Doreen Lawrence (4)

A Viral Cunting for Doreen Lawrence please

I think a lot of people have been expecting this, but it still takes my breath away when you see it actually happen

Like that other cunt, Obama, the virus, and the response to it, is out to get the black people. I’m sure the next thing will be Stormzy (that well known scientist) saying that the virus was designed to kill blacks.

I don’t know what’s wrong with the world, tanking the economy in response to a bad flu outbreak. Smacks of the Khmer Rouge and Year Zero to me.

Nominated by Lord Cuntingford

99 thoughts on “Doreen Lawrence (4)

  1. Fuck it! I wrote a brilliant and incisive contribution about the way BAME social circles’ behaviour are responsible for the disproportionate infection and must’ve his a trigger word. Cunt disappeared. Too fucking lengthy to do it all again.
    She’s a cunt anyway.

  2. “ there ain’t nothing like a dame”
    There ain’t nothing like a bame.
    Fuck off.

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