Hillary Clinton (7)

A Platinum Stars and Stripes cunting for Hillary Gob-Shite Clinton, for the nth time (How many times do you need to be cunted before you get the message!!)

She’s been here with ‘Chels’ peddling some cheap tat about ‘Gutsy Women’ that she’s scrawled (perhaps not realising that gutsy has another connotation in British-english, one more apt for our American cousins) and has taken the opportunity to have a pop about Brexit and spout about how the press are being ‘racist’ to Meghan and how she wants to ‘hug her’.

Well, I say fuck you, Hillary. We voted for Brexit (you remember what a vote is, you lost one to a giant oompa-lumpa not so long back – yes, you couldn’t even beat a wigged fuckwit who governs via the magic of Twotter) and our politicians are fucking it up enough without a fat-mouthed spam chipping in, so mind your own business. On the subject of Meghan, I would suggest that if she doesn’t like what’s happened to her, she too should shut the fuck up for a while and stop being such a hypocrite. As my old dead Dad told me when I was a mere youth; ‘If you act like a cunt, son, expect people to call you one.’

So in essence, Hillary, please fuck off back to good ol’ US of A and leave us ‘Briddish’ to sort it out ourselves. Nature abhors a vacuum so why are you still here?

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72 thoughts on “Hillary Clinton (7)

  1. Hilary is fucked!

    She’ll never see office again, and so – just like Joe did with John, Robert and Edward – she’s parading Chelsea around in readiness for a run in 2024 – once Trump is out of the way.

    I’ve said this a dozen times before (on here) because the plan is to keep Chelsea in the public eye, without being political.

    In 2022 there will be a Governor or Senator who retires in a safe dummocrats seat for which Chelsea will be put forward, thus guaranteeing her a place in Government.

    Then she will be promoted as THE democratic candidate (because AOC and “The Squad” will have shot their bolt by then), virtually guaranteeing that she becomes their presidential candidate.

    They may dig up Bernie – for show – to run against her, but Chelsea will be the candidate – with Hillary pulling the strings – while Bill stays in the shadows reminiscing about all of those lovely trips to pee-dough island.

    So another Clinton – who’s breezed through life on the lowest difficulty setting – in power, pretending to be the friend of the poor, the working class and persons of colour (whilst thinking of them all as deplorables).

    Then after 8yrs of nothingness from her (apart from the odd pointless war or two – like her mother), no doubt another Bush will appear from the woodwork and repeat.

    Old money, old power!


    • Chelsea reminds me of our very own Georgia Gould – remember her?. She is the daughter of the late unlamented Philip Gould – Blair’s “favourite pollster” (because he got up Anthony’s arse and stayed there, telling him what he wanted to hear). After Phil went to the great polling booth in the sky, the late Tessa Jowell, David Gladys Miliband and other Blairite arselickers took the 22 year old Georgia under their wings and tried to smuggle her in as the Labour candidate for Thamesmead. Gould had no experience of high office anywhere, though she had “helped” Blair. St Tessa and Lady Miliband nearly got away with it (some “forgotten” ballot boxes were, well, forgotten) and the poor little cow got a £500,000 Regents Park flat as a consolation prize from her doting mother. Very socialist.

      Nothing further was heard from little Georgia, till she suddenly became leader of Camden Council less than a year later. The grovelling little cut still didn’t have any experience, but she knew which arses to kiss.

      A talentless little whore, just like Chelsea who proves that it is not what you know, but who you know.

      On a similar theme it has just been annunced that Greta Thundergutsberg is to be “guest editor” on Wireless 4’s Today programme over Xmas.

      • Reading both those stories makes you sick to your stomach, that Gould story must surely be more widely disseminated but who would do it

  2. If you want a two-faced, lying bitch – she is the epitome. The loss of life in the Benghazi embassy attack was ENTIRELY due to her, and Bill’s pieces on the side were probably down to her too. I’ll bet she has lied and cheated about most everything in her life so far.

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