A nomination please for Stonewall who believe that teachers should tell children about lesbian, gay and transgender issues in classes such as Maths and Design.

According to The Times, Stonewall suggests that same-sex couples be used to teach children to count in maths lessons, with possible questions including: “How many biscuits are left at Fatima and Shanika’s wedding?” This is actually a trick question, since Islam would not tolerate a same sex marriage. More likely the question would be, how many dead bodies would be left after the massacre?

In design and technology lessons, Stonewall says teachers should use the rainbow flag to help 5 to 7-year-olds understand the meaning of colours.

In computer science, Stonewall suggests pupils could design a dress for Bailey, a boy who dreams of being a girl and is the main character in a picture book called 10,000 Dresses.

If Jezbollah and his toxic bunch form the next government, it will no doubt be their number one education (indoctrination) policy.

Nominated by Mystic Maven

58 thoughts on “Stonewall

  1. Ooooo yer fucker this one riles me!! Brainwashing and indoctrination pure and simple. Unfortunately as we all know now this shit has a toe-hold it’s never going away.

    • It is the mark of an educated mind that can entertain a thought without accepting it. Aristotle. Bearded bubble cunt.

  2. Honestly Mystic, this nom sounds like a fucking wind-up. The most appalling part about it is that it’s not.

    • I see that J K Rowling is copping shit galore (which she deserves for lecturing the proles over Brexit) on Twatter, but this time for daring to side with people who suggest that this trans n*ncery isn’t real

      • It’s funny though in an ironic sense.

        Feminism used to support trans people on the whole due to thinking this would help break the patriarchy because feminism is based on the hate of men rather than equality for women.

        Eventually the feminazis were hit in the face with the fact they were supporting men to smash down their feminist garden walls.

        Some blokes realised by saying they were women they could walk into any female only territory they want to.

        They can even write papers on the meaning and direction of feminism.

        Feminism welcomed trans women with open arms until it understood they had given men the keys to their kingdom.

        Now feminism try’s to fight back by saying biology overrules self indentifying as a woman. Trans women must be viewed as men to protect feminism and in turn feminism is now being called out as bigoted and prejudiced.

        Boys who are girls will be girls who are boys.

      • A very astute comment, I know two transgender women both of which have lezed it up and have faced problems.

  3. In biology they could teach that it isn’t true that chromosomes determine sex. False science.

  4. “Stonewall” is a strange name for them…I’ve always thought that “Cubiclewall” would be more suitable.

    Atypical Gays with a not so hidden agenda.

  5. My best mates a shirt lifter. Stonewall is as relevant as Ash Sarkar. But to keep the money rolling in these cunts have to invent more and more Nazis. What we have is a lack of Nazism. After all Rohm and all his brown shirt buddies were all raving queens.

    • Nice one, historically correct yet up to date, by becoming more and more diverse stonewall has become prone to in fighting.
      I have trans friends and they hate it ( although admittedly one is like mili tant)

  6. Bored with it, unless we actually get off our arses en masse this kind of poison will be served up as gospel.

    We won’t and the poison will be spoon fed to the young who are being programmed to be woke.

    It’s the old saying live large.

    All we have to do for evil to succeed is nothing.

    The silent majority have no voice and the minorities just have to speak to be considered the majority.

  7. F U C K I N G. B O L L O C K S

    Next they’ll be teaching that there’s a beardy ghost who lived before Time and who made the World and he Universe presumably out of plasticine and who gives diseases to people regardless of their behaviour.


  8. This shit is here to stay and to hammer home the point, a new TV show presented by Graham Norton, Michael Barrymore and Alan Carr is currently in production.
    ‘The Only Way Is Arse Sex’….

  9. Some vaguely comedic cunt did a two part show on radio four, where in episode one, he looked at the world from a left wing viewpoint, things like climate change and gender issues. Episode two was from a supposedly right wing stance, though I thought it was more a centre view, which might say more about me than him, but I don’t give a fuck what people do behind closed doors as long as it harms or effects no one else. Anyway, the subject of trannies and bogs came up, and his conclusion was that cubicles was the way forward, being gender neutral. However, he pointed out that this trans crap affects 0.6% of the population, yet at least 6% suffer from claustrophobia, so is it fair on them? It was mildly amusing, but it also demonstrated how few people are affected by trans issues, and how those issues can dominate a given subject. Also, quite unusual for it to be aired on radio four.
    It’s also sad that I had to rewrite some of the above, as on reading back, it could have ended up with me in the dock, like the woman sacked for having the nerve to say there were only two genders. Free speech outlawed, even if it is factually and biologically correct. Shit, I’ve done it again!

    • So, how did he suggest that the 6% with claustrophobia a) go for a shit, b) go to the toilet if they are female, or c) both of the above?

      Just wondering, as in all of my many, many years on this planet I have never once come across anyone who couldn’t go to the toilet because of claustrophobia.

      • I’ve heard it said that there are a few peaceful and pikey types about who are acutely ‘claustrophobic’, and have taken to shitting in the street as a consequence. On the other hand, they might simply be filthy cunts…

  10. I’d rather they taught the little cunts Business Studies. And believe me, that’s about as strongly as I can put it.

    Actually, I can think of a much more useful addition to the primary syllabus: self-reliance. You’re different, you say? So fucking what? Everyone’s different. Deal with it. I am available, on the basis of my extensive experience in the field, to contribute to any coursework required.

    • Who’d be a teacher in this day and age of touchy-feely politics getting in the way of a child’s education.

      • Thing is most of the teachers are left wing cunts who believe all this gender, poofta, lesbo bollocks should be part of the national curriculum. Like someone else posted on here, what they want to get up to behind their own front door is up to them. Just don’t try and kid everyone else it’s fucking normal, you cunts.

    • Ironic, isn’t it? They won’t teach kids how to manage their bank accounts, how not to go into debt with overpriced credit cards, or how to save for a mortgage, but they will teach them about how to help little Johnny choose which dress to wear.

      You couldn’t make it up.

      • It my day you were taught the 3 Rs, domestic science, woodwork, metalwork, physics, biology, economics and chemistry as the core subjects.

        Fuck knows the core subjects are these days? But I suspect they’re mostly woke-related, and serve no real purpose within the context of a child’s education.

  11. Dread to think how the next generation is going to turn out at this rate. If Millennials are snowflakes the next lot are going to be fucked up pansy retard automatons with no sense of self, limited pc vocabulary and a total inability to think outside the box. May as well destroy the planet now and have done with it.

    • The next batch will be that piss weak theyll die at birth.
      Solving the population boom, eco friendly.
      Theyd of been non-people anyway,
      Neither male nor female, gay or straight, black or white.
      Sneeze on em theyd go into a seizure!
      Naw, the dinosaurs had the right idea, quit while your ahead.
      Cockroaches will be the next big winner on earth, an no i dont mean Pâkis, the bug version!!

  12. Am surprised the Moozlims aren’t pushing for schools to taught more about the Koran, with special emphasis on why it is perfectly okay for a moozlim to abuse kids of any biological gender.

    Also doesn’t the Koran totally disagree with same-sex relationships?

    If anyone should disagree they will be labelled Islamophobic, and will probably end up with their heads sliced off.

    I just wonder what Stoneshite has to say about that?

    The various factions of all things woke, will inevitably collide with each other, bringing about a fresh round of hostilities against all and sundry. And this time it won’t be the fault of white-van-man!

    • I’m pretty sure that there is something in the bible about same sex relationships too, but as the catholic church and church of England are riddled with homosexuals they conveniently forget about that bit!

      • The Bible is complete shite!

        I haven’t read it donkey’s years, but one suspects it has been suitably editing and revised for a more contemporary society. Therefore the original writings regarding homosexuality and women becoming priests & vicars etc, have all been removed. Which makes one wonder how you can believe in a faith, but then decide to remove whole extracts to please a more “cultured” society that represents all?

        You either believe in the original scriptures or you don’t. Sanitizing it is the ultimate lie.

      • It’s all still there in the KJV, along with some of the finest English prose ever written. If those cunt ecumenists hadn’t decided to soften it up we wouldn’t be in our current moral hellhole. It may not have been written by the Eyes in the Sky, but it drew workable boundaries for the practical regulation of society. As well as being a valuable basis for understanfing English grammar – now sadly lost.

      • Indeed. First the reformation, now women priests, gay priests, the works. Basically it proves that society dictates religion and not the other way around. For it to be palatable to the masses, it has to reflect or represent their changing principals, so can hardly be the final word of ‘god’.
        If it is still based on Stone Age principles, that says more about the society that practices it than the religion itself.

      • The bible really is a big old pile of utter wank, isn’t it?

        If you read Genesis 17, god apparently tells Abraham, who is by now 99 years old, mind you, that all his male babies and all other male babies must be circumcised. It goes on and on about how all males must be circumcised.

        If god was so powerful, bearing in mind he supposedly designed the human body in the first place, why did he not just change all male babies in the womb so they don’t have foreskins if he had such a big issue with them?

        It is complete and utter shite. Whoever wrote it must have been pissing themselves laughing.

  13. As a white van man i agree its our fault, but wasnt paying attention rooting in the glovebox for my sunglasses!
    Have to wear sunglasses when listening to AC/DC its the law or something….

    • Also when listening to Born to be bad by Steppenwolf. If you can get hold of a pump-action shotgun as well, so much the better. That’s probably more for the like of our Mr (Lord?) Fiddler.

  14. I’m a homo and even I think that’s fucking stupid. Or, rather, that’s the gayest shit I’ve ever heard.

  15. Should be called ‘brick wall’, cos that’s what I want to bang my head against when I hear anything about these cunts.
    There was an incident near us of a young lad of 19 who liked to dress as a girl, do his nails, makeup etc. Long story short, he committed suicide after constant bullying. I can’t help but think if it wasn’t for Libtard views from organisations such as this telling them ‘be yourself, dress as you want’, he’d probably just be doing it privately in his bedroom, and knocking one out looking at himself in the mirror. He probably still wouldn’t be happy, but I’m sure he’d probably still be alive..

    • Stonewall cnsists of self-righteous, hey-ma-look-at-me, patronising shits that all to a man/woman/thing support Labour and the BBCs myopia where The Gayness is concerned, and condone every kinky practice and perversion. They revel in deviancy.

      I suspect Stonewall have been responsible for more rancour and distress than they have ever solved. Also, they are gold plated cunts with knobs on.

  16. Some guy (he did look a bit of a wanker) in the USA has been jailed for 16 years for stealing a rainbow flag from a church and burning it….
    Seems a bit harsh, I wonder what he would have got if he burned the Stars and Stripes. From what I read he does have a bit of history so that may have been taken into account in the sentence.

    Would love it if these silly cunts made books with all the tranny and homo types in a setting of the Muslim community, going to the mosque with rainbow and pink, now that would be hilarious!


      • The 1st amendment covers the right to speech, not the right to burn flags.

        The 2nd amendment covers the right to bear arms. Only, when you read it, it actually covers the right to form armed militias to effectively protect against the abuse of power by the government, it does not guarantee the right of individuals to bear arms.

        Seems that it is not just us who don’t understand the 2nd Amendment, but the people it applies to don’t quite get it either!

    • Interesting story to read. He would almost certainly have only received about 5 years for it, but he had two previous felony convictions, which under Iowa state law meant his sentence was automatically tripled.

      Serves the cunt right if he can’t learn to behave himself and stop committing crime.

  17. These lefty cunts do nothing for acceptance. You can not change your gender. You can have a cut and shunt job but your DNA remains the same.

    Crackpot cunts.

  18. They should bring back teaching basic cooking skills, how to sew a button on a shirt, a little bit of first aid, how to make fires etc etc. Useful stuff.

  19. Posie Parker is absolutely bang on on this, as you will see from the below-linked video. Stonewall may have been instrumental in getting bum-sexers decriminalised, but lamentably, it has long since been hijacked by the Marxist global elite who have very high on their agenda the normalisation, and in turn, legalisation of ‘P’ in the the rainbow flag. The left are going batshit insane that America and now more recently the UK have put back their plans by in effect a generation – that they can’t legally diddle with.

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