. 😂

      • I genuinely have no fucking clue what most of that means, even if I could say it.

  12. I feel for Doreen and her loss but this has unfortunately happened to many mother’s in London and elsewhere and not all black Mother’s either.
    It’s must be the Police’s messed up investigation and the years she had to fight for some justice that has got her into the cushy little number she has now.
    I think it was Miliband who put her in the House of Lords, and now Sir Rear Stormer has put her in charge of investigating Kung Flu and it’s disproportionate effect on the Dark keys.
    It’s obvious isn’t it? Black and Asian’s live I. The cities, cities are more densely populated, the virus spreads more with close contact, and Black and Asians do tend to embrace eachother more ‘Wah gwan me bredren’, unlike the cold, mean whitey.
    Anyways please spare a thought for me during this ‘Pandemic’… Donations of money, sexy women, drugs, drink are all welcome and will be consumed with pleasure.
    Kindest regards, Black and White cunt.

    • I would nip raaaahnd with some goodies but I fear for my arsehole.

      • No need to worry abaaaht it CC, strictly women for me.
        I’ve noticed a mass reduction in the gay community on is a cunt.
        It’s all that homophobia, you lot should be ashamed of yourselves.

  13. Forward and Beyond to proudly go forward to find racism where racism has never been found before A proper cunt

  14. It’s alright for you whiteys…strutting abaaaaaht without any fear of the Coronavirus.
    I’ll have you know I’ve had to self isolate in my Notting Hill flat, in my second flat in the west country and also in my Beemer whilst traveling between the two, I’ve had to buy takeaway more often than not due to being tired with travel and not working due to the entertainment industry not doing much entertaining.
    I wonder if my half whitey side will be enough to protect me from this racist Kung Flu.
    Please God, guide and protect me until my end.

      • There is time to ask forgiveness VF, I was thinking Miles Plastic and I should offer confession sessions to help the rotten bunch of cunters on is a cunt. 😁

  15. Who’s that bloke in the picture? Looks a bit camp to me. I know lockdown has hit theatre actors hard, but I wouldn’t have expected Lola from Kinky Boots to have filled out quite that quickly out of the resulting boredom.

    As for St Lawrence and her ‘report’, she can copy and paste this if she wants to save herself the time and effort:

    myname is doreen i had a son he was perfect he never did nuffin wrong some men were nasty to him they were horror ble it was becoz we are black give us all more money or well call you ray cist the end

      • Your’re welcome, all the more so for hating Das Reich, sorry I mean The Grauniad.

      • Talking of that rag, it (and the BBC of course) are doing their best to extend the Cummings dispute. That he is a fool is beyond doubt but the lefty plot to get him sacked because he is the best person to slaughter their sacred cows is reprehensible but not unexpected.

      • Funny how they’re not going after the Labour MP who was spotted out having a picnic, or the Moose Limb Labour MP who went to a funeral of one of their deadfolk, with over a 100 mourners in attendance.

      • Nothing to do with his role in leaving the EU of course.
        Leftist cunts.

      • The reason Labour aren’t calling for Cummings resignation is because they believe he is more of a liability to the Government and the Tory Party staying where he is.

  16. I’ve had enough of this Lockdown pile of cunt,
    Can’t even go to a Lodge meeting.
    Deal with Masonic business and then have a slap up meal in London, washed down with lashings of red wine, spitfire, then down to the pub for more beer/spirits.
    Will life ever be the same?

  17. It’s pretty disgusting the way she’s exploited her son’s death for the sake of politics and ‘fame’ all these years. If she were my mother I would honestly be appalled by such shameless behaviour.

  18. The was black girl from the Huff Post on the daily bullshit show with Matt and his crew, you can guess what her question was about…..

    Why ain’t de whitey dying like my bro’s , whers am dat report yo-yos all makin init.

    Professor Van Tam, it’s coming now fuck off!

    Doreen can fuck off, racist CUNT!

  19. The science, so far, suggests to me that coloured people are producing sub optimal amounts of vitamin-D due to their skin pigmentation at these latitudes. And it is this vitamin that is used by the bodies defense mechanism to locate and destroy infected cells.

    Every cloud.

  20. At least you can go out now and sit at opposite ends of a park bench, which is providing a much needed boost for the British spy industry….

  21. Is that pic at the top the lady in the nomination?
    Or a publicity shot for a remake of the TV series “Band Of Gold”?

    • Haha, whatever happened to Cathy Tyson? She wasn’t half bad in her Mona Lisa days, bit androgynous but some menfolk are into that, so I’m told.

  22. This is A broadcast from the department of Misinformation.

    After exhaustive studies on Covid 19 Globally we have made the following discoveries, Cases of Covid 19 in Africa and India are very low and confined to those of mixed origin.
    Yet both African and Asian groups in the western hemisphere are very susceptible to the virus, We have discovered that this is due to the failure of the subject group to fully acclimatise to their new surroundings leaving the immune system vulnerable.

    There you go, what you do next is up to you.

  23. She’s off her bald wig wearing nut! as well as the rest of rent a shite the only rascist pandemic is the one the uk’s been suffering from unchecked immigration from africa and pakistan etc we’re bending over to be treated like shite by these entitled cunts fuck off and take the snowflakes with you cunts

  24. No investigation into Stephen Lawrence violently assaulting and robbing white children and getting a very unpleasant payback?
    No? Baffling.
    No investigation into the link between deficient immune systems due to inbreeding and terrible diet, overcrowding, religious gatherings, completely ignoring social distancing, basic hygiene, completely ignoring lockdown and increased susceptibility to Covid19?
    No? Baffling.
    On other news, I have seen a tree which may be racist and I blame whitey.
    Lawrence! Airport, fuck off, don’t ever come back – and the next murder that affects you may involve a petrol filled tyre in your lovely democratic new home – assuming they can get the locals to stop swinging in them for a bit.

  25. Fuck her, fuck her saintly son, fuck her job.
    Goldfish killer.

  26. If as claimed by certain members of the bame community the lurgy is targeting black and Asian persons. May I suggest the rest of us ask the chinkeys for a refund as it ain’t doing that well.

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