Stormzy (3)

An election night cunting for the cunt Stormzy, who has revealed that he has never voted, as he urged his fans to get involved in the General Election.

Speaking in an ‘impassioned’ video to his 2.7 million Instagram cunt followers, he said:

“I know a lot of people are saying ‘Go vote’, and it can seem like just bullshit, but hear me out. Man’s never voted. Man’s always looked at politicians and thought, ‘You guys are fucking everything up.’ Man don’t trust you lot. You lot don’t do nothing for man and my community and my circumstance and my mum’s circumstance. But for the first time in my 26 years of life, there’s a man that man trusts. And I wouldn’t do all of this; I wouldn’t use my platform, my voice to say that to you guys if I didn’t wholeheartedly.”

He added: “It’s very clear as day; personally, for me it’s very clear-cut. Jeremy Corbyn is a man of hope, a man of justice, a man of equality, and the other guy’s a fucking prick, so don’t be stupid.”

Well, he’s a cunt for being a rapper, a cunt for supporting Jezbollah and an epic cunt for referring to himself as ‘Man’

Did I mention that he’s a cunt?

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102 thoughts on “Stormzy (3)

  1. This gentleman needs to learn how to write in the English language before taking to the political stage. In his own words: Man needs to stop using stupid gangster language; man is a complete cunt.

  2. Stormzy would be throwing acid in peoples faces, robbing and shanking if he wasn’t famous. Innit, fam.

    • Unfortunately, that’s more than likely exactly what would be happening. Good point my Lord.

  3. Him and his protozoic ilk have for 30 years now been corrupting and depraving the minds of the impressionable young, through the mechanism of filling the charts and radio with lyrical filth set to inculcating, tribal beats. As technology has grown to the point that said generation now live constantly fused 24/7 to music through their ear- buds, the takeover is complete. What chance does any generation have whose dominant soundtrack is “Hoes, bitches, gold chains, guns, knives, violence, drugs, ‘Fuck da Police'” inputted directly into their brains on an incessant loop. I’m going to use the all-pervasive adjective ‘Rap’, because I know that clever-clevers will seek to compartmentalise this or that derivate and sub-set, but anyone whose head isn’t buried in the sand knows exactly what I mean. Physically, spiritually and figuratively UGLY musical dissonance purveyed by a permanently agitated, entitled subspecies of Dark Keys.

    ‘Rap’ has been and continues to be one of the most virulently cancerous factors in the destruction of the West.

    • Wholeheartedly agree, WokeUp.

      Makes me puke to think these types continue to bang on and on about waycism, discrimination and how big bad whitey keeps them down. Completely ignoring how many black people, through their own hard graft, dedication and the help of others (some of whom statistically have to be white) have excelled in many aspects of life and become incredibly wealthy doing it. Professional sports over here in Yankland are dominated by black athletes. Last time I checked, that fucking buffalo Oprah was black too. So is Michael Jordan. So is Tiger Woods. Diana Ross. Will Smith. The list goes on and on. Promoting and celebrating inner city violence and drug culture helps the black community how exactly? People like this Stormzy cunt are part of the problem. They’re just too thick and/or ignorant to see it.

  4. The only talent this cunt has is making it to this age without being stabbed to death. Won’t be long before he’s soon forgotten like that other prick from yesteryear Mark Morriston. Soon be just a ‘stormzy in teacup’.

  5. Anyone calling themselves a cunty name like stormzy is obviously a fucktard, what is it with these fuckwits and stupid fucking names eh? My dear old Dad made an insightful comment years back when he asked me why someone would call themselves homosexual father he was referring to the twat puff daddy.
    Does stormzy realise that most of the people who voted thought magic grandpa was a cunt which was why his party was all but wiped out. I say this to Mr stormzy, fuck you and your so called music you are a cunt fuck off.

  6. Stormzy, real name Michael Omari, has an estimated net worth of £25 million. Not doing too bad under the Conservatives.

  7. What the fuck has this African cunt got to do with the British people and how we vote?!!
    Self important up himself cunt…

  8. I doubt even his dopey followers can listen to his shite “music” and honestly come to the conclusion that it’s any fucking good. This racist cunt has less talent than Milli fucking Vanilli, at least their music had lyrics and a fucking tune, even if it wasn’t them on the songs. He’s an absolute cunt, why he talks about refusing an MBE has me baffled. In a year or two he’ll be as relevant as the fucking Goombay Dance Band.

  9. This ape IS n*gger “culture” and about as “good” as it gets.

    Textbook house n*gger. Dumb fucking gorilla. If you want to be bitch to whitey, at least be so to one who had a chance of winning!

    This primate looks like it could throw shit quite a long way though.

  10. This is the same cunt who has just said that Britain is 100 percent racist. How terrible for him being such a massive so called celebrity who is a millionaire prick who sells loads of records and plays to sell out crowds of white people who must really hate him. One day he will wake up and the media will give no shit about what he thinks and says. He needs to remember who put him where he is today. Arrogant prick.
    The funny thing is that this is the same person where homophobic tweets were unearthed. But as he is a lefty cunt only they can be redeemed from a history of being a bigot.
    Jason day admin here, due to your earlier outbursts you are on auto admin now, take it as a lesson you were way out of order last time and you walk the line, (few people get this)

  11. I couldn’t give a rats cunt what this hammerhead has to opine about politricks, if it’s as resonant as his ‘music’ he can go eat a bag of dicks

  12. Stormzy is a racist heap of Corbyn arse wiping dog shit! Corbyn is related to the leader of an obscure native American tribe known as Big Chief Floating Turd!

  13. Fuck off you total turd of a cunt. Man this, Man that, fuck off and go back to school and learn to speak properly you simple minded imbecile.
    If this government is so racist and don’t do anything for you or the black community, tell me oh great sage, which black country in the world is a model to aspire to? Name me one progressive, forward thinking, uncorrupt and civilised black country that looks after its citizens? I can’t think of one. They are all trying to flee from Africa and the Caribbean to come to Europe. A place you all deem racist?


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