Stormzy (3)

An election night cunting for the cunt Stormzy, who has revealed that he has never voted, as he urged his fans to get involved in the General Election.

Speaking in an ‘impassioned’ video to his 2.7 million Instagram cunt followers, he said:

“I know a lot of people are saying ‘Go vote’, and it can seem like just bullshit, but hear me out. Man’s never voted. Man’s always looked at politicians and thought, ‘You guys are fucking everything up.’ Man don’t trust you lot. You lot don’t do nothing for man and my community and my circumstance and my mum’s circumstance. But for the first time in my 26 years of life, there’s a man that man trusts. And I wouldn’t do all of this; I wouldn’t use my platform, my voice to say that to you guys if I didn’t wholeheartedly.”

He added: “It’s very clear as day; personally, for me it’s very clear-cut. Jeremy Corbyn is a man of hope, a man of justice, a man of equality, and the other guy’s a fucking prick, so don’t be stupid.”

Well, he’s a cunt for being a rapper, a cunt for supporting Jezbollah and an epic cunt for referring to himself as ‘Man’

Did I mention that he’s a cunt?

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102 thoughts on “Stormzy (3)

  1. Well people did go and vote, and they basically told Jeremy Corbyn he wasn’t a “man of hope”, wasn’t a “man of justice”, wasn’t and wasn’t “man of equality”

    Instead, they voted for the “fucking prick”

    Who’s stupid now, asshole?

    • Stormzy is nothing more than a temporary mouthpiece for woke, hard-left yoof and stabby street urchins. He is an illiterate, intellectually-stunted buffoon, as are his fans.

      • This shit so called singer is contributing to the destruction of his own people in the stab Capital of London I Think it is @ 150 killed so far or is it the Police who are to blame for the Stabbings

        Yeah it is probably the Police

    • stormzy seems rather unidirectional and non plus about ‘bitches’ can the liberal dweebs trust him on bitches rights?

  2. What a year It’s been, this week.

    Much hand-wringing and soul-searching trying to discover why one side lost so miserably. Brexit is the main reason though people like this talentless chump are all ingredient and unwittingly Boris’ little helpers. Absolutely no idea what’s happening in the country, he remains in his Brixton ghetto echo-chamber plugging the candidate who’s most likely to distribute the benefits and import thousands more indolent rápists to a neighbourhood near you.

    Frankly, it’s impossible to abstemiously listen to the dogshit this fuckwit produces. His fans, also massive cunts, must have no rhythm, no discernment of music, and paralysed intelligence.

    • This cunt is a real piss boiler. It frightens the fuck out of me that there are millions of fucking retards that just love to soak up and regurgitate his bile.

      I haven’t carried out exhaustive research but on the subject of the disaster of Grenfell where he’s been quick to criticise and spit at anyone he chooses, I note that he’s not had anything to say about his bros who have commited claim frauds in connection with the disaster and in particular, one Alvin Thompson who took the fund for the princely sum of £95,706.42 before the bastard got found out and jailed. Any comment Mr Zy? Cunt!

  3. Stormzy sits an a class off school kids and tells them Boris is a bad bad man.

    Stormzy makes grime ‘music’ that’s influential in gang culture and the associated violence and murder.

    But Boris is a bad bad man and Stormzy is an appropriate role model for kids.

    • Yep. We continue to live in a world where up is down, down is up, right is wrong, wrong is right, etc. You just couldn’t make this shit up. Once again, social fucking media providing a platform for tools to spout their nonsense with a bunch of sheep only too willing to lap it up. .

      Still, it’s amusing to see the UK has its own version of the ‘Orange Man Bad’ thing we have over here in Yankland. Poor Boris. I’m sure he cares about as much as The Donald does.

  4. As We all found out it’s Corbyn who’s the total prick
    This Stormzy is just another Dark Key with far too much to say for himself. Far too much attitude and far too much money a total cunt.
    As with everything regarding Communist Labour always check the small print👎
    Communist Labour For The Many But Not For You

  5. What a Grade ‘A’ Bellend. I see he didn’t mention his father, it seems that, like in the song, Papa was a rolling stone, where ever he laid his hat was his home.! Quite a few black men seem to fuck off when the woman gives them the news.! Also I see that demented old cunt Jezza still seems to think that he’s relevant in the Labour party, havin a go at Boris in the big House, he’s got some front showing up after his feeble effort in the election, Hitler would have got more votes in Golders Green.!

  6. A massive Cunt!
    I’d make him lick the shit out of the sewer of an Old people’s home,
    But he’d be to busy licking it out of jezza’s arse!

    • Afternoon IY.
      I’m curious whether you’re content with your new manager or full of awkward conflict.

      • Good day, Capt. Ah yes, I got a lovely fresh cup of Lavazza on the go and the live game just kicked off, Norwich v Wolves. The same Wolves who should have beaten Spurs by a couple of goals last week to be fair. As for the once mighty Spurs….it’s awkward conflict to be honest. I’d been saying for a while that Pinocchio had to go, but that bastard Levy has a pretty poor record when it comes to management appointments. Hoddle, Santini, Ramos, Villas-Boas, Sherwood. None of them worked out. Then throw into the mix how Jol and Redknapp were treated, you basically have a cunt in charge of the club.

        Jose’s stock had fallen based upon his last 2 jobs at Chelsea and Man U. I think he needed a job where the bar was pretty low so even a moderate up turn in fortunes would make him look good. For Levy it’s a useful public ‘statement of intent’, but I think it had everything to do with Jose’s availability and Arsenal’s imminent change of manager. I do believe that if Arsenal had sacked their manager before Spurs did, Jose would be at Arsenal now. So I don’t buy the current Levy/Jose love-in.

        So far Jose has handled himself quite well as far as the media is concerned. Which has made a nice change. I was surprised by the length of contract he was given and I think it’s a marriage of convenience for him and Levy. Jose’s known for spending big and buying top quality. Levy’s known for not doing that, so it will be interesting to see how that plays out, especially since Spurs have a hugely expensive new stadium to pay for.

        As a Spurs fan it’s important for me to like the manager. I never liked Pinocchio because he mumbled, had a schoolboy haircut and didn’t earn the right to be put in charge in the first place. Jose doesn’t have any of those obstacles, but he’s a difficult character to embrace given his recent track record (public fallings out with players, Chelski doctor incident, terrible moodiness at Man U, etc.). The jury is still out and will be for some time.

        What do you think about his appointment?

      • I think it’s a masterstroke. If nothing else Mourinho is a proven winner and you lot have been needing a character like that for some time to come in and take the team to the next level. At the very least you’ll win a trophy under him.

  7. I always take advice off popstars, they must know what theyee talking about as it must take years of studying,
    Stormy to be fair has shown hes a true corbynista by being a hypocrite and a fuckwit.

    • The Proclaimers are advocates for an independent Scotland.

      The Proclaimers ❗

      If that doesn’t deter people from the SNP, nothing will.

    • To be fair Ouwaza is probably more qualified to run the economy than most of the effnicks in the Labia party, the fact he’s managed to at least have a career outside of activism or inner-city politics puts him top of the class.

  8. Yes, like I am going to pay any attention to anything this dick head has to say, man has shit loads of cash from pumping out shite so other ‘man’ ain’t going to do anything for man.
    Fuck off you stupid cunt, you are a disgrace wearing a Union Jack stab vest on stage…. makes you proud to be British!

    • I would have had more respect for this cunt (impossible to have less) if he’d simply come out and said he wants an MBE. Note he’d only ‘consider’ turning it down, because he’s a hypocritical cunt along with the rest of the media-fed bunnies.30 years ago nobody would have heard of this shitsack.

    • How dare you!
      Stormzy is a icon of urban inner city grime music.
      His dad was killed by Michael Caine at Rourkes drift if you must know.
      Hes also in line as the new face of Black Jack chews,
      So stick that on your pipes whiteboys.

      Ps -fuck knows what grime is.

      • Every week!
        Flash OCD buggers!
        Every week? Money to burn you Moggie,
        Do what Rtc does, just dry sand it once a week.

      • She doesn’t waste any money, just uses my toothbrush before briefly rinsing it off. She reckons I’m full of shit so it wouldn’t affect me anyway.

      • Dry sand Miserable? If only.

        That said, cleaning the bogs is strictly Lady Creampuff’s department. For this task she employs a vast array of profligate and quite unnecessary cleaning products, including Harpic power plus, Dettol cleansing wipes, Sainsbury’s dispersible toilet wipes, “mucky pup” antibacterial floor wipes, Wilko anti-bacterial lemon wipes (for after chinks use the toilet, presumably) and much more.

        Throughout the grizzly ordeal she wears Nutex™ brand latex household gloves, a fresh pair every time.

        To cap it all, from what I have seen, she has more than enough of this ridiculous consumerist nonsense to withstand the inevitable shortage that will come about following Brexit.

      • FFS!!! Now I’ve got a massive craving for some Black Jacks. Fruit Salads were ace too.

      • 8 for a penny in the 60s, 4 for ha’pence, you could mix it, fruit salads, black jacks or spearmint mojos, 24 for a thep’ny bit if you pinched one from your nan’s purse…not me

      • At the end my road was a penny sweet shop run by two lovely old dears,
        You could get type 2 diabetes for less than a bob.
        Probably explains why I’m a fat cunt!
        Oh happy days.

      • 1/2p each in my day.

        Gosh, remember 1/2p pieces? Remember that NTNOCN sketch where Mel Smith was filling up his car trying to get an exact whole number of pounds, only to be foiled by the thick dropout petrol station attendant Gryff Rees Jones adding a 1/2p to the total from the till? Funny stuff.

        I had a 1/2p pistol when I was a kid. You used to load it with 1/2p pieces like a Pez dispenser and when fired, these coins really flew out the barrel fast. It was fucking lethal! Happy days.

      • “New face of Black Jacks”
        Now there’s a blast from the past that comment made me laugh MNC, 👍👍

    • So he accuses Boris of hate while at the same time has the affront to call him a “fucking prick”

      Doesn’t sound like a term of endearment to me!

      And I’m sure this bitter libtard celebs are all singing/moaning from the same hymn sheet! They’re all using the same narrative, while quickly throwing the same woke cards on the table as a form of justification for their complaints!

      They need to realise people just don’t give a shit, and the more they continue with the same rhetoric the more right-minded people will just ignore them for what they are!

    • With people like Kwadjo Omari Owuo in our country it’s hardly surprising 100% of Britain is racist. The guy is so dumb and obnoxious only a self destructive population could want more of them.

    • And the complete cunt.
      The epitome of everything that is wrong with Britain today. Him and that other shit stain Dizzy Rascal. Where’s my shoes ? They need shining boy.

    • Still hung up on the piccaninnies thing Boris used to lampoon Blair’s self-image fuck knows how long ago.

      He’s not that dense, just makes his point in bad faith, like so many on the left ready to ascribe the worst motives to regular humanity.

  9. What a politically-savvy, eloquently-persuasive argument he makes but Man gotta say, Man don’t listen to shitty grime music, so what makes Stormzy think Man wanna listen to some double digit IQ “musician”.

    No no, Man is going to vote based on Man’s own well-researched, well-considered body of political knowledge. Man also don’t listen to any cunt who refers to himself in the third person.

  10. I had written a lengthy article about Stormzy and how his community are responsible for a disproportionate amount of crime how he should be grateful for his mom being allowed to live here ,and the ills of voting Labour and how liberalism has destroyed society etc Then I deleted it for a more thoughtful and intelligent way of explaining my disgust and deep loathing of him.
    Fuck off King Kong !

  11. A complete and utter idiot, another graduate from the Lily Allen Institute of Political Science. Who the fuck thought it was a good idea to put this sweary advocate of drug abuse and street violence up in front of primary school children? The cunt should be sacked immediately.

    • Could you see Sir Nige or Tommy Robinson being allowed to voice an opinion in front of schoolkids , the head would be never allowed to teach again, politicization of the young going on in plain view but nobody tries to prevent it . It goes on in authoritarian states as a given but in the UK it has just been hijacked by one group and nobody gets a chance to put an opposing view, the consequencies’ are frightening.
      Grime music that would be rejected as shit at the local council tip so blow it up your own arse

  12. As weather descriptions go hes spot on full of wind, black, bit wet, and will spoil your summer.

  13. Another retarded fuck-knuckle who, in an effort to be a ‘Man’ of the people, has completely misjudged the mood of the rank & file, ie the majority, who don’t listen to either the turgid shit he utters for a ‘living’ (for fuck’s sake!) or his daft-arsed political advice.
    Thanks for the tip, you thick cunt, now get the fuck back to whatever that dross is that you do & leave the serious thinking to the educated people. You look, talk & behave EXACTLY like the kind of cunts that couldn’t cut it at school.

    • He could be a potential Labour Party leader. Him, Flabbs and Lammy: The Three unWise Cunts.

  14. ‘Stormzy’, real name, Michael Ebenazer Kwadjo Omari Owuo um bongo Jr. (ok I may have added the um bongo). Apparently he has a net worth of over £16m , yes, sixteen million, fucking quid. I mean for fucks sake how? Given that his music is complete and utter dog shite the only conclusion I can come to is that he must be shifting a fuck load of `product’.
    In a year where we have seen so many monumental cunts he’s right up there with the cunting elite.
    The Cunt.

    • Has had the obligatory whinge about Britain being “100% racist”, the country that took his mother in from Ghana, provided welfare, education, healthcare, career opportunities, housing and safety. Conveniently forgot to mention Magic Grandpa is up to his neck in Labour Party anti-Semitism allegations and hasn’t yet met a terrorist group he doesn’t like yet Boris is the “dangerous man”.
      Cuntwipe….innit blud?

      • Was not magic grandpa well in with the eastern bloc as well?
        Dodgy bastard, bet he has an MI5 file like an old phone book.
        Wonder if he crops up in the Stasi records? though I suppose one would have to know his code name. Deluded cunt would be a good name to start with in the liability section.

  15. Of course he’s never voted, voting is racist you cunts.
    You have to read the form to know what to do and reading is oppressing blacks, plus you can only chose 1 and maths is oppressing blacks too…so voting is racist…
    Jews don’t vote either, drawing a cross is anti-semetic…or anti symmetry ..or some other old bollocks.

    • If you just usea bit of imagination, you can see that placing a cross on a ballot paper is just a step away from drawing a swastika. Definitely anti-Semitic I’d say.

  16. I say get the ‘man’ sat on the opposition front bench all those labour ladies can get some proper umbongo cock instead of catweazles twig

  17. I hereby declare that from now on Stormzy shall be known as Storm-cunt. To me anyway.

    • He looks like a cunt, he talks like a cunt, and if I could be bothered to listen to him, I’m pretty sure he’d sound like a cunt.

  18. I’m bored of this absolute cunt and his Britain’s rascist bollocks!!
    Go live in Eastern Europe or America if you wanna see the real mc coy you fucking dip shit …..
    Scratch the veneer and I bet he’s a really rascist cunt himself……

  19. A cunt of such magnitude as this deserves a place on the wall, and fair play to the cunt, he’s practically daily coming out with cuntworthy bullshit, so he’ll be up there soon. A small intellect, with an even smaller talent, only appealing to 14 year old drug pedalling moped thieves, and middle class white teenagers who wish to appear ‘bad’, this turd is involved in the ‘grime’ scene, which is as truly dreadful as it sounds. It’s basically rhythmic whinging, and occasional boasting, with some added threats and swears. Why anyone would let their children near this potty mouthed mock gangsta is fucking beyond me.

  20. ‘Grime’ music – a contraction of ‘gun crime’ music. But how dare you judge Africans by the same standards as other humans – that’s racist!

  21. Odd that Africans only emigrate to the countries that are supposedly populated by evil white 100% racists. I’d just like a interviewer with balls to ask why Africans don’t emigrate to a country which isn’t racist for change and leave us alone to stew in our evil without them?

  22. Stormzy is a cunt.

    I suppose his real name is Colin Jones but who really gives a shit anyway?

  23. The twat says he would refuse an MBE.

    Why does the deluded cunt think he is going to be offered one?

    Apartheid was not a bad idea, I can assure you….

    • Krav.
      In normal times you’d be bang on. But we live in an era where stupid politicians are so desperate to ingratiate themselves with minorities that he’s bound to cop an MBE one day despite being a talent free gobshite.

      And David Lammy is a serious leadership contender despite making Catweazle look like an intellectual colossus in comparison!

    • Scumbag pooet (he is shit) Benjamin Zephaniah got offered one and kicked up a shit stink refusing it banging on about Empire & Colonialism so Even Shit get Offered Medals

      Believe this Piece of shit will probably offered one based on his colour alone

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